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Really short but... really smooth too. I can see this going places...


Heeey it's an Eddsworld tribute! :D It started pretty good, albeit maybe a bit close in to the characters, but moving on to stick figure action and fades rather than animation... could've gone further I think. Program the limit...? Always nice with a tribute though.


stevetherapper responds:

Alright! Thanks for ze review!

Pretty smooth work here, though would've been cool to see more of the tools, and canvas.


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The 'fd' and 'ewrw' are kinda in the way when they appear on all pages, but otherwise not bad. Good nostalgia. Seems somewhat unfinished though...


GDevelop hmm... might be the first time I hear of this particular app! Interesting. Seems you can develop interesting things with this, even if the start menu froze a bit for me before it loaded (looked like it had bugged out entirely, and the sounds kept playing even though the text didn't change). Once you start though: not bad!

I wish there was a way to tilt the bike to better balance it when you're on a jump, but at the same time the lack of control does add to the challenge. If it stays this way though, it'd be good with at least checkpoints thorough the level, for example when you switch color, so you don't need to start from the start each time. It's a looong way after all...

Also: music's pretty loud compared to the sound effects! Overall a fun game, but a little more balancing would be good. Tilt + checkpoints would be perfect for fun, but checkpoints only for challenge. I like the simplistic style, even if some bits (like the clouds) seem a bit oddly placed. Keep up the good work! Love bike games like these btw, just used to a bit easier control.



It was movement filled with pleasure to hear from you.
start menu, actually I did set a timer of 15 sec after which menu will load
you are completely right about balancing
actually I added rotations in 2nd version only, as in 1st version we were to rely only on speed.

in new version, i will be working lot more on balancing bike and you will get to see checkpoints soon as well


Not a bad visual novel layout here! The save and load buttons not really being centered on the title screen's one thing I notice, and a skip feature for dialog would be good too (not sure what the 'skip message' option on the menu really does? But otherwise controls are on point. Lots of story, effects, visuals... it's all on point. Didn't play far but unless it cuts of suddenly it seems like more than a test. Not bad.


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Ah, Eyes of Purgatory, that was the peak preview! Good to know. And recognizing a bit of the background beat here. :) So much going on... hyped to see how the NGAP15 thing turns out too, though it's been in the works so long at this point... I just hope it turns out. Well, lots to look forward too! And good luck with the life-altering plans again. Good podcast.


RealFaction responds:

Thanks! And yep.

Gritty, grungy, industrial... and strangely ambient too. It's a pretty soothing tune. The rain really feels different when you don't see it as the music plays though... almost unnaturally high now. Static. Maybe a little toned down and this would've been perfect... everything else is great.


ErnestoGod responds:

So glad you liked it! I'm aware this wasn't perfect, actually this was an unfinished song because all the recorded tracks I had were just mere concept for the record, I was planing on re-record everything and make a better mix so I made the export for checking then had some problems with the whole project and lost most of the tracks because the data got erased so this was the only thing I could save from that idea and had it stored until December when I was checking old stuff and told myself "This is just perfect as it is." Even with all those mistakes it feels even better for the ambiance I was looking for.

Sometimes we get stucked with songs trying to make them sound as precise and clean with the most overworked mix and master we can, but even yet when we say that the song is finished we feel it's not on it's point at all... That was just a thought I had the moment I decided to release this song.

Thank you for listening and comment! :)

Deservies a better title, bbbbbbbbbbbbcause it's awesome! :D Good grind, gritty vibe and background jingle. Love this.


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Looking daunting and demonic! :D Smooth work.


Once again it's a massive one! :D And I realize the side-scrolling capabilities of regular browsers is not all it could be cranked up to be these days... slower scroll makes more further appreciation though, in this case. Impressive work.

Happy Pixel Day Scepter!


ScepterDPinoy responds:

You too

Seems like an opportune selfie moment! :D Smooth work, creative colors... looking good.


Bamboo Shoots!


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