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The game of dreams. :) I love the ambiguity of how this starts and ends, how you could see her as journeying into the actual game, or simply having a great time with it, or drifting into the dream world and living the game there... the worlds mesh and come together, all in such a fluent yet minimlistic pixel trip with accompanying musical chiptune bit.

I feel like more layers to the music would've enhanced it even more, and the backgrounds weren't all the most detailed, but it was a fun ride. Honorable Pixel Day homage. Nice work.


gatekid3 responds:

yeah Im not the best musician, but like with the raddish i just made whatever felt... like something, idk. More time in the music might have been time well spent though.
and yeah, backgrounds are noooot my strongsuit. You can deffinately see that in my last pixel day entry as well....though i think the first raddish one was pretty decent somehow.

It ALMOST loops! Would've been just perfect if it did. Overall though it was a surprisingly relaxing and comfortable thing. The rainy day aspect of it all somehow comes across in the music too... so suitable.

I wonder how it would've been with a little background rain. A window. Or the sound of raindrops pelting on the roof along with it. But: not a bad jam man.


spicybagel responds:

Almost added rain sfx and now I wish I did haha

Nothing wrong with the modeling, or the voices, all very expressive and dynamic but... it doesn't really go further than that. When it's over I'm left missing either interaction and/or punchline. It's just a little snippet of dialog. It doesn't lead anywhere. It looks good but that's basically it...

Would love to see a little more context or action.


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Tom Fulp sure can take a punch! XD What a Christmas...


This was pretty intense! Playing it recently, with recent Ruffle bugs existent, it was apparently much more ambient... no enemies or anything before the big boss, just a little asteroid field aversion phase, a cutscene, a world blowing up in the background...

I like how you jump right into the action though, and there's no shortage of details, both with the obstacles, and plot progression, and subtle Earth destruction going on in the bg. Control's are smooth and responsive, music's fierce, overall it's all good fun!

Can't help miss medals with all games that don't have 'em these days, but in a sense it should be refreshing without them too. No pressure. No grind. No filler or distraction. Just the experience, start to finish. Still a solid game.


Ah the nostalgia! Those fast-paced, ferocious, short and after a while crazy repetitive music loops of old too. :D Controls are pretty smooth, no filler with the intro, a subtle background plot line that somewhat unintentionally ties into the dehumanizing alien dystopia of the modern world too, where it takes an external perspective like this to really understand our own madness... it has it all! Good fun.

Imagine all these old games having a set of medals too, modern incentive...


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Was feeling like something was missing there until it really kicked in for real. :) Nice. Rythmic, easily boppable to... no complaints. Has an almost Paragon X9 vibe to it too, just a different kind of pace.


What a strange turn it took towards the ambient end. Starts off upbeat and jumpy, just like you'd expect music of the genre to be but then... it almost moves into something different entirely. More like jazz than VG music. More like a train ride than a brawler. More like... I don't know what. Cool contrast though, and the transition doesn't leave you hanging or hiccuping either, it's all so smooth...

Maybe it would be cool if the first theme comes again, like GoodL mentions, but I like this too. Fades away in a good way. Happy Pixels, Happy 2020! Uplifting stuff.


AlbeGian responds:

Thank you so much!!
Yeah as I said to GoodL, there's a lot of ideas I wanted to put in less than a day cuz I had no time, so it's all messy and random. In future songs I'd like to be more organized with all this stuff, but I'm super glad you still liked it!

Not bad! Melodic and crisp, though sometimes with a whiff of almost mutilated, rhythm hack bits. Also that descript: it's on another level! I think I could revel in this. Review rhymes not better than ever but: never your tracks miss.


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Simple, yet such a serene scene... almost like that tree is floating in the clouds.


I'm just a fan of this concept now. :) The way the motives sync on fan and outside it though it seems like you do see what's really going on behind it... interesting effect. Interesting color scheme too. Wonder if the pink at the bottom would've been better in some hue that faded into the background more, but apart from that this is real nice.

Not the conventional pixel piece either.


lmao. XD Props on creativity, and you're definitely adding both curves and girth but... still not really feeling the sexuality/sensuality, maybe in part because of the hard lines everywhere, maybe also because of the expressions, which don't really seem to show any pleasure in the act. Just keep improving though, better and better...


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