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Looks like he's pretty much entirely made of steel after that train comes along. XD

Nice one.


Postal Dude telling you it's rude lmao. XD

Ending pun's just perfect. Great voicing too.


Was wondering if something was wrong with the sound until that first smack. XD A note on music and everything before it really starts up...

Solid fun all the way here. Crazy, random; uplifting comedy.

Always nice when you get what's going on entirely without dialog too. Expressions on point.


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It reaaly gets difficult with the all keys and both hands mixes... thought I'd get through this all until I hit those, but maybe best save them for some other time.

It is great exercise, but also a little unnatural when you actually have to hit individual keys at individual times, rather than type letters as soon as you see them, or type out complete words.

Mastering this seems like a step beyond mastering typing! But great game.


The voice acting's still just as impeccable as it was back in the day, but it feels like the battle music definitely has a more ominous tone with the new soundtrack!

Love these old games. Simple; creative; uninhibited brutal fun! And secrets - would be awesome if there were still some old gems like this lying around y'all could reward users with!

Great remaster.


Didn't realize your art had been on a car, of all things! :) This is an inspiring showcase... and a fun way to show it. Wish you were still around; contributing creative greatness to the world like this...


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The trailer one hmm... it's captivating too! Brooding; alluding; beautifully cruel.

Love the vibe.


Hella atmospheric this one... and I do love the name. :)

You turned up a kick-ass soundtrack all in all! Congrats on the FP too!!!


Seemed like the vibe might be intentionally haunting from the start, in true 'livecorpse lives post death' fashion, like the name itself, but as it builds, angrier and angrier, and then you get to the midway part and hear the shot... feels like it's more so a story. A transition through the moments of his life, through haunting beginnings; turmoil and angst; maybe finally a little peace when it's over... strange and otherworldly vibes at the end part. :) Like a party or a portal...

Really nice tribute, though takes a while to get into it and really follow aling. RIP the one and only...


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Seems like her best form yet... suited; bootied; beutied up. Good stuff.


Didn't realize you'd done so many of these! :D

Awesome work here. Would've been cool in color of course but in a way the dark outlines just make him look all the more dangerous. Beastly design.


Hot lady for a hot occupation... imagine actually working like that in all fur...


Bamboo Shoots!

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