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This really perfectly encapsulates the spirit of General. XD And surmises our final thoughts and feelings thereafter through a multitude of creative forms of expression... in a way that's both entertaining and aggravating, soothing yet melancholy, moving but hella jolly... sometimes. Monumental collab y'all.

Good homage to one of our greatest losses. A fun place it always was yes.



ShockAbe responds:

Thank you, Cyberdevil.

Seems like this MAY be a perfect loop, but the NG player stops up for a millisecond or so when you replay, that's troublesome...

Tis a simple but fun little loop! The tank bounce in particular is really smooth, must've taken some time to get the barrel right. I wonder why the character's so high above the tank though, and not actually sitting on or in it? But good stuff yo, hope @Aalasteir's seen this too!


LoboJ responds:

Yeah, I really wanted to made him in the tank, Aalasteir wanted his head vibing, I showed him other kind of movements that were rougher and match the movement of the tank and its curve, but he wanted the vibing mov so I decided to make the man apart from the tank because if I attach him to it the vibe movement will be imperceptible

Probably need to play the game to understand this hmmmmm...

It looks great though! Visuals and sound on point, soothing start, quick ending...


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This was a fun little thing. :)

Could've used some more messages, the content doesn't last you that long, but all good stuff! Easy medals too. Good interface.


nukinukinukiki responds:

Oh Thanks and Also coming soon making Remake of This Project with NG Intro and Better Backgrounds!

Simple fun. :) I like how easy it is to replay this game, no need to wait on a 'game over' or 'try again' screen - even if you do miss it the first time around. The mechanics are simple and smooth; the challenge pretty balanced it seems! Wonder if you can hide in a corner and just let the score rise hmm, doesn't seem like there's any safe space on the screen at least...

Visually it looks good, good music too, simple though it is.

This is the kind of Roblox I like to play man. :P Good stuff.


This was difficult...

Took me a while to figure out how to play, but even when you know how to play it doesn't get much easier... I love the concept though, and the mechanics work well. Now just to figure out the strategy...

Creative take on and old classic! Well done.


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Is FL Studio really supposed to eat that much RAM?! Seems 32GB would be more than enough.

Anyway Congrats on the 420! And the 69 before it! You deserve any counts you get good dude, you're truly a benefactor of this awesome artistic abode, with so much passion and prowess shining through all things you do. I wish you many more milestones; appreciate being included in this goodness too! It really is a happy piece. Pompous, orchestral and awesome.



Tangerine responds:

Thank you! The reason why FL takes up so much RAM is that I have a million vst plugin libraries open at the same time during the later stages of my songs. This makes it pretty tough on memory.

Thank you for the kind comment! Looking forward to October. I wonder what we should do. A spooky-themed track, a steampunk one? Who knows, guess we'll see when we get there xd

Hey hey, Irish mythology with roots in Sweden or Denmark! :D Very cool. I did not know we had connections there...

Thanks for entertaining answers on the ponders of potential future improvements in our ability to bend or somehow manipulate time space and matter. Since all matter is made of smaller matter, like atoms with space between them, molecules that move and interact with one another... I think it may be possible. Since time's not linear, I think a less linear method of trying to manipulate it may be possible too. Since there is such a thing as quantum physics, I think teleportation may be possible too... I do hope we get some breakthroughs in our lifetimes though, that doesn't seem as certain, seems unfortunately more probable we probably don't focus our minds on the endeavors that could progress us the most, but get stuck on petty political conflicts and financial issues instead, since all innovation must also generate short-term profit, and some breakthroughs probably won't come that easy...

Anyway if I had the power of all three I think I'd use it for a little personal gain at first. Go back and invest a bit in Bitcoin early on for example, and cash out BIG just before the collapse. :) And after that more on humanitarian things, so much good you could do with such powers... though since I probably wouldn't be exclusively capable of such things if I was then it'd probably be a bit problematic to really do anything, there'd probably be regulations, if there weren't there'd probably be chaos, with everyone looking to abuse said new tech for similar gain... anyway it'd be cool to see such sci-fi concepts come to life! Feels like all three may be somewhat related too, in how you need to somehow figure out how to manipulate the very fabric of our world to do either...

I didn't know about your Doomtober thing Buster98! :D Very cool. Finna skim through all of those later.

If you like fast racing games maybe you've played F-Zero too? I grew up with MegaRace myself, a real pioneer in that genre, the second one's still surprisingly good. And gruelingly difficult.

On planes, JSYK commercial jets usually fly at between 770-930 km/h. ;) The ones I fly nationally actually go a bit faster apparently, they have an onboard app you can see the speed in, last time I checked they were going around 940. Crazy speeds. Maybe it's increasing, Google's answer may be outdated...

Also do love classic cars! I'd rather buy an older; used car than a new one any day, though more so for aesthetics and functionality than not to stand out. They're fun! They're easy to drive. They're easy to repair. The fuel economics aren't bad either with smaller models... beyond a liking of old things though, it's really better for everyone in the world if we tend to what we have than buy more than we need, so whatever your reason for not wanting to stand out I give props for it. :) Capitalism doesn't encourage it but a more circular economy seems like one of the best ways to save the world IMHO. Less unnecessary production; consumption; flashiness that serves little purpose, but wastes both resources and money that could've been used more resourcefully.

Great ep y'all. Nice to learn more about ya @Buster98, nice art @OmenaKettu, nice interviewing and editing as always @Aalasteir!


Aalasteir responds:

It's interesting how there's overlap and connections, with a lot of influence from all the European nations that have interconnected history and mythology. I really appreciate and am happy to hear that you like to share your thoughts. I'm always happy to see you.

@Cyberdevil I would be grateful to hear more about your thoughts on mythology!

Thank you so much for your generosity! You are awesome. Yes, that actually surprised me. Now that I think about it, it’s really crazy to consider, because you can’t see them due to their size, and yet they are everywhere. Matter is made up of small amounts: atoms, the space between them, and molecules. You are fully correct, and this is a fact that I feel many of us can forget with everything that is going on. It's easy to be overwhelmed and not stop to think and consider life. It's true that in our timeline, we will see many things happen, including scientific breakthroughs that we could not have previously imagined.

Getting in on Bitcoin early would have been really nice XD With a lot of resources, you could do a lot of good. If a collapse happens, I hope it doesn't, as that would be a nightmare and very scary. I agree that sci-fi concepts coming to life would be excellent. I can imagine that games are going to be potentially very crazy with the amount of technology that will be available. Hopefully, there will be the creativity and passion to utilize those technologies. I feel people underestimate the need for creativity to properly use tools, as tools are just tools. The creative use of those tools is what truly matters. I hope people won't become too lazy by relying too much on new technology, because many of the greatest ideas reflect philosophy and integrated theories. The power of understanding history and knowledge should not be underestimated, as tremendous power comes from this. You are right; there will probably be many regulations for new technologies to prevent chaos and abuse for small gains that could harm everyone.

I fully agree; Buster's Doomtober is excellent! The ripping and tearing detail in the action scenes is full of vitality, and the level of passion and excitement is exceptionally well executed.

It's interesting to hear you grew up playing MegaRace. Cool cars!

@Cyberdevil what is it like to play MegaRace?
Based on your Doom profile, I'm assuming you have played a lot of Doom! That is just my assumption XD

It doesn't feel like that when you are in the plane, they are going extremely fast. You wouldn't want to go at that speed on a bicycle; I can imagine people would crash very quickly.

Buying a used car is always more financially stable, you have to pick the right model. Many used cars lack proper maintenance, and having the timing belt done is important. I fully agree that many old cars are amazing and very aesthetic. People should live within their means and not spend so much money that they cannot afford to have a stable personal economy. Taking out loans to appear more flashy is immensely detrimental and a waste of resources and money that could be used more resourcefully.

Super thanks to @OmenaKettu

This has gotta be the most introspective segment of the A200 series to date. And hearty! Heartfelt and arty! You do inspire James! Nice to hear what you sound like here too, strange though it still seems that you actually don't have a UK accent even on the audial plane. XD

Glad you overcame those alcohol problems too. I was fortunate to for some reason always feel a bit.. superior to everyone in school back when partying was a thing, since I didn't. Never drank till I was drunk, never smoked, never sniffed, never snorted, just fell into the rabbithole of the digital realm instead, which retrospectively probably is just as big an addiction; just as unhealthy in excessive doses. But I do take my detoxes there occasionally... I've never contemplated on the meaning of the word spirit either, interesting.

As for soda man, maybe you could get addicted to something like clean coldbrew coffee instead? ;) It tastes good too, has the same caffeine kick but none of the sugar, has more nutrients than heated coffee too, could be a positive replacement addiction!

Oh man I remember LegendaryFrog, haven't seen his stuff in a long time now! OG creators.

Regarding the otherworldliness it does feel like you channel things from another realm. Bigger artists have said similar things, like they wonder if the content they make is even their own; they're just a portal for something else, that creativity's a gateway... great answer on life and souls too. I'd like to believe we have a soul, though have a hard time believing in a higher power. I do share your sentiments on why we're here; that it's all about being better, and learning, and since I do believe that maybe there is a part of me that does believe in some grander scheme, or it's more so a failsafe of merit, for the potential that we may be judged by how we lived here after all...

Answered them deep questions in a both profound and light-hearted way anyway, nicely done!

As for jamestheslavetomusic.com it's kinda long innit! XD Maybe therealmofjamesmusicalbondage.com? chainsandshacklesofotherworldlysound.com? jamesthevassalsotherworldlyinterdimensionalchannelingchallenges.com...? JTSTM.com for short? Though that's bound to be taken already.

The division in the world these days... too true.

And your voice is great!

Appreciate the compliments. :) And likewise! The writing I write to the music I use wouldn't be half as good without that music a muse! It soothes and it moves, it grooves yes it grooves, the truest of huge tunes you do that I use, they're amazing the way they move and diffuse. As for them Inktober collabs, if anyone's curious there's also:


...humble beginnings!

These two hours flew by. Great ep. Only think I'm missing a little is that traditional high-def ShokBlok alterego re-imagination. ;) Though props on giving it a shot too Aalasteir.

Good stuff.


Aalasteir responds:

Your positivity and ability to communicate with warmth and sincerity are immensely strong qualities that I always respect and admire. I can definitively say that it is brave of James to talk about his experiences with alcohol; he is strong, and I admire his honesty and openness. It's a superpower. It's good that you never felt the need to partake in narcotics. You are right that the Internet can also be an addiction and very unhealthy in excess.

I do not trust anything with caffeine as I feel it can be a dangerous habit. Nutrients are important, and it is crucial to drink and eat foods that provide positive benefits. Yes, I was surprised to hear about LegendaryFrog.

James is really good at sharing his experiences, and I absolutely enjoyed listening to his stories and the genuineness he has!

It is fully true that believing in and wanting to improve oneself always leads to betterment. Thank you for saying that the answers to the questions were both profound and light-hearted.

jamestheslavetomusic.com Classic Arizonian name! The more names, the more names as the classic saying goes, which I didn't just come up with! JTSTM.com therealmofjamesmusicalbondage.com? chainsandshacklesofotherworldlysound.com? jamesthevassalsotherworldlyinterdimensionalchannelingchallenges.com
It's sad they were all already taken.

Thank you for linking the three other songs where James is the composer and producer. The songs are great, with a powerful, otherworldly quality and excellent personality. There is a lot of soul in the music, and I enjoyed the experience. Thank you.

I tried to draw, and I know it doesn't look that good! But I did what I could.

James's art is really good. I am shocked that I didn't just ask him to create the art. It was a silly idea for me to do it myself, and I didn't realize that at the time XD

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Looking good!


Feisty! And fiery. And foxy.

Beautiful work.


Sharp lines for this stark-naked sharky! Looking gooood.


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