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What a trip! Surprised at how many turns this one took; how far it went, though in the end... just feels like the finale scenes didn't fully showcase the greatness of it all. But maybe that's the point. That it's all in the eye of the beholder? That it doesn't have to look special to feel special? That it's more about the sound than the visual experience? Sketchy style works well otherwise. Focus on what's important. It's almost a bit storyboard-like sometimes but never loses the pace or appeal anyway, and had some great moments along the way, the moment they get into the car at the beginning of the trip lmao. XD Favorite bit.

Thanks for this grandiose rock and roll journey.


Ah the days when we actually had lightweight plastic discs to play our music with. :) Seems like the heavyweights are coming back in, the wide and wicked vinyls! Wonders what foamy could rant about there hmm...


Feels like your style of drawing/animation just doesn't fully convey the intensity of the stare(s) with this one. XD

Though... maybe that's intentional, cause maybe that old lady wasn't all that bad after all. May she RIP. Definitely didn't expect that end, but you managed to carry on the comedy a bit with the cat anyway, and keep it classy. No badmouthing the dead. Well done. And good story.


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The homework never ends! And they really take a lot of windows to kill. Windows of work time? Witty wordplay parallels there? Also do miss that ancient Win 98 logo! But at least not so difficult to avoid those pesky papers. Oh there's another possible metaphor: avoid homework to LIVE. Hmm.

The mechanics are pretty fun! I like the rain effect (though thinking maybe that's supposed to be more like a spacy speed/warp effect) and the way those bubbles stream just really feels rewarding too. As do the sounds! Only thing I really miss is some kind of conclusion, and/or more reward. API highscores. Medals. Somethin' like that.

Good game man.


8BitAnt responds:

I am currently trying to figure out a way to implement a scoreboard cause I have been having trouble with that. But yeah it is rain, and the only problem is, is that it was way too loud to keep the sounds for it in... Other than that, thanks for the review, and I'll let you know if I fix this anytime soon my main focus is on Peter Work at Freddy Movie Finale: The Corruption atm so expect to see that soon.

Thanks again!

-Ant :D

Impressively advanced mechanics for what might've been just a simple brawler! :D VA work and all too: this was awesome.


Classy design, simple gameplay with all necessary functionality and export functionality, NG promo shirt and drooling mouth in the mix and everything. :) This finna bring back the dress-up genre for real... so smooth. Nice work y'all.


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An official F-o-D anthem? :) It's definitely got the right kind of weirdness, and the right kind of build, a consistent flow, tenacious background synth and kick that cartwheels in and starts bringing up expectations... one final stretch of shimmering stalactite-like wonder too, what a strange but awesome sidetrack that bit was. Fades out a bit fast but almost/sort of loops...

I could vibe to this for some time. If it is an anthem: feels suitable. Though feels like it could also be just not all too seriously titled? Good stuff either way!


Father-of-Death responds:

Maybe not my anthem lol but I feel like lately I've been needing to represent myself better. I've been having trouble relating myself to my online stuff. I always feel like I don't know who the fuck I even am. I gotta find myself and get motivation to learn more about music, because right now I feel like I could learn so much more than I know now. I keep telling myself to get my life together and feel like I'm not going anywhere. Life has a way of kicking you down a lot and I'm getting tired of it. So hopefully I can take hold and realize the good things I have done in my life and try my best not to beat myself up over dumb ass shit.

A cup of Joe huh, always good tidbits of wisdom and/or know-how in these! Though Wikipedia seems to have alternative theories... would you say they're misled here? https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/cup_of_joe

Regarding Flash I wonder how that's working for you now? Depending on OS/update status maybe it never shut down for you? If you've been missing out on fixes: https://sonucais.newgrounds.com/news/post/1137244

In regard to newer games it seems like the majority is, and probably has been the last few years, HTML5. So maybe this change won't have as large an impact on the regular user as we assumed it might. Maybe specifically with certain iconic; classic games, but I feel like a lot of them will probably just fade out of the public eye a bit... for now. Hopefully Ruffle brings them back. Maybe breathes some more life into the community again when/if people start going here in particular to relive those glory days and find some old; familiar nostalgia.

Unfortunately a lot of the new stuff does require webGL support to run properly though, which at least my GPU does not have. Lotsa lag. In contrast Flash games still run flawlessly... except when they now run via Ruffle, since Ruffle in part also requires webGL, which my GPU doesn't have. :/ Alas... though it seems that particular bit might get tweaked in the future. Major issues now and optimizations when everything's working.

Sounds like you're really getting by on scraps lately though, though beverages/nicotine-based relaxants: bound to amount to a fair share of $$$ long-term I guess? Hope things start looking up though. It's cool to hear at least there are friendlies out there; a certain sense of community.

And you really have the perfect voice and competent verbal aptitude for this kind of content! Plus quality recording equipment. Wouldn't mind hearing more. About some of all those as of yet unsaid things mayhaps.


So much awesome music to discover here. I wonder how you go about making these? Random listening, intentional seeking, favorites a peeping?

Wholesome session here. Closest we've had to a real RadioGrounds alternative in a while now.


littlbox responds:

Thanks Cyberdevil! I go through the Audio Portal as often as I can and find what tracks stand out to me, then try to string them together into a somewhat cohesive playlist. I'm glad you enjoy it! :D

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If she was shot by Chris - of all people - would she really still be alive now...?

Gotta catch up with this franchise. Thought it was all about zombies. This: looks amazing. The grit. The glowing eyes. The smile. Classy, mysterious and ominous and all all at once...


Simplicity here feels more like perfection to me. :) A powerful visual for a powerful persona. Honorable homage. Such a shame he couldn't stay around longer...

Looks amazing. May he really RIP. Scene won't be the same without him.


I think so! Digging both the style of the depiction and their wardrobe. Classy.


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