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These some Wick-ed editing skills. :D Perfection!

Seriously though simple things are surprisingly fun sometimes, and with both audial narration and visual/written dialog there's a surprising level of detail to as quick a thing as this, good stuff.


Roombaclock responds:

Thanks for liking it!

Props on entertaining sound effects at least. XD

The animation otherwise is... maybe not the greatest but it was kinda fun. Longer runtime than expected too. A lot did happen in that Gymnastics class, if that was a class, not so many stick figures involved there...


Maybe not the most realistic walk patterns but detail levels oh my! This really was a pretty explosive visual treat. Feels like it would've been elevated a lot by a little story. Just dialog even. It's a cool glimpse albeit without context or emotion...


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Visually this looks great but... the controls feel a little clunky. Maybe hit areas give that impression too. I keep for example walking off platforms into lava, attempting to jump onward too late, or jump into snails above me when I jump on the shells of snails on a level below. That you need to bounce on them multiple times seems counter-intuitive, but maybe it's something you get used to. Sometimes it feels like the main character and enemies are both just too big for the level design; complicate movement and coordination.

At least on a couple occasions it seems you can just fall off the screen and not get back, like for example on the second level, with the two golems guarding a treasure chest, if you just jump over the ledge to the right of them... and restarting at this point restarts the level from the beginning. No way to just get back to the last checkpoint. Also a little annoyed with how music doesn't stay off if you toggle it, but starts again with every new level or restart.

For some reason I don't seem to be getting the medals, is there maybe a tier you need to reach for completion, in regard to points/coins on each? A need to open chests at least?

I like the concept and design, it unfortunately just doesn't feel that fluent or fun initially, looks great, play feels like it could be optimized further...


poolfish responds:

Thank you. I have no clue why you can't unlock the medals. As soon as you complete a level and click on the Continue button, a medal gets unlocked, no matter if you got the highest number of points, or opened all chests. So far 21 users unlocked the first medal, 4 users the last medal, including me. But you must click on the link "Click here to save medals and scores!" at the bottom of the title page to grant me permission to unlock medals under your account, and post high scores to your account. If it still doesn't work... sorry, I can't tell you why.

I could reproduce the bug in the second level "with the two golems guarding a treasure chest." Yes, you can fall off the screen on the right edge. I fixed this.

Players always crave for challenges, so why not jump on enemies several times and "dance" on them?

The hitboxes are all OK in my humble opinion. However, if you are on a jump-through platform, you can get your player down by pressing DOWN, and if yout hit the DOWN key accidentally, you may get the impression that the platform's hitbox is not working because the player may fall off the platform directly into the lava beneath.

Timing is everything in jump and run games, so I don't get why seasoned players are overwhelmed with "complex" situations in my game. The enemies' movement patterns are super-simple and predictable, patrolling from left to right and back. There's always a higher position where you can jump down onto a golem's head. Of course, I can jump into snails above me when jumping on snails below me, but in order to avoid this I patiently step aside, wait until the snails above moved away, and then jump on the snail one level below. A picture is worth a thousand words, so therefore I made the walkthrough videos to show how to master each level.

That you can't turn off music permanently is indeed annoying. Maybe I fix this in a future update. At the moment I'm busy with another project.

Anyway, thank you for your review and kind words.

Well this was different. :D Creative, little fun!

I love the concept. One of those things you'd think had been done before but no, nobody has yet!!! Good stuff.


Another innovative puzzle game! Familiar concept in a new way... some of the final levels were pretty frustrating for a while, 35 in particular, but in the end the difficulty curve seems just right after all. Appreciable ratio of reward/challenge when you're finally through it.

A little annoying how if you lift a block by clicking somewhere off center sometimes it jumps into a spike/wall as you lift it, though you get more careful/used to that mechanic.

Good fun; good aesthetics; good idea! Enjoyable game overall.


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Upbeat, fun and somewhat futuristic, with calming breaks occasionally to bring you down and build things up again. Love the vibe.


Atmospheric... feels a little melancholy maybe, a little cautious, but energetic too... nice sound.


Smooth, ambient, a little jazzy... nice tune. A little simple and short maybe but: solid.


meltsteelbeams responds:

yo thanks mad preesh

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This is pretty cool! Nice homage. Nostalgic media both with the disc and what's on it.


What a firm figure, ab muscle detail impeccable, not just from the front but all the way around... Cathyl looking great. Milky magnificence. Lovely lighting too.


Almost looks like the fence of a concentration camp. :P

Noble greetings though from an awesome place! 'Precciate the humor.


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