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Another nice but really short loop... can hear the loop in the sound with this one...


Wholesome work! Script could maybe use a bit more work but... not bad.


The expressiveness and atmosphere with these loops really is a level above the normal... nice.


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Epic. XD

Somewhat more realistic color might've made it a bit more sensual and all but... this is what true art looks like hmm. Potential sequel with twice as many jiggleable boobs? A synchronized pair of jiggly jewels? I'd play that!

Masterful work here.


Simple; good interactive fun. :) Feels like there could be a bit more story, intro and all but... enjoyable like this too. NSFW minimalism...


Could've maybe used a little menu at the start, but hell yeah, Pic0nj0!!! Love this idea.

Fun to play too, for a little while. Rising difficulty would've probably made it even better. As it is it seems you can bounce around pretty much indefinitely if you want to, though it's fun to do. Nice music too.


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Sounds like a challenging combo! XD

But so impressive you just shift between that tone and your (I assume) regular voice throughout this, could've thought the whole thing was pitch-shifted otherwise, such a contrast.

Fun stuff.


CommonBunni responds:

Ahaha, thank you. It’s definitely an interesting combo and I did manage to get it done afterwards. I find it amusing watching back on my pitch and accent shift.

That little chuckle around the 5:22 mark. XD Maybe not the most natural bit right there, but a fun anomaly in an otherwise really thorough; soothing session again. Love this premise too. Nice work; good quality with the audio too. Ends a little suddenly, but suitably, ripe for imaginative take over then...


CommonBunni responds:

Thank you! I’ll work on my laughter ; 0

Not sure if this is really upbeat or more so dystopian but... I do like it. Nice atmosphere, upbeat or no, though maybe a bit sharp sound with that main melody.


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This turned out so awesome! XD

Love the contrasts with the carrot and cove and all and then those scars and bite marks, seems like he's been through some stuff huh. Maybe catching carrots in the wide wild sea is one of the most grueling endeavors you can choose to partake in there... and yet he just smiles; defiant both to his supposed nature and death, the great adversary of the wild; chills in that cove with his carrot.

Dope shades, and shading, and color and all overall. Love this.


Love the style in this one! And how it ends and just leaves the rest to your imagination... the presentation and build-up's just perfect. Fascinating atmosphere too the way the customer's looming in there, requesting the darkest hentai possible...

Both so imaginative and suggestive and comical and dark all at once. Masterful combo.


Twice as interesting with twice the arms. :3 Nice.


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