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Ambient light, smooth form... short but not bad.


A little sound effects and this would've been perfect. :) Seems like you're spending that time just the right way...


What an awesome thing this would be if it was a real thing. Might've been a trailer for a real game too, looks pretty authentic a hybrid. Even the outro...


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Text was a bit difficult to read in the intro, but you get the hang of it pretty well anyway. As always impressed by how much detail you put into the cutscenes, and the hints. Also wonder if that missing bird email is a real one hmm...

In the bonus game I believe the colors (of the stars) on the Panama flag weren't correct. Unless it's my source that's wrong. Great game though. Good fun and learning all in one.


Chicks, lmao. XD Gotta love that NG tank logo too...

This was fun. I do miss those medals but can't not appreciate a creative spin-off minigame too...


Up until the twentieth it was going pretty good, but the aggravation levels it starts to get too around then... feels like one of those games you just might have to let rest and come back to. Possibly just too steep a climb of reaction/precision thinking for my palette. Level design is impeccable as always just crazy challenging...


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Glitchy like never befoore. Listening to this outside game is... a strange experience...


Not sure whether to love or to hate this. :) It works perfectly in the game though...


Almost has that Blur/Oasis like kind of vibe to it. :) Nostalgic and chiptune VG-like at the same time... not bad.


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He's got that spark of madness, with colorful gradient backdrop and radiant powerful hue! Looking good dude.


Atmospheric, creepy, dreamy... and in 3D too! So you can embed those huh. This was pretty impressive.

Curious about the poster behind the screen, is that something you have there in real life? Is any of this real life? All of it? Gotta love the details like toilet paper cart and penicorn plushie, that make you wonder all the more if any of this is how it really is...


Soupcat responds:

Yeah I had no idea you could embed it here. Super good job on Newgrounds. That aphex twin poster was just something I had laying around. I do love the band so I figured it be applicable to use it in this scene. And yes this is actually how I live. On wooden crates. On the floor. Totally.

Curious about some of those wall references now. XD Are they random or intentional I wonder? Some truth to the potential crazy? Feels like this went to a dimension beyond isometric too, the shape is... unconventionally angled. Good stuff.


LeeJayAnimation responds:

I wonder... 👀

Bamboo Shoots!

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