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Much NG love in this podcast! :D Awesome how y'all actually prefer this over Twitter - ideal marketing purposes though the latter platform may serve. Also hell yeahs would love to hear Speedo and Spazkid on the pod too. Not to mention Shad. The one and only. Feels like these podcasts aren't just a surge on NG but everywhere - it's like people are rediscovering the content form. Or getting more social, in a strange; anti-social kind of way, getting involved via third party conversations.

Regarding NSFW art getting crazier and crazier lately, I feel like ero guro at least may be becoming a bit less common...? Or maybe I'm just spending time in less edgy places lately. I feel like vanilla's coming back too. Pinups. Bondage. Lots of that stuff. Have I just zoned in a specific sub category of the arts though or could I be seeing trends y'all aren't hmmmmm.

Anyhow this was great to listen to. Insights and entertainment all the way, and I might've just discovered a couple new favorite artists too...


That Character Animator program really does seem interesting... and one by Adobe no less! Expected it to be some small spin-off-no-one-ever-heard of thing. Will definitely look into that.

Also would invite GetMadz to join up at the place that really started it all too, NG, right here. Ain't no place like it! Maybe signing up for an NG account could be a pre-requisite for being in these podcasts? ;) He/you (if you're reading this) seem(s) like a pretty creative dude.

I like the idea of bringing in new perspectives too. And new people. Also feels like the YT community might be more like the lunch room that GetMadz describes, whereas NG is that small, enclosed circle where everyone knows everyone, and bonds overtime, overcoming mutual hardships and all those trials and tribulations that both smaller platforms and creators face. So y'know, that account's just a click away...

Anyhow: great convo. Looking forward to more of these, though hope you keep inviting certified NG peeps too. There's so many I'd like to hear here. Deathink, Sabtastic, Tom(noneedtotypeoutlastname), Cheetoh, ClockworkPixel, TheComet, ZebraHumor, TylerLandis, EdBound, MrNannings, MarkAnime, SouljaBoy, KarlSia, MLeth, SomeonesEx, Ant0on, ChazDude, artistunkown, MistyEntertainment, d-z, Deprixon, RadioTubeClock, Pop-Tart, SBC (and other clocks), Kol-Belov, BrentHeMan, Jaime-R, Kel-chan and sucho just to name a few. If for some reason you felt you were running out of interesting people. ;)

Keep up the good works!


willKMR responds:

Whoa! Thanks for the great list!

Hot and bothered haha. XD I wonder how commonly used that phrase is these days...

This got intense pretty quick too! Straight from intent meeting to intimate moans. Steamy stuff...


Can definitely hear that PX9 style in this! :D Good flow, crisp sound, maybe a bit loud though - frequency cut-off and all. Gets me thinking of the 8Bit Killer soundtrack a bit too, which is an AWESOME OST if you haven't heard. Nice work.


RealFaction responds:

Thank you!

It's good shit, that's what it is! :D At least the first half of it. Kinda gets out of control at the end there, skewed and distorted... but it's a cool groove. Creative stuff.


Rorrapalooza responds:

Hahaha, dude, exactly! I keep thinking, "How many people are going to get to the part where it starts to get completely ridiculous?" Thanks for making it there, my dude.

All that jazzzz! This is awesome. Bit loud but love the vibe.


The man, the myth, the legend!!!

This was awesome, fun stuff all the way through, and musical selections off the charts this time too! Just wish there would've been room for Chutney to chip on some favorites too - was looking forward to hearing what kind of content this masterful mind might actually choose to partake in here. His own creations have been raising the bar lately. Bringing life to these stale lands. Igniting a flame of creative reconnaissance that sweeps far and marmalade-like: sticking to the souls of those it touches whether we wish it or no.

Totally unrelated Laurel & Hardy thing: I have a super old board game with those two that we usually dust off during the summer. A snakes and ladders like layout where you run through rooms throwing pies or placing out banana peels for each other. Definitely a big fan of them, though I haven't seen nearly enough of their movies. I think there was a movie made based upon their lives recently though. They basically revolutionized comedy when they came together. Earlier on all slapstick humor had been based upon one comical guy and one 'stiff', but two comics side by side? The way they reacted to and fueled each other just had never been done before. Pretty cool dudes.

Also GoodL: DMX meets David Bowie wasn't out at the time of that last episode recording y'know. ;) And your move... is it really Zimbabwe?! Is littlbox speaking true? Seems slightly unbelievable but awesome if so.

Great talk yet again! And hey @TheReviewTrickster ! Nice cameo.


GoodL responds:

Nah, littlbox is a dummy head. I moved like 10 minutes away from where I was before.

ChutneyGlaze responds:

Ah dude I love this review I have never read this one! Okay let me say a couple things about cybied that I like very much. CD has the incredible ability to never waste a word and it is always interesting whatever he says without being boring. Also he's very selfless he always gives 100 percent to everyone he meets. Every time I hear from him I feel good inside. Love that mysterious guy. Also talented as fricken Heck!

Aaah this brings me back. Nostalgic mentions. Franks Adventure was DEFINITELY that good! :D Especially back then. And it's a shame Cootie's X-Ray Glasses went down or I'd give that one a shout-out too... and those Sim Date games I suddenly can't remember the names of... all these iconic oldies from that era...

Interesting glimpse into the history behind the name, and the game dev biz too, and how much money you could actually make on this back in the day! Maybe still can. I don't know what the economy's like over there but that sounds like a LOT of money for this type of content. :O A level that many dream of reaching but few ever do. Self-sustained on games. The creative reign. Might so be it's over a long span of time but still, that's not just spare change... hope things keep rolling with Steam and all these newer platforms. Mobile seems to be here to stay too.

As for the drug thing: had a friend of the family from Australia who overdosed some years back actually. Hope you stay on the good path! Games are a great alternative addiction. Good stuff.


It's almost like Ai... softness with a consistence. As it clicks and breathes, and lives on... ASMR before it's time. Refreshingly ambient and soft, you really don't need more than this to get in a good groove...


swaenK responds:

The good track was destroyed.

My entire life all of the work I've put the most effort into dies in a fiery crash. My ex moved my phone away from my iPad and the upload died and the iPad froze (first gen) I really liked that one. This song I was super happy with but my computer froze and I lost everything. It was a nice song. Maybe I deleted a really good song once because I don't want to tempt the devil haha (it was really good but then title stipulates I am sellout which I'm not) that one was wrecked oh well

Wasn't expecting such a high dose of awesomeness here! :D So HAPPY! So strange, warm and fuzzy... this is awesome. For a few seconds at the start I thought this might be possible to rap to too but hmm...


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