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Intensity; annunciation on point! Solid beat. This is awesome.


But Midorichan17 doesn't have testicles right? As to provide a voice that seems credible and true, more so than easy to listen to and pure, would the voice choice be appropriate? Though then again there is that 'mom' at the end of this...

This was something else hmm, is it fiction? Is it based upon a real experience? Real thoughts? Partially meant to not make sense or always trying to? If it's the latter I feel like you lose me sometimes. I was following along nicely with the eye exercise bit, but after that it moves from context to context in ways I don't really follow. But alright starting off:

- First exercise, what should I be noticing? That my eyes look a bit odd when I'm looking at them from the side, not evenly aligned, as one rotates more than the other to make up for the differing placement as to focus on the same spot? If there was no mirror there indeed you'd be looking at something else than yourself, and never see your eyes, and never notice this interesting effect, if that is the aim?
- Coincidentally there's a great eye exercise where instead of moving your head you move your eyes. In front of a mirror. Focus on one point on the mirror, then focus on one point to the right (without moving your head), then go back. Repeat five times. Do the same to a point to your left. Then up. Then down. Then diagonally in all four directions. Stretches your eye muscles and may improve focus overtime.
- This seems similar to your second part in this experience... is the idea here maybe that VR is faulty? That with current technology you have to move your entire head to shift your gaze, where as in reality this is not the case?
- A technology you could use to look at a woman's body, hands, legs = eyes, as they are? Glasses, if they don't work? VR goggles, if real is not enough? This does class as fictions so...
- Poverty note hopefully part of the fiction - you can do whatever you set your mind to!
- Einstein made more than atom energy and a theory. :) He really led an inspiring life, both before and after the nuclear damage, it's sad that had to be, but if he hadn't invented the hydrogen bomb someone else probably would have; it would've possibly caused all the greater devastation depending on who that was...
- Testicle kick, hopefully also part of the fiction? I don't catch the relation to the food, but yes good simile on the food. Each meal is really like an invention that can only be experienced once...
- Freud's theories have to a large extent been disproven since his day, but they all made so much sense when I read them too... and aren't there more ants than there are chickens? Don't ants count as species? I've wondered if we might reincarnate as them - if we do reincarnate - or if there's just too big a gap in understanding between insects and humans. If the reason for reincarnation is to learn then could we possibly learn anything as an ant? In a way they're like the only ones out there with a civilization in parallel that largely reflects our own; lately it almost seems like we're adopting a hive-mind as well in our strife to all be similar.

If there's additional meaning added in via clever use of punctuation too there's certainty more to this than I'm catching. :) Makes you think, this does, but also feels a bit fragmented; maybe not guiding the listener exactly where you want them to go; bringing across the point you wanted... at the end I'm pondering the correlation between eyes and testicles; the reckless force of the first atomic bomb over Nagasaki playing in my mind...


Belthagor responds:

Thanks for the good attempt at a review! Good try! :D You're the best.

Doooope. XD Suitably soft eeriness for all age Halloween WAP too! Such a contrast to the real thing. Nice work!


Now this one's really solid! On beat. Not too generic either. Next step maybe vary the notes a bit? You could have phases, a few bars with different ones, so as to give it a bit more breadth. Also feel like maybe some additional layer here would add depth. Something that flows constantly, a synth or similar? bass? Getting better and better!


HyBridRiley responds:

Thanks for the idea!

For a while I wasn't sure this was really hiphop but... yeah, it kicks in. :) The sound quality's great, but not all on beat, especially towards the end, and a bit short too. Feels like a good start though! Hope you keep workin' on these!


Started generic (albeit still creative) but damn this got pretty deep... you really could go places with this genre if you wanted to, thanks for sharing man, hope you heal! Hope you rise! Hope you get to the perfect place in life!

And I really wouldn't mind collabin' some time if you're up for it. ;) Dope stuff.


Eyy you got the flow! :D Got mixed feelings about this otherwise but eh... hope Tom takes this with a good slice of humor. If he listens.


Hey did I hear my name in there somewhere, in reference to the Clown Rap thing? :D Totally lost the lyrics somewhere around the middle of this, but apart from lack of clarity it's so dope, the quality just makes it all the more like classic rockability too... assume that's what R&B stands for. Yeah. Dope melody too. I wouldn't mind a whole album like this if I could just hear what ye were sayin'! Just sayin'.


Hmm not totes autotune fan but I must admit this is pretty catchy!

Production quality dope too. So clear.


This is awesome. :) Really puts on a smile on my face so it must be doin' something right! Even if it's kinda hard to pinpoint a particular melody or main theme in the mix.


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