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Did I catch that classic McConaughey 'Alright Alright Alright' somewhere in the mix too? :D

What a fun game this turned into, thought it'd require some time/commitment to play through, but instead it was like an emulatable reflection of those rare days when you really get into the groove and just work and work and work and time moves slow and you feel like you're accomplishing so much and it never ends and you just keep going and everything's amazing and you never want it to end but then it does and the next day you're hella tired instead cause you worked too much the previous day and you barely get anything done at all that next one...

That jazzy background music really enforces that sensation of fluidity/efficiency too. No rush, just steady progress, no limits.

Surprisingly therapeutic gameplay here really. Satisfying sfx too.


Hmm you know technically this has both visuals AND audio, so that'd make it 2D. ;) Generally anything with visuals would be classed as second dimension too. Audio only would be first. There are actually some 1D games out there where you navigate based on sound only...

Technicalities aside it was fun though! Simple but rewarding.


ChibiWilli responds:


Welp, time to make Peter Peechris 2!

With the cover image I thought the twist would be a bit more dimension-based, not so much block shape as in the canvas maybe rotates, or slants sideways, something like that... maybe promises a bit more than this delivers but still a fun thing! Seems some blocks do disrupt things a bit though, they don't seem to sync like they're supposed to, for example: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/2de8f87b2c4dd18b49230a3672c9a2b5

...seems to happen with more than one of the 'new' blocks, and it doesn't seem like this would be intentional? Seems a bit buggy but: potential!

When you figure it all out it'd be fun with a real highscore table too, open up for competition a bit, just sayin'. ;) Keep it up!


ChibiWilli responds:

Yeah, been messing around with the game a bit now and still can't fix the bug for some reason...

So, I'm going to do the only reasonable thing annnnd...
Declare it as a feature!

Does the music keep layering with each new frame you open or is that how it really is? XD

Some more instructions would be good here, maybe a more navigable interface, didn't get what I was supposed to do with the first puzzle, clicked my way onward and couldn't really get back to the menu but eh... dress-up bit was fun for a bit. If you polish on this till the 9th it might be pretty good at that point. ;) Fun but seems a bit rushed...

Playing on PC btw.


kruno5 responds:

yes , i wanted to improve muting sounds , i will improve much more on games , maybe i will release a construct 2 game or somethin

Man this brings me back! :D Don't know what I was waiting for, good fun... though hidden credit screen could use a back button! Also seems like Ruffle might want to start opening external links in new tabs... but good stuff.


kruno5 responds:

Thanks Cyberdevil/Bob

Masterful. XD Truly a work ofart.


Little-Rena responds:

Keep pressing that button!

Took me a moment to realize this was actually a real interface! XD Genius.

Seems The Beconds box only appears for a short while though? Is it supposed to be that way? Maybe it somehow gets kicked out of the visual area after a certain count...?

Unexpectedly fully-functional and fun gadgetry otherwise! Happy Clockday!


Gimmick responds:

Oops! I'd made the frame a bit too small. It should be fixed now, thanks for pointing it out!

Everything's great until the breasts start getting out of control and bouncing sideways and totally knocking you off your destined path! Fun game for a bit but them bugs.


Great game, though name doesn't really hype it up enough! And the final boss didn't look like the medal promised at all either... was thinking of that too. Next to last level glitched out on one run too, just kept going forever without ending, without enemies, but it was easy to reload and try again, save intact.

Good pace, good upgrades, good fun overall.


Could use a replay button, but apart from that this was great.. Little quick time-waster gem. Cutscenes and all.


Bamboo Shoots!

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