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So awesomely nostalgic! :D That funky FNF style too. This was fun!


PixelPabzki responds:

Glad to know I'm making someone feel nostalgic

The first was goood but re-using the joke a bit here...


This is in fact hot enough for me! Good stuff.


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A little clickbait title here. :P It's not really one of the official DOOM maps, not the same music, not the same sprites, not made to resemble them exactly either, not anything from DOOM really but a sense of deja vu and familiarity.

That said this is pretty cool! Nice work doing something like this with Scratch of all engines too. And it has a couple useful elements you don't get with the original either, minimap and timer.


Iceddev97 responds:

thanks for your feedback, the scratch engine is very limited so I was unable to code a fully fleshed out doom map and I wanted to make it unique as you said "not the same music, not the same sprites, not made to resemble them exactly either" this was just a little first project but im glad people are rating and giving feedback on it.

Soo with enough salt your bread literally turns into a boi? And you win the game? Or is there a goal you can reach if you run far enough? Somewhat baffled as to why the salt's scattered along the highway as it is, and why you're chasing it in such death defying demeanor, but maybe everything's explained if you just run far enough. ;)

If you die though you really are... toast. :P

Nice music, smooth animations, funky menus and all, unfortunately lags hella much for me but on the upside that maybe does make it a bit easier to play too!

And btw is Double Logistics a real brand name? Sponsor?

Good stuff y'all.


BananaBreadBoi responds:

To be honest I forgot why it's salt, I just know there is salt and you can collect it.
The double l logistics truck is one of my friends' companies and he was having me do a logo for him I don't know if he ever went with it or what but I just figured I could put him in the game.

Epic. XD

Somewhat more realistic color might've made it a bit more sensual and all but... this is what true art looks like hmm. Potential sequel with twice as many jiggleable boobs? A synchronized pair of jiggly jewels? I'd play that!

Masterful work here.


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So awesomely atmospheric, as always! And that unpredictable energy that jumps in towards the end too... really takes you to another place, be that under water or outer space. Maybe a whole other world than the motherworld...


Quarl responds:

Uploaded a 2021 "remaster" but called it Deep instead. Glad you checked this one out, always loved the synth patches but the track was never very popular :)

This is so soothing... wrote a lil something with it, hope ya don't mind!


This is great. :) Solid beat, lotsa feels...


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From the thumbnail I was thinking this'd be that Bu character from the original DragonBall, but what a different beast it was!!! Them details, woah...


That gloss be working! Impressive how you can manage that texture with watercolor...

Feeling like the clothing/skin patterns don't really go together as well with this one, but overall still beautiful work.


How I wish i still went to school right now. XD Though wonder what kind of school these two be going to hmm hmm... nice one.


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