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This ain't a project to work on? :) I love this. Inspiring vibe. Like a wave. Like a movement. Like momentum for great things...


JamesHeart responds:

it was but the music is completely independent ... i used it on youtube as a remix again of Oliver Tree but that's the only other one .... dont want you to feel uncomfortable using it

I Just needed something and it fit his lyric style so i blended it ..
if your okay with that its yours .. i can even take down the video



So great energy in this one too, and almost Halloween-like with the atmosphere. :) You can really feel the jungle! Nicely done!


This is crazy good. :D Love the energy.


Dope flow. :) Wish I understood a bit of what it's about but I can definitely vibe with it! Sounds tough.

For the hooks, might be even better if you warm up a bit more, vocals sound a little held back when you sing there. Melodically good but like it could be a little more open/vibrant, if you know what I mean?

Great stuff, keep it up!


PapoFuradoPA responds:

You made a super review! Thank's for the tips. Your work is very good too!

edit: i put the translation in the description!

You've got a great voice! Vibrant and airy recording too

I like the vibe.


PapoFuradoPA responds:

Thank you, man!

That 'Date with you boo' bit sure was a witty; suitably Halloween-themed catchphrase for this. :D

This was fun. Such a mesh of eeriness and spooky sound effects in back - the initial horror-movie-like build is maybe my favorite part - mirrored by the outro in a wholesome way. The growls are interesting... wonder if those are custom made? Vocal effects?

The break/shift around 0:51 comes a little suddenly, as does the 1:28 one - feels like some kind of transition might've been good there, some audial clue that it's about to shift, though then again unexpected twists do seem befit the occasion, and your style of music. :)

I really like the softer part around 1:44 too, more rhythmic, steady but still atmospheric...

So much variation in this. Sometimes feel it's a bit much; that it'd sound better with a few less elements mixed in, but at the same time it is what makes it unique! And interesting to listen to. There's no lack of layers or nuances; it shifts in ways you don't always expect it to.

Rich sound quality too. Great melodies. Happy Halloween in a bit!


flashmakeit responds:

Thank you for the very professional comments! it does have a lot of variation in it and 1:44 is fairy bells. And yes the vocal are custom made vocal effects. I learned a lot from your comment. Again thanks.

This goes stupid hard hmm. :) Makes me think of some game, some arcade theme... wait maybe I'm just thinking of Paragonx9? Or chainsaw_09... VG techno trance type stuff a la back in the day here.

Anyway this is cool. Very different from the usual too...


Father-of-Death responds:

we gotta work on somethin sometime, when ever the planets align.

For one of your earliest tracks this is hella impressive. :) Good energy, breaks, a pretty trippy groove right from the get-go! Sound quality's a little rough but overall this is dope stuff.


Now this one hits different. :D Unconventional riddum dayum nice1


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