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Liking the idea for that show, and good to hear you keep it going; good things seem to be on route again! The audio quality of this recording though: lot of static between the speech. Seems almost like it could've been recorded in traffic...?

I guess you might not have access to the ideal studio space right now though. Otherwise good ep.


RealFaction responds:

Thank you. It's my fan running. I mostly do it so my roommates don't hear what I'm talking about, but I should turn it off. They don't have the cold air turned on so my room gets hot fairly quick :/ just another perk of living here. I mean, it's getting colder so I could open a window but I also don't want to disturb anyone in the complex. So many things wrong. I'll try to keep the fan off if i can though, i tried putting it at the lowest setting lol. But yeah my room isn't the best, it's okay when the fan is off though. Thanks!

So much sparkle, man! :D How can you possibly be flexin' in such a bright and positive way as such. Awesome stuff.


This wasn't bad, man! I love the echo effect on the background voices, in the beginning especially, and the main synth melody that joins in every once in a while, climbing up and down; reminding me of old 8bit boss battles... the build up's good, the pace is rythmic and easy to vibe to, the main phrase is catchy too... I might have the wrong impression of trap music, but I always considered it more of a structure of rap than of dance/trance music, which this seems to be. But not bad. Good melody, good variation; thorough quality.


GameBalance responds:

Well. I could not think of category to label it other than trap. It also can be described as alternative or indie electronic I guess.

Some real littlbox style outro too. XD Hmm. If y'all actually went into this seriously though, you know, potential, it really just comes down to that sync thing...


That one pew sound that doesn't really fade along with the rest of the waveform at the end of it... was that maybe an intentional anomaly? It is pretty cool, this one. Different. The name doesn't really seem to match the ambiance but it certainly worked with the animation.


Was just waiting for that dubstep drop but it never really happened... seems a bit more like Trance or Dance to me? With refreshingly traditional and dreamy bits in between, like the kind of tunes you'd hear in a tavern... varied, clean; very pleasing to listen to overall. Smooth work.


Good luck on the art school @WonderSchwifty! Props on bringing up that Secret Santa thing first @AngryDuck16! And hey almost a real interview with @davidpuralocura on this one too. :D And improv, live music, what more can you possibly ask for...

Good fun as always but those bits of chaos, man, audial hypermodernism might not be my thing.


Trippier and tripper! Wonder what kind of twist the next one'll have... digging that note shift, even if it kinda repeats itself all the way through, breaks otherwise but never a break with that bit...


Almost orchestral trance, like... interesting. Smooth build-up, captivating rhythm... so far so good.

As for the two different files: are they meant to overlap/play together? More so two individual tests?


TranceCrafter responds:

two separate tests. not considering this a project, moreso I just spent the past 3 years making many of these, trying to revamp the 90s style into something merged with 2000s nu metal and trance music around 2012-2014.

Getting some DnB vibes from this too; especially when the beat starts chopping up a bit. I like this. The beat really has the high ground but: good test.


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