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What an unexpected electronic trip this was! One of those Bohemian level mixes, it just all blends together so perfectly... miniature album packed in a track. Wasn't expecting this style either but really not bad.


Can't wait for the eighties to get back into the mainstream too, even if you weren't born back then you just can't not like the vibe. Feels like the epitome of: pop. And jazzy, funky, dreamy, smooth, but not too predictable either. It's got that something.


Even better than the last one. :) Wish y'all put up more of your music stuff, if you're still making this stuff...


Genius. XD That bawk bawk bawk sound lmao. Imagine playing the game with a soundtrack like this... actually loops too.


Real talk! Realest one as far as I can remember. :) Did you happen to get a deeper voice too? Not just thinking of the intro... maybe these recent tribulations toughened you up a bit. maybe it's the recording. Towards the end the vision almost seems to be getting a bit fatalistic though, live right or die trying, it's an admirable outlook but... resource management and all.

Hope you figure things out. The new soundtrack projects seem like a good route; new site looks great. Hope that starts bringing in some of those much needed resources.

Regarding therapy, I really believe artistic expression is a better form of therapy than anything you could ever pay for. To be an artist seems to be in tune with your emotions, and some of the greatest realizations and creations come of the darkest times. I feel like it's a tool not just to get better, and improve yourself, but to inspire others when you express those trials. Weather it's in a transparent form like this or something a bit more abstract. Everything contains some sort of feeling. Something you can hopefully relate or connect to and grow as an audience too.

I'm glad you're figuring things out and really understanding and defining what you live for. Creative occasions definitely don't deserve the stigma they have either. It's not just a vent for us but inspiration for the rest of the world; all those people who slave away at whatever jobs they think they do find fulfillment in; possibly also searching for a better path.

Glad you got that fan sorted out too. ;) Looking forward to those coming projects and hope it all looks brighter from here on! Maybe not always easy but: always fulfilling.


RealFaction responds:

Thank you. Here's to hopin.

Ambient, jazzy, and festive in the best possible way! Really well put together, and seems almost like a real orchestra behind the instruments too... is it? Proper work.


Aye the spotlight's really on GoodL in this one! And yet he's not even in the credits... wutt? Just ninjamuffin. Did y'all switch accounts or something...? May be there is certain credibility to that seemingly conspiratorial TheDyingSun theory O_o

Might've been one of the most confusing episodes in a while, a fair bit of talking over yourselves too, but fun to listen to. Glad you got something out for the season too.

Also glad you got that live action thing back on, Congrats on the UNCSA entry littlbox (!!!) and Hell Yeah the Raziberry Manga-ka episode was great, very relatable, glad you finally brought him into the mentions. I didn't realize I'd actually been actively partaking in storytime animation before you mentioned that he is one...

Hell yeah again for Andersson187 but... what happened to the track? :/ Thought we'd finally get some Swedish music up in here. Someone better register whoistherealtomfulp.com and also Merry Christmas y'all. Good fun.


Pretty fresh instruments with this one, unorthodox, nice. Just still waiting for a living; breathing progression all the way.


Ambient, light, airy... I like these. It's just the time span that feels a bit oddly chosen, like a teaser for things to come, a build and a long bridge and a fade at the end... maybe try some shift along the way? Something longer? Nothing wrong with the sound though.


Jazzy! It reminds me of Jurian's older work, ambient and classy... uplifting, permeating. Feels like it ends almost too soon but I love the vibe.


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