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Bitcoin does have certain disadvantages. :) The one thing it's good for: selling! Unless it loses value... fun stuff.


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One of the more serious moments without... emotion? That parody element doesn't come across as much as it could I think, might be better if there was some additional script here, some pun, something witty to really enforce that action. Random expressions is good and all but only goes so far. Otherwise: not bad.


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SalehtheAnimator responds:

Thank you. Very constructive

Once again an impressive set of serial shorts! :) Some of the animation's impressively detailed too, but all of it great. Music, script, pace and all: makes for a pretty entertaining show! Nice work all.


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It's like DOOM but with Pacman! :D Such a cool hybrid. I love the layout, and how those ghosts are just waiting around a corner wherever you go... such a spooky apparition each time, and good choice not going for an instant kill when they touch you, but a slow and torturous death... the mechanics are just perfect. Still not past the first level, but I could spend a lot of time with this! :D Nice idea. Also would be cool with some medals, or score-based incentive.


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This really was... pretty impossible! Control's good but frustrating. I feel like if you had the hit area for the main character just a tiny bit smaller than the player itself it'd feel just right. These maze games usually aren't built that way, but usual game hit areas often are, and when the control's not precision-possible (mouse) it seems that'd be a good compromise. Props on a well-working game otherwise!


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FrostyFlameAnimation responds:

Thank you for the review and I am glad you played the game! I am a new developer and am currently busy with a new project the one you have played is 6 months old but I could always update the hitbox a little and widen the gaps by a couple pixels. Thank so much for your feed back!


A simple but pretty solid snake game. Interesting with the mouse movement for a change, though there's a yellow blotch left on the right even when you start moving, and there... doesn't seem to be a way to win here? Or lose? Seems like a start but: could use some additions!


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PressStartPlayz responds:

Fixed :)

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Sounds like a pretty ambient and explorative piece! The water doesn'treally come across at the beginning, but past the two minute point you start noticing that too, and in a break the waves start reaching the shoreline too... it seems to move from the sunken world to land, and then down into the blue once again - or the murky green in this particular piece. The sound seems muffled, as it would be in a submarine, so you're portraying that pretty well too. It sounds great, overall, though the vibe I'm getting from it is more casual than mysterious, and towards the ends those shoreline breaks start distracting a little. That little part at the end sounds more like I imagined the whole track could've been like. Eerie, the sub bubbles trailing behind you as you explore the abyss... but either way really cool sound here. Thorough, but would've been nice with a bit more mystery; some kind of suspense to match the theme. Do like the hiphop style otherwise! Nujabes-like, which is great, just maybe not the optimal vibe for a long lost watery grave IMO.


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DoctaBGL responds:

I feel ya man, I made the beginning as a contrast from the past to the fictional present. I guess the casual feeling is a play on how insignificant or ignorant we were to them.

Thanks for the review cyberdevil, didn't know you reviewed music too! Keep up the good work.

Definitely has a nostalgic VG-like tone to it! :D Interesting piece to choose too. I haven't played the game depicted therein, which I guess this audio might be somewhat inspired by, so I don't really catch the link between those, if there is one, but it does have a nostalgic tone to it I just can't place. Probably for that reason. It's pretty cool how you mix that with a more modern punk/pop alternation. Like a musical mashup between two tracks I know and I still can't place either one of them... the sound quality's smooth, it's not too loud or compressed, the variation's good, the pace steady, the style uplifting and fun. Overall just a real fun piece to listen too all the way through. Solid work.


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8-bitheroes responds:

Thanks for the feedback, glad to know you enjoyed it :)

Happy to see some of Kaolinn's work selected for one of these tracks! :) Agree, it's fantastic, and this music follows this particular piece really well, with such a soft and imaginative ambience and then... bam, blast of percussion kicking in... or not... despite the waveform it really keeps the peace, and ambience all the way through. Imaginative and airy. The break fits right in, too, with some creatively wonky beats right after. Awesome ambience all the way.


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Same here, though when everyone else is celebrating it almost feels like we are too. :) At least it's not winter over here though! XD How's the winter weather over there though? Still warm? Happy 4th! Nice piece too.


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RonnieTheZombie responds:

It's cold as heck. drawing is physically impossible in the mornings because gloves.

They sure have grown! XD Proportionately, too. Happy 5th!


Drunk logic = irrefutable. :) Don't think I've ever been drunk enough to test this, actually, brb...


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