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This sounds so perfect when you listen after that thread. XD Somewhat simple structure otherwise but you capture the pandemic, in almost Doom-like chiptune... not bad.


Nabella responds:

Always good to hear from you my Cyberdevil dude. I tried to incorporate a bit from My Sharona by the Knack in this, but it ended up sounding kinda' funky with this Doom-esqe soundfont I was playing with. Here's to hoping things go back normal in a few weeks. :)

OK the Yankin' My Cock in Hell one really was as bad as it sounded like. XD But I really like the cleaner DnB ones, the Japanese sample stuff, the ambient ones, the somewhat psychadelic trip bits and what-not... what a game of musical hopscotch between these. Some real gems here. I still think Bitturgoi was pretty dope too. That brief recording hiatus just turned into an unexpectedly long one... it ain't the beats, just little time/energy/bad priorities on my part, but all good things...

Also that littlbox intro lol. Also @ChutneyGlaze man you have a pretty creative brother too! Artistic talent seems to run in the family.


HOTSTUFFDX responds:

How dare you, yankin' my cock in hell is the most important thing that's ever happened to me! Anyways, thanks for the words of nice you have gifted me, and thanks for taking the time to listen.

Seems like some next level sound design with this one. :O Appreciating it fully right away but if it actually sounds better and better the more you listen...

Awesome work all the way.


Waterflame responds:

Thanks! Yeah there is a lot of little stuff going on, it kinda sounds terrible on phone and such, it was made for stereo for sure. Appreciate it! :D

That final moan hmm! Sounds like the perfect thing for Halloween overall, build up and all, digging the vibe here...


Father-of-Death responds:



How did I miss this before! Such a lovely melody, and interesting to get the whole backstory on how it first came to be too... some kind of remix/cover contest with different styles and instruments comes to mind hmm... something for the future? Really smooth tune.


ChutneyGlaze responds:

it is awesome melody i really love this song thank you CD 😳

Kinda depressing music in the background man, when it's with this particular context... you definitely have been going at this, and everything you do it seems, harder than most people. Hope you get those things figured out. Hope the move goes well. Hoped 2020 would start on a brighter note but... maybe soon hmm? Good luck.


RealFaction responds:

It's something I should have done to help myself. I realized some things about myself that I need to address. Thanks man.

Man I actually really liked the last one! This one's kinda: sharp. Good rythm, ever-morphing and paced too, but those saws...


Father-of-Death responds:

lol, at the start of making this one i wanted it to be a saw centric song lol

Mysterious, trippy... more than okay okay? Not bad.


Father-of-Death responds:

you are more than okay too :)

Just moments too late for Pixel Day man! But not bad. I could see this in some game here...

It has that unconventional shuffle too. Not as monotone as you'd expect for a first. Also why Obama, why!


KingSalmon responds:

i title things off the first thing that comes to mind, even if it's not related

What a strange turn it took towards the ambient end. Starts off upbeat and jumpy, just like you'd expect music of the genre to be but then... it almost moves into something different entirely. More like jazz than VG music. More like a train ride than a brawler. More like... I don't know what. Cool contrast though, and the transition doesn't leave you hanging or hiccuping either, it's all so smooth...

Maybe it would be cool if the first theme comes again, like GoodL mentions, but I like this too. Fades away in a good way. Happy Pixels, Happy 2020! Uplifting stuff.


AlbeGian responds:

Thank you so much!!
Yeah as I said to GoodL, there's a lot of ideas I wanted to put in less than a day cuz I had no time, so it's all messy and random. In future songs I'd like to be more organized with all this stuff, but I'm super glad you still liked it!

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