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But they'll live on forever in our memories!!! RIP. Not sure what Fred from the Flintstone family's doing in this particular era but hey... guess everything's possible in the world of cartoons. Well done.


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Ant0on responds:

Well, the Flintstones is the originator of the animated sitcom genre. Not to mention the series was the longest running in history until Simpsons beat it.

Well that was amazing. Way more emotional than expected, too. First face shift caught me off guard a bit, but they're strangers after all huh, or anyone they want to be; it's the same for everyone... doesn't end the best way but I do like the ambiguity of it, and that smiley. XD Makes you wish it'd all gone according to Hollywood standard; they'd met up in real life and lived happily ever after but still this is just perfect. Animation's great, but the build-up is what really sets it apart, and the conversation so naturally scripted too. Masterful work.


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Can always rely on the Dojo to get together the greatest collabs. :) Really digging the music too. Smooth fights and so much of it synced perfectly with the beat too! Great fun to watch.


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Seems you can basically just spin around and keep shooting to make it through. :) Almost... few things that bug me a bit: how the fire comes from just one the guns before you upgrade (maybe alternate from both? Or have a centered one first?), how certain asteroids are generated at the edge of the screen so they're still for a moment before they're put into play, and how everything just keeps coming and crashing into the planet even after it's Game Over. Apart from those things it's a pretty smooth game! Good fun. Also medals would be the perfect addition. ;)


Definately brings back memories! :D The basics are great here, but graphics really could use a facelift, and it would be good with some form of incentive if you win... and being able to move around when you reach the other side hmm... how DO you win? Keep at it and this could be a great!


Seems like A and D, not so much W and S. :P This really was really really short huh! Impossible to win too. Props on title pun.


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A really cool loop! Fast paced but ambient at the same time. Think this could be pretty useful for something.


A really smooth and brooding track! Love how it builds up, even though it often seems to build up to... go down again. It doesn't ever really reach that finale you'd expect. Sound over structure though: awesome work.


Definitely works! XD This is going to be entertaining to see...


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A chubby but charming Capacious characters! :D Nice.


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So this one's actually hand drawn? Scanned in? The texture almost looks metallic, and as always a cool contrast with the background one. Like a stereo spectrum type effect. Fits together nicely, and as for the design: pretty creative! Like a mesh between a Seahorse and the in-title-mentioned mythical beast, with a fin like a bone. :) Looks pretty happy too!


Self-affirmation or message to all? :) Either way a great message, and simple but smooth work on the star too. I like the line texture in particular, almost like chailk, or oil... and that background's pretty trippy too. The glow... maybe a bit restricted. I'm thinking it'd look good a bit more faded, or a bit closer to the star itself. Or: like a radiant light shining around it! Nice work though.


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