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Always has a Christmas-like jingle to it before the synth really starts coming in. :) Not bad.


ADR3-N responds:

Oh no, not my old crap! hahaha. Thanks for the review!

With the title I thought it'd be a finished piece, a RAW version of it albeit, but this seemed more like a practice session than a full melody. Still though... it was enjoyable. Nothing like a little spontaneous jamming. Good sound.


Won't ever forget this! Legendary.


One of the epics! Awesome stuff.


Without looking at the description I felt like it was a spot-on interpretation of the environmental collapse of the world these days, corporate and government agenda constantly pushing for things that don't benefit us; threaten our future world, and we're all just sitting down, passively taking part in it... but no longer. Beautiful music, clear and airy, though some of those high notes maybe a bit too high...


Congrats to the winners!

Also sponsors! NGADM moving up in the world! :D The transition music felt like ending music each time that came in, but other than that this felt both well-paced and structured all the way. Fun to hear what you all sound like, inspiring to hear how passionate you all are about the craft too, and what an Inspiring impromptu speech to end it all! It really was a special occasion.

Wonder how many new people might stumble into the NGADM world with this too... nice incentive.


The style's a bit different, but the atmosphere overall really reminds me of the classic DOOM tracks. Walking through the barren lands of Deimos, shores of hell, all those mysterious and infernal grounds... really cool vibe. In difference from GB I feel like the repetition really adds to it, and helps it build... it's captivating that way, and not too slow to feel dull. Like a journey. Like a challenge. Like a strange place...

Really cool.


RyeGuyHead responds:

I just watched the new DOOM movie on Netflix last night. It was fun, but pretty "meh"

This review, on the other hand, is stellar. I had to read this out loud to a few folks, because hell yea...you picked up what I was putting down.

Trippy, jazzy, creative... not bad! I like the vibe. Bit high end loudness though.


So crisp hi-hats at the start there! Overall the sound quality here is just crazy good, though when it hits the 1:20 mark... man, things start mixing together a bit too much there. I lose the mood a bit. Starts great but doesn't really build the way I hoped, and the girls + deep space theme hmmm...


Vortonox responds:

Oh thx bro

Ah you're still going with these guys! XD I'm just seeing two author credits though but this sounds like a lot of y'all... multiple littlbox layers? Not bad yo. Skit and all in the midst of it.


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