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Woah, this really went deeper than expected, not what you'd expect to see for Halloween, strumming plenty of emotional strings too... when he managed to pick up that bottle at the end I was thinking it was an attempt to wake himself up and come back to life; see to the cat, but maybe it was just a delusion? Still not willing to believe he was dead?

Not the turn I was expecting or hoping for, but it does go full circle in such a great way.

Animation's smooth and easy to read and the music'beautiful too. I guess this was inspired by the music? Or maybe just certain elements animated in that fit with the lyrics otherwise, though it didn't follow the essence of what you originally intended to make, like the three-horned rabbit?

What a shame this passed by so unnoticed though... can't see how you can't appreciate this one. Whatever you do believe. Feels. Perfect title too.


Foamy really done matured over the years... solid rant again, though I miss the less serious topics of old a bit, this is getting almost like a real monologue, could be spoken by a real person, not just a squirrel... until that final little melody kicks in...


Am I imagining things or was Pilz-E's voice back in the day even better than it is now? :D Maybe something about the accentuation... this was just perfect. Germaine's response on point too.

Wouldn't mind more fanmail now...


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Man this brings me back! :D Don't know what I was waiting for, good fun... though hidden credit screen could use a back button! Also seems like Ruffle might want to start opening external links in new tabs... but good stuff.


kruno5 responds:

Thanks Cyberdevil/Bob

Masterful. XD Truly a work ofart.


TemporarySevenSeize responds:

Keep pressing that button!

Took me a moment to realize this was actually a real interface! XD Genius.

Seems The Beconds box only appears for a short while though? Is it supposed to be that way? Maybe it somehow gets kicked out of the visual area after a certain count...?

Unexpectedly fully-functional and fun gadgetry otherwise! Happy Clockday!


Gimmick responds:

Oops! I'd made the frame a bit too small. It should be fixed now, thanks for pointing it out!

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This is awesome. :) Really puts on a smile on my face so it must be doin' something right! Even if it's kinda hard to pinpoint a particular melody or main theme in the mix.


Totally missed this one earlier. Definitely a better clarity/mix with the new one, but cool to see how similar it was from the beginning too, lyrics just slightly changed... nice. Instrumental structure still has that appreciative edge at the beginning too.


It's like the graduation song but with a bit of a hiphop twist. :) I love this. Also really feels like this'd be perfect for this one thing, I'll get back to ya in a couple days here, hope you approve...


larrynachos responds:

Thanks so much cyberdevil!

Also now I'm excited! 👀

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So perfect. :) We have so much in common too.


Oooh what a lovely spider, I usually like these critters but this seems like it just might ignite a new fear... nice bite of Halloween here.


Gotta love the blue glow in the thumbnail one... another nice one! Seems like you almost have your own style of Ahegao too, not as over-the-top as some (most?) of the ones out there...


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