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Felt a bit like deja vu on some earlier year/episode with this one. :) Though with all new art, a seemingly more supportive group of teachers, recollections of a surprising number of names and that one dropout at the end...

Wonder how long these introspective glimpses into artistic learning will last; how many years this all took. But enjoying the journey. For this part: seems like it was a good part of it.


Foamy more aggressive than ever now. XD Didn't had so much against this particular character, seemed like it was mostly Germaine...

Nice jumping though. Could've been an even more fluent loop but not bad.


Did not expect this to be as graphic as it was. XD Takes me back to the old days, and I ponder if that's a good thing or no, though the ending credits and all look way more professional than they used to do way back wehn...

Nice work ya'll. Didn't see this one coming at all.


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This was great. If it didn't have any ties to the original game I wonder how different my impressions of it would be... but it feels like it might be just as wholesome regardless. The comedy's probably enforced in part by past connotations, but seems to play on stereotypes outside the game to the point you could enjoy it even without prior reference too.

It's a short and rewarding little school shooting trip with or without. Fun to play. Easy to get into. Makes you think a bit. Makes you smile too. Has an ending that seems to imply us humans still have a ways to go before we're really open-minded enough to embrace the world in a full spectrum of light and color and all that open-mindedness entails!

Only thing I'm a little disappointed with is how there's not one locker with something in it! All that clicking; no surprises there...


It's not bad for a first game, don't think I've tried Pong in Scratch before either, but medals don't seem to be working? Hope you can get those fixed...


FFCa2-76 responds:

I'm a beginner.

Not sure the medal's working? Doesn't seem to unlock like it should. Engine looks good though, now to actually make a game out of it...


JakeYT2 responds:

I Know The Medal is Not Working. I'm Going To Try To Make It Work. So Please Wait!

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Beautiful. :) Feels like the first aaaaa faded a bit abruptly, and maybe the second bit could've trailed on longer too, but the bits that matter are magical... appreciable orchestral beat towards the end as well. Would be cool to see this used for some majestic animation.


yagru responds:

i'm hoping someone wants to use it in a movie or game myself!!! thanks for the review :D

Got some ASMR-like stuff going on with the keyboard-like clickery in the background for the first bit... really smooth ambience overall, shifts nicely, doesn't always move the way you expect it to. I love the shift around 1:45 in particular. So radiant. Tune that soothes and moves your mind...


ThePal responds:

music has the power to make you 𝘧𝘦𝘦𝘭, escape from reality and just not care about anything else for a few minutes, and I strive to make those minutes a journey people won't forget. ✨

reviews like these are the best motivational boost I can get!
thank you so much for the kind words, I'll continue to improve and make more music in the future, so check in once in a while. 👌

So fluent and freeing this one. :) Love the vibe.


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Seems the dialog disappeared entirely somewhere along the way here, and there seems to be significantly less motion/more repeat frames with this one, but still not bad...


Best part yet...


Imagine this constant battle going on in your body all the time hmm, appreciable background...


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