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So chill, so eighties like, so jazzy... love the vibe.


Digging that expanded lunchroom simile, and the shout-outs - much appreciated. :)

I should've mentioned FraserMcNiven too when I mentioned ClockworkPixel, aaah! Sorry bout that @FraserMcNiven. You're awesome too. Interesting to hear about the process behind Spoople, and a Spoople Bible? :O That'd definitely be fun to see! Glad you two found your way to NG, and linked up, and started on this particular project in particular! The chemistry works so well. The creativity thrives, it seems. The spontaneous nonsensical but still sensible, very reasonable and coherent Spoople style: it's just so refreshing and fun to partake in. And you settled on a both easily likable and easily identifiable main character too. Very unique.

Congrats Will on getting to host the 10th NGADM! It's a big thing. And Grounds Patrol getting a new host too hmm... interesting. Feels like it's barely been getting started at this point. Lotta pressure on whomever's taking over to live up to your standard, this charismatic natural radio presence you seem to have, and always an interesting guest(s) to match... it couldn't by any chance be the Crickets could it? ZJ? Sad to see you leave so soon, but I am curious to see who's getting that spot too.

Great talk y'all. Can't wait to get some more Spoople too.


Feels like these are coming out faster and faster... hard to keep up! Also GoodL is it my imagination or are you feeling a bit stressed with these recordings lately? Always moving onto the next segment of the show. I wouldn't have minded more talk on COPPA too, what affects YT affects us too after all. Heard about their new clause with removing unprofitable accounts as well, and Twitter's on removing inactive ones. Interesting times... these platforms that for a while seemed to be eternal are suddenly not as stable as they seemed to be.

Pornhub not being a direct competitor to NG if it doesn't serve/focus on animated content: good point. NG has its niche after all, and even though the larger part of users seem to levitate towards whichever platform has the largest userbase/reach, mixture of content forms or animated forms a minority as may be, it feels like NG manages to catch a fair portion of the real talent. Now that Flash isn't the stereotype anymore it feels like people are starting to appreciate the perseverance factor of this place too, and maybe that's what we'll really get known for. The site that stands the test of time while all others fail, fall or falter.I'm pretty hopeful about our place in the game lately, so maybe a few larger YT-like players, partial competition though they may be, wouldn't be all bad either... and they could catch more of the less desirable/non-profitable stuff.

But in regards to NG focusing on live action too: not sure we'd have the bandwidth. I wonder if the support would scale to match the increase in content if we allow content forms that are just so much easier to make. Video. Nobody seems to really be making a profit hosting that, and the giants all own their own server farms too.

Pretty awesome y'all found Kor-Rune - that guy's been around forever, and The Game of Life is a boardgame too y'know. ;) It's pretty fun.

Good talk! Just a little quick on the important bits, and no Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy references? Man...those could've been perfect with this one. Looking forward the next, and how this COPPA thing really changes things. New users definitely be coming in.


Do care. ;) This is some rainbow colored puke y'know! Catchy as always, even with that slight of melancholy in the message I'd rather not delve deeper into. Pleasure listening to.


Always appreciate that improv. XD And that intro eh... that was... pretty entertaining.

Can't think of much to say about this one. Y'all got pretty good chemistry. Entertaining talk. Was about to critique that dubstep really isn't oldskool but in this case: Aight. I see now. Good stuff.


Pretty ambient for a boss battle, but not without that constant tension flooding through it... can definitely dig this. The saw-like vibe in back reminds me of some particular track that I can't quite place... Prodigy, maybe...? Oh, Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At! Has some pretty creative overtones above that, though. Metal playing in the wind. An eerie kind of intensity. Unique and vibeable stuff!


Rorrapalooza responds:

Dude, I fucking love Basement Jaxx.

Boomers make for pretty entertaining interviewees. :)

This was great. I listened to this one on route somewhere and seem to have forgotten most topics I would've probably commented on otherwise, but in regards to stopmotion at least: it seems that genre is actually on the rise lately! If you haven't heard of EdBound I'd recommend checking out some of his stuff. Seems like one of many newcomers who've recently started bringing back some life to this ancient and all-in-all awesome scene.

And great selections. I loved that catch a Pope bit too. XD But with regards to GHOSTHACK, I feel like an at least somewhat consistent melody is what allows you to really immerse yourself in music. I appreciate the effort that went into this but in the end I appreciate it more so because of that than because it really carried a build or structure that let you in. I wish they would've done more in that regard, since the detail level otherwise was just insane.

Also holy shit 17,000,000 views is a lot of views!!! Hope there'll be more of those projects lined up too. Good convo.


Can't mention Kanye West quite enough can you. :D I think I've actually only heard one of his albums though, something about graduation, but it was great... should check out more.

As for the interview: enlightening. Have you thought about sticking to that ketosis thing with just a little extra fiber @KawaiSprite? More like LCHF? Like still a ton of protein and energy-promoting stuff but also a little green stuff to break it down? The rear regions of your body won't be disappointed.

Also ey, first linda-mota shout-out! Good to hear y´all discovered her macabre but masterful art stuff. I really wouldn't mind a 3 hour podcast either, and second live show ever with this one huh. XD That was, hmm... no words can describe it.

I laughed a ton with this one. Great stuff.


That intro, that improv. XD Also very nice musical selections. When you mentioned CARRION I thought for sure you meant this though (which is really worth a view): https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/r4in/carrion

Regarding that Grounds Patrol spin-off thing... I have mixed thoughts about that too. My first stance was there's enough talent on NG to go around, and with a podcast funded by NG contributions it feels wrong to in a way carry those funds elsewhere, and promote artists not of this site - especially when Tom's the main sponsor - but when he himself approves of the transition... well then, maybe it's all good. Can't use that card.

I did enjoy the interview too, so have to rethink my thoughts a bit. It might not be all bad with some outside perspectives. I discovered a new program. I'm now aware of a new genre of animation. GetMadz seems like a cool dude. I do however hope the main focus remains with NG; especially when it's actually embedded in their name.

Maybe this will be the grand divide between your two projects though? ACOCK's still keeping it hardcore. Down to the Grounds. Exclusively infamous peeps up in this biatchizzle!!!

Great convo as always.


Honestly must say I barely remember a thing about Ben, iconic as his name rings, but his legacy... it's nice to hear it'll live on! There was definitely a lot more edginess back then too. Even though I don't appreciate content that's edgy just for the sake of being edgy these days I do miss the times when people could just speak their minds, and not be judged about it. Or rather: everyone could judge everyone. All judgement could be judged just as much. People said and did what they wanted and sometimes that just so happened to be what also needed to done or said. And some people stood at the forefront of that freedom.

At the same time it was a time that bred people who didn't get as offended over the most petty things. An aggressive yet peaceful time of oddly conflicting coexisting views and community...

Gotta mention, regarding the recording: the voice was a bit flaky sometimes. Mic distance very varied, probably. But I love the passion! Would be cool to get some conversation going regarding livecorpse too, or other peeps from the in memoriam pages. That guy had a really sad backstory as well.

Good stuff, and good luck with that project @Jamessimo !


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