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Real funky battle music like beat here! I dig.


Ambient, melancholy... I really like the vibe here. Well-paced and spaced out too. Not too loud. Good clarity. Good everything. Classy work!


Jazzy, a little melancholy, a little upbeat... the emotions really mash together in this one. Nice work.


Rekuiem responds:

thank you so much, I forget sometimes the value of the stuff from a time when I just wished I could get what was in my mind out more clearly. Hearing that it is appreciated means so much to me.

Man those parts with the sound effects mixed in. XD This is awesome. Curious what filters you use on this? Just a shift of pitch or more than that? This isn't your actual low voice voice is it?


Syrupmasterz responds:

Mainly just pitch shifting my voice down, I actually had to yell for that long. :P
My voice is very high pitched in comparison to the deep voice. haha

Emotional yeah... feels like this one'll always bring back memories of that scene where his dad gets shot now. But this seems to enhance even that. Like it breaks the fourth wall of the format, more resonance than within the actual scene. Very nice.


This some cool ass 80s/90s synth shit yo! I think so too. A little standard/calm but... good vibes.


Intro like the jukebox is just bout to get turned on and then... hell yeah! :D It really gets turnt up. Rock, bluegrass, jazz, Christmas music? Don't know what to class this as. Funky hybrid stuff, with a catchy but just a little somewhat too jumpy tune IMO. You never really get settled in.

Seems like something that'd fit perfectly with some animation though, pauses, shifts, all that stuff.


Possibly responds:

Thanks so much and sorry it's taken me a while to respond, but I appreciate the review and kind words!

Gotta love that gritty baseline in this one! Catchy, psychedelic... and then it all shifts into a wholesome hybrid of simple eighties psychedelics and transformative ambient waveforms. Really nice flow and shimmer, and even some chiptune bits towards the end.

Feels wholesome.


Aaand here's that chase music! Tension! Action! Very sudden end!

Action sequences can't be too long with this hmm.


So much sparkle in this one. :) Could've been a Christmas thing too. Hopeful stuff!


ninjamuffin99 responds:

when i first made the drafts of the melody or whatever for this one, not even related to any duncan and jones stuff, I saw it as a sorta casino-y type beat. I think i made it around last christmas though hmm.....

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