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Poetic, fluent, elusive... I don't know what this is but whatever it is I like watching it. Truant and transcendent. It's something special.


And that's what happens when you forsake good parenting good folks. XD Such a crazy combination of conventional cartoon style and content here... this really was... new.

I like how little it all goes like it's supposed to. Feels like it just goes where it wants to. The script. Good stuff.


It's all in the details, and the process... refreshing how this just builds up a little, then goes back, then forward, but never really gets anywhere, and yet it really captures that moment. Surprisingly heartfelt in the end. Love the style too.


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A simple but all the same addicting homage to this one most iconic of secret messages! Impeccable minimalism. Reaching the 77 just fine, but 6478 hmm... at around 1000 it starts to lag to the point I'm not sure I'll be able to make it that far. Using pretty decent hardware too. If only y'all could lighten up resource requirements there it'd be perfect.


ninjamuffin99 responds:

yeah i really am unsure why its so laggy. At the end of the day, its all just a single text object within code, albeit a very long one. I still gotta look into it sometime

Wonder what happened to those medals though...?


taspavelproductions responds:

no medals

Turns out there was more strategy involved with this than I thought! Once you start opting for rainbow cubes only, then it's actually possible to get past that highest medal even without rushing things. Clicking lines one at a time it seems it just isn't possible, and that both bad luck and the falling animation (which both eat a little time) easily get in your way). But getting five in a row isn't the easiest feat, so it's much more of a puzzle than reaction-based game when that's what you start to strive for.

I like the idea, used as it may be already, and the simple but addictive mechanism. Seems like there might be a pretty advanced formula involved with regard to what blocks come falling down too, as I never ran into a situation where there was just no possible match at all. Curious if it's possible that can happen here too? It feels balanced though, light, fun and easy to play... and replay... again and again. A little aggravating at first, but once you succeed it was worth it after all. If there's any one thing I'm missing it's a quicker way to replay (just a button would be good). Though I understand you might want some extra ad rev via the menu.

Oh, and greater reward for combos/explosions too. Feels like those are all somewhat undervalued.


Artur-Felipe responds:

Thanks for the comment. I was very happy! One day I want to do great projects. <3

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Just so thoroughly uplifting and soothing, this one! Really nice.


Not the kind of track you usually hear here at NG! Impressive vocals, and a soothing ambience throughout, even if it's... kinda depressing... moving music though. Always that thing you strive for. Interesting style too.


Quite a lot of recommendations in this one! Will take some time to sift through... even if disappointingly few of them are in any way related to that one and only that-which-you-do-at-the-BBS Malone.

And I think I have another movie to add to my watchlist @littlbox. Intriguing! I've pretty much only watched comedies from that era, and though those were good this really sounds like something unprecedented. Haven't seen the original Nosferatu either, come to think of it... so far my favorite movie from that era's The General. Right after Un Chien Andalou (however you spell that - actually don't watch that one if you haven't already). Let's see if this tops both of those...


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Demonic but... human? A hybrid? The evil mind of a lost soul? This could mean so many things. A pure heart trapped in a facade of lies and deceit. A coward behind a mask of attitude. Or maybe just a warrior, wielding the mementos of fallen foes... whatever this symbolizes it's pretty cool. Love the style.


Really digging the gritty style with this one! Messy in a good way, and such a mesh of colors too. Nice work.


Cuteness with unexpected realism to it! Not bad.


Bamboo Shoots!


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