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Now that was pretty brutal! Really brooding music too, along with those theatrical voices. They really add a lot to the animation, which in turn really syncs well to the audio. Solid work all the way through here. Pleasure to watch just for the fight, though kinda wish I understood a bit more of the context. Subs...?


Just another great day at the beach hmm, grinding away. Animation's smooth, the angles are varied, and you really captured that background ambience too! Apart from there not really being a climax to it: love it. Steamy work.


Did hear someone about how people really didn't like the last season. :) Guess there's some truth in that huh. Never watched this and maybe never will but: entertaining.


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Wonder what happened to those medals though...?


taspavelproductions responds:

no medals

Turns out there was more strategy involved with this than I thought! Once you start opting for rainbow cubes only, then it's actually possible to get past that highest medal even without rushing things. Clicking lines one at a time it seems it just isn't possible, and that both bad luck and the falling animation (which both eat a little time) easily get in your way). But getting five in a row isn't the easiest feat, so it's much more of a puzzle than reaction-based game when that's what you start to strive for.

I like the idea, used as it may be already, and the simple but addictive mechanism. Seems like there might be a pretty advanced formula involved with regard to what blocks come falling down too, as I never ran into a situation where there was just no possible match at all. Curious if it's possible that can happen here too? It feels balanced though, light, fun and easy to play... and replay... again and again. A little aggravating at first, but once you succeed it was worth it after all. If there's any one thing I'm missing it's a quicker way to replay (just a button would be good). Though I understand you might want some extra ad rev via the menu.

Oh, and greater reward for combos/explosions too. Feels like those are all somewhat undervalued.


Artur-Felipe responds:

Thanks for the comment. I was very happy! One day I want to do great projects. <3

This was definitely something different! Simple but good. Scoreboard would definitely add a lot to it too.


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Not sure about that bagpipe-like bit at the end but the rest: solid. Simple but effectual lyrics too! So... is this some kind of outro? Something symbolic? Hiphop career out of commission...? It's got that cryptic hype vibe. Like: could be the start of something...


Teqneek responds:

Welll, this song was either going to be 20 minutes long or 40 seconds long, that's all I can really say about what it IS.

Hip Hop career out of commission? Hardly. I can't stop, regardless if anyone is listening or not. As as long as my brain keeps being constantly flooded with rhymes and ideas, I'm forced to keep making music.

Thanks so much for the review, and glad you dug it for what it's worth. New ishhh coming soon btw I LUHHHH YOUUUU

Wonder who this is aimed at hmm... first part of a longer song? Or a full album? Finna be interesting to see what comes after.

Quality's solid. Not too loud. Good clarity. Guitar syncs. Not bad.


SuperPCGamer responds:


What a trip! Those beats that suck you in, sensual samples and fast-paced close to psychotic flow. It's a got a build, pauses at suitable places... and sure took a turn from that almost macabre Halloween-like vibe at the start of it. Neurofunk hmm, so that's the style. Serotonin kicks. Can dig. Feels pretty polished in how it all goes together too, never really loses that red thread, even when one part fades into another. I wonder if this really has anything to do with Pico and Co (? That sample?) but Belated Happy Pico Day Quarl! Good stuff.


Quarl responds:

Nothing to do with Pico day other than the fact that I finished it on Pico Day. I was going to put some more work into this until I looked at newgrounds and realized everyone was talking about Pico Day.

Since this is only the second new track finished this year I'll gladly take the little plug Tom Fulp handed me. This is one of my better drum and bass tracks. Tom Fulp is pure generosity <3

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Is this... MLeth art? Something seems so different here! The angle maybe, the closeness maybe, the lack of clothes maybe... though whatever the difference is I can't say I don't like the difference. The attention to detail's all there too. Solid! Even your sketch-level submissions are: impeccable.


MLeth responds:

Haha I've done Patreon pieces like this since 2016 but I haven't put any teasers here until now! Glad you like it though!

Seen so many scary clown movies lately that this comes like a fresh breeze! Finally getting some fun vibes back to those figures. Normal clowns. Entertaining clowns. Doing their thing. Simple, silly, serious... somewhat entertaining. Nice.


She's got that attitude! Smooth work. The background textures go in nicely too.


mrblack1986 responds:


Bamboo Shoots!


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