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This was a fun episode I got to say. :) Though it sounds like something might be wrong with that cat @GoodL Also trying to discern who played Cam on this one hmmmm, not in the credits, sounds somewhat different, but I can nae place them voices...

Smooth work y'all. Ambient music too. Good fun, though somewhat sad to be counting down these final episodes now. All them memories! Ah, the folly, jolly turned all melancholy. Think those musical selections might be contributing too. And somewhat less upbeat speak. You're really setting the mood here.


Seems like a bit faster a pace and shorter a length than the previous ones, but I can definitely dig it! The journalist-style approach with checking out new content was a fun idea, and the games, the whole interaction bit of it all, though it's almost more like a traditional radio show than a podcast y'know... podcasts as I see them: laid back, not as structured, not as intentional... maybe I've been listening to the wrong podcasts to a point where my definition of podcasts has been irreversibly skewed, but I do like a structure you don't need to focus as much on to really partake in too. All about that balance.

That new shower submission was awesome. Instant favorite. And yes NSFW audio is definitely a thing, though it seems to be more for demos and similar than actual tracks. VA promo stuff. I believe. Pretty interesting how consumption of media overall seems to be turning almost more to audio now though. Maybe visual media's being exhausted, constantly with higher definition, and pace, and increasingly rapid and high-range stimuli... just listening is like a digital detox but with regard to mainstream media in particular. In a way.

Anyway this seems like the good start to a fun thing over here. Looking forward to more!


Suitably trippy, happy, uplifting spiffy little rhythmical DnB riddled (at least early on) bit here. Really cool. When the guitar kicks in towards the end of it too...

Can see this being used in some kind of arcade-like brawler or similar. Very catchy.


Seems like some next level sound design with this one. :O Appreciating it fully right away but if it actually sounds better and better the more you listen...

Awesome work all the way.


Waterflame responds:

Thanks! Yeah there is a lot of little stuff going on, it kinda sounds terrible on phone and such, it was made for stereo for sure. Appreciate it! :D

This like some F-Zero type soundtrack vibe... so smooth, venturing ambience with those wavering hits of loudness... wonder what effect those have on the ear whenever I hear them, but it's a cool sound. Only softly psychadelic.


That final moan hmm! Sounds like the perfect thing for Halloween overall, build up and all, digging the vibe here...


Father-of-Death responds:



It does have a spacey kind of feel to it, not bad!


Subtle bird sounds at the beginning as an ode to our modern-day dinosaurs? ;) It really switches up after that... though very Gangnam-like vibe through most of it.


It really goes up a notch towards the end! And down, again... crazy groove the way it changes. All the way. Good stuff, just maybe a bit high on the loudness.


How did I miss this before! Such a lovely melody, and interesting to get the whole backstory on how it first came to be too... some kind of remix/cover contest with different styles and instruments comes to mind hmm... something for the future? Really smooth tune.


ChutneyGlaze responds:

it is awesome melody i really love this song thank you CD 😳

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