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Reels are definitely allowed, as long as they're your own reels. ;) Pretty solid showcase here. Looking forward to seeing some of these individually.

If there's anything to improve: maybe an intro/outro that morphs into the animation in a more creative way? Keep it up!


This did look pretty cool... feels misplaced as a movie though, maybe you could save as an image and submit in the Art portal? It'll definately fare better there.


Caracan responds:

hey thanks.
I'm new to Newgrounds as a whole. I just put it into the animation section since it is animation. Under Other since I wasn't sure where else to put it.

That's quite a thing he does, Skebbles! :D Crazy fun. Good show.


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Been a while since I played a dress-up game. :) I like the idea, but the options could've been a bit more, and a bit more detailed, and polished... spend a bit more time on this and it could be good!


Used to play this game SO MUCH back in the day! Still amazing. The review space wouldn't suffice to describe the brilliance of it. It's balanced, it's fun, it's rewarding, it's catchy; it ends with a neat little twist too. One of my favorite games of all time.


I like the idea, but I'm not sure I really understand the gravity of the situation here... seems like movement is based more upon invisible paths than upon physics? The first few levels were alright, but I feel like the name's a bit misleading, and the difficulty really skyrockets with the 'evil' one. Is there some simple trick I'm missing there, maybe?

Also would be nice if the level numbers were noted too. A little more polish: this could be pretty good! Entertaining random messages when you run into Bob too.


Viseper responds:

Okay the random pathing is just because of Unity physics but I will try and polish the game some more. This was the first game I've ever made in Unity so... Also the way it baked the walls became invisible.

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Pretty ambient for a boss battle, but not without that constant tension flooding through it... can definitely dig this. The saw-like vibe in back reminds me of some particular track that I can't quite place... Prodigy, maybe...? Oh, Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At! Has some pretty creative overtones above that, though. Metal playing in the wind. An eerie kind of intensity. Unique and vibeable stuff!


Rorrapalooza responds:

Dude, I fucking love Basement Jaxx.

Boomers make for pretty entertaining interviewees. :)

This was great. I listened to this one on route somewhere and seem to have forgotten most topics I would've probably commented on otherwise, but in regards to stopmotion at least: it seems that genre is actually on the rise lately! If you haven't heard of EdBound I'd recommend checking out some of his stuff. Seems like one of many newcomers who've recently started bringing back some life to this ancient and all-in-all awesome scene.

And great selections. I loved that catch a Pope bit too. XD But with regards to GHOSTHACK, I feel like an at least somewhat consistent melody is what allows you to really immerse yourself in music. I appreciate the effort that went into this but in the end I appreciate it more so because of that than because it really carried a build or structure that let you in. I wish they would've done more in that regard, since the detail level otherwise was just insane.

Also holy shit 17,000,000 views is a lot of views!!! Hope there'll be more of those projects lined up too. Good convo.


Can't mention Kanye West quite enough can you. :D I think I've actually only heard one of his albums though, something about graduation, but it was great... should check out more.

As for the interview: enlightening. Have you thought about sticking to that ketosis thing with just a little extra fiber @KawaiSprite? More like LCHF? Like still a ton of protein and energy-promoting stuff but also a little green stuff to break it down? The rear regions of your body won't be disappointed.

Also ey, first linda-mota shout-out! Good to hear y´all discovered her macabre but masterful art stuff. I really wouldn't mind a 3 hour podcast either, and second live show ever with this one huh. XD That was, hmm... no words can describe it.

I laughed a ton with this one. Great stuff.


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That lighting... impressively ambient/natural. Can't say James looks all that scary, but it's a solid portrait! Nice work.


AndreaHimalaya responds:

Thanks! Is it the pose that doesn’t make him look scary? Is there anyway that I could fix it?

The animation itself isn't bad at all, though a little choppy. More frames, and a higher frame rate, and this'd be pretty fun I think. Keep it up!


AndreaHimalaya responds:

Thank you! Yeah I created this on procreate but it has a limitation on frames so I had to drop a couple of frames in order to keep the 7 sons altogether. Probably should have just worked on this in after effects or flash -_-; thanks for the feedback though!

A sophisticated leisuring (didn't know that was a word) no less. :) Classy work.


AndreaHimalaya responds:

Thank you!

Bamboo Shoots!


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