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Marvelous. To get this epic collaboration in all its original, uncoveted, unconverted, uninverted, controversial, extroverted, unforgiving, directed as expected original with additions injected gargantuan gory glory! What a treat!

And a potential universal sequel hmm!


Did not know about the second definition of reality at all. :| Certainly gives it all a whole new perspective...and after that oh man do the goosebumps start getting induced too...

I'm not sure the final scenes' really necessary, when you open the door and see the robot. Without it you wouldn't be sure if the experience was real or not at all. If they were human or not. If the definition of reality applied in just one or both ways, not being real at all or just being a very unfavorable 'reality' as such...

Loved this though. The emotions spike after the definition, and the animation/fluidity/atmosphere is just amazing. Great work. Really lets you immerse yourself in this alternative... reality.


Well that really didn't go the way you expected it too. XD Nice...


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Everything's great until the breasts start getting out of control and bouncing sideways and totally knocking you off your destined path! Fun game for a bit but them bugs.


Great game, though name doesn't really hype it up enough! And the final boss didn't look like the medal promised at all either... was thinking of that too. Next to last level glitched out on one run too, just kept going forever without ending, without enemies, but it was easy to reload and try again, save intact.

Good pace, good upgrades, good fun overall.


Could use a replay button, but apart from that this was great.. Little quick time-waster gem. Cutscenes and all.


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What a brutal life-advice catchphrase. XD

Good advice man. I'm 31 soon and definitely haven't figured everything out either, but that's what life is all about. Problem solving. Hopefully you'll get through it alright and grow old to either get the answers or to realize: maybe there aren't any after all. Maybe it's all about the journey there, all you experience along the way. Can't have good without a little bad with it, and the more you experience the easier it gets to handle those hurdles and really appreciate all.

Looking forward to more bits like this. Was thinking 4:42 was way too short but... it's just right after all.


RealFaction responds:

Exactly :) thanks! I wanted to do something different than I usually do and make a more snappy, shorter advice series to reach more people and practice shortening the stuff I say

You're the professional percussion glider Quarl! High sky survivor trier, deep diving flier with a mind for dubstep subgets!

The dubstep part of this really came in late, but I could listen to that piano all day, ambient in a strange and uplifting kind of way. Dig it. Solid beat too. Never mind a genre.


Quarl responds:

Nice rhymes Devil. Those piano melodies are just major arpeggios I've been rolling up and down on my piano. G flat major arpeggio, then a half step down into an F major. Nothing fancy but basics have a timelessness that just sound right :D

Such a badass theme song. To think it's been around a decade already at this point too...


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Beaautiful work. The girl, the witty universally understandable speech bubble imagery, color contrasts, glow and all. Awesome.


Disco under the stars... dance... the universal language? Something like that? Looks nice, though some edges feel a bit more polished than others, the floor goes blank on certain points.


That hairdo really is incredible! :D Not bad.


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