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So that's what you do huh! But then... you become a mop yourself. I'm not sure I can trust this wisdom after all...


And another good one! XD Not very flatting for the Cap though huh. RIP Stan indeed...


Some of the motion loops could've been a bit smoother, and some parts seem to move without others dong so, but overall this was pretty solid work straight from the start. A smooth battle, and plenty of details in the characters too. It starts with promise.


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So many happy endings here it's almost impossible to get a bad one! :D And I do prefer this quick play version over the steady grind of the most recent... good stuff. Classy days of crap (but entertaining) Flash are back.


TomatoSalad responds:

I am glad to provide! I enjoy making crap, but hopefully enjoyable flash! So it's always good to know it gets an audience :P

Never realized there'd been a this revealing Neorotically Yours game made way back in the day! :D Makes sense it wasn't the official thing but... it's good enough to have been. Lots of different clothes. A little animation. Would've been fun with some more easter eggs or extras, but as it is: fun little dress up game for the one and only! Not bad.


Well this was a refreshingly scientific game! The idea's simple but the delivery... something you need to read introductions to understand. Lags a bit, as Unity games often seem to do, but otherwise all good.


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So one song just split in two with another one inside it...? Or more like three songs? Really like the first two bits. Not so sure about the third, feels like maybe the beats aren't annunciated enough, it's all faded and hard to follow. Psychedelic and trippy first two though: awesome work.


A pretty creatively mashed-up melody here! Bits of spookiness seem to float together with all kinds of other genres, like a little... samba? Salsa? Eighties Asian romance/action movie music? I have no idea what genres or references I'm hearing here are called, but it's a refreshingly different hybrid. Great quality, great pace; plenty of atmosphere. Awesome work.


endKashika responds:

Hey CD!
Not really sure about those references but nevertheless, I'm glad you named them! :D
It's always fun and interesting to hear detailed first impressions.
Guess it's just my take on this piece. :)
Thanks for the review!

Classy, orchestral work! I haven't played the original so I don't recognize the theme from the game, but it reminds me of a variety of different things, from Star Wars to the Haunted levels in Super Mario... interesting possible inspirations there, and the music itself: pretty awesome.


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Let that party start. :D Love how this all shifts, color and character and everything! So smooth too. Neon. Grungy backdrop. Lights that flash by. All looks great!


Heeey I remember this one. XD I do understand the value of reposts in favor of marketing, but would be cool with some new comics too... sure has been a while. Nice work though.


Pretty cute-looking character art! Smooth suit, color and all. Though a little hazy outlines.


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