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Good game, very swift and easy to play, but daaamn are these difficult questions! And I made it 24 via Google before I ran into a trick question I was sure I knew. XD

Would've been nice with some kind of categorization so you can choose one of relevance to you, or more common knowledge trivia, or actually fewer questions, so it's possible to learn by trial and error. Gotta give props on amount too, though I don't know if it's a good thing or no always, especially when you're chasing medals/scores...

But good game! Works well.


MuckPie responds:

Thank you for your kind words and honest feedback!

As for categorization, that’s something I could potentially work on in the future. The amount of questions and varying difficulties was a conscious decision as I want to present a challenge.

After some similar feedback, I decided to remove the Score 100 medal. Hopefully 50 is more achievable.

Gotta love those sound effects! :D

Simple idea but a thoroughly fun game. Pretty tricky keeping that score high enough when numbers come from both high and low at the same time too... bit not too difficult. Nice balance. Easy to play; easy to replay; hard to get the highscore; good fun.


JimmyCarlos responds:

Thank you very much! I wanted the game to be accessible for all to play, but still challenging enough if you want to go for the fastest time.

8BitAnt turning into a savage man. :P

Fun stuff though. Feels like a throwback to the old NG Assassin games but in a new kind of style. Not as excessively violent. More so comical. Plus throwing in throwbacks to all sorts of other stuff while you're at it! To B or not to B hmm (thought you probably just had to wait a while for that secret medal - nooope).

Poor Doobus.


A fun little game! Still not sure exactly who you're supposed to kill and who you're supposed to save and if you're supposed to catch or shoot those hearts (instructions might be nice) but on the second attempt I figured if you just keep shooting as fast as possible and avoid everything you can it goes pretty well after all...

I like the design, solid mechanics, good music and all. Feels balanced. Feels like it'd be natural with a bit of a score boost especially when you run into a boss though, but seems killing them doesn't give anything at all?

Good game!


LizardTokage32 responds:

I made the hearts as enemies on purpose, the original idea of the game was to make something similar to hongkong97. There was a sprite in that game that newer players won't know that it will kill them. Thinking about it, it feels dumb now so i may write some more instructions later.

I also agree that i should give players a reward after killing the boss, I'll add that after finishing an update I'm working on.

Thanks for the review!


A little clickbait title here. :P It's not really one of the official DOOM maps, not the same music, not the same sprites, not made to resemble them exactly either, not anything from DOOM really but a sense of deja vu and familiarity.

That said this is pretty cool! Nice work doing something like this with Scratch of all engines too. And it has a couple useful elements you don't get with the original either, minimap and timer.


Iceddev97 responds:

thanks for your feedback, the scratch engine is very limited so I was unable to code a fully fleshed out doom map and I wanted to make it unique as you said "not the same music, not the same sprites, not made to resemble them exactly either" this was just a little first project but im glad people are rating and giving feedback on it.

Soo with enough salt your bread literally turns into a boi? And you win the game? Or is there a goal you can reach if you run far enough? Somewhat baffled as to why the salt's scattered along the highway as it is, and why you're chasing it in such death defying demeanor, but maybe everything's explained if you just run far enough. ;)

If you die though you really are... toast. :P

Nice music, smooth animations, funky menus and all, unfortunately lags hella much for me but on the upside that maybe does make it a bit easier to play too!

And btw is Double Logistics a real brand name? Sponsor?

Good stuff y'all.


BananaBreadBoi responds:

To be honest I forgot why it's salt, I just know there is salt and you can collect it.
The double l logistics truck is one of my friends' companies and he was having me do a logo for him I don't know if he ever went with it or what but I just figured I could put him in the game.

Epic. XD

Somewhat more realistic color might've made it a bit more sensual and all but... this is what true art looks like hmm. Potential sequel with twice as many jiggleable boobs? A synchronized pair of jiggly jewels? I'd play that!

Masterful work here.


Simple; good interactive fun. :) Feels like there could be a bit more story, intro and all but... enjoyable like this too. NSFW minimalism...


Isn't the order a little off with this one? Wouldn't you typically put the pan on the stove, and heat it up a bit, and THEN crack the egg? Or at least have a bowl or something to crack the egg in if you do crack it, not just leave a cracked shell on a table without the egg actually leaking out? And does it really take fifty attempts to crack an egg?! Maybe there's potential for a sequel here hmm... Expert Egg Simulator? Just one crack required? ;)

Doesn't feel quite as intuitive or realistic as the toaster one, and the timer seemed to count faster than it actually did, waited another minute or so after it was down at zero before the egg was really done. Otherwise though it is enjoyable, once again! I appreciate the visual bit of it all. Timer seems about right. The instructions still do reset the game but I learned that with the last one at least. :) Grandeur lies in simplicity it seems...

Love these simulators, realism caveats or no.


suicitem responds:

We need Expert Egg Simulator

Do toasters usually really take a full five minutes?! XD

I don't think I've ever waited for a piece of toast this long before! Though I did initially wait a moment on the toast without actually flicking the switch on the toaster, whoops... figured I'd check out the info screen when I'd finally turned it on as to pass the time a bit, but alas that seems to restart the process too.

This was masterful though. Ambient and uplifting elevator-like music. Occasionally background noise you can barely make out yet try to turn your speakers up to catch... three minutes in it started to get a little meditative somehow, and when the toast is finally done... wow.

Didn't expect it to feel this accomplishing!

Here's a toast to this man! The simulator I didn't expect or know I needed or expect to really be this wholesome. Nicely done. Background too. Looks, sounds and works well.

One thing though: when the toast is done, something should really happen with that toast!!! XD Like maybe somebody eats it? Optionally: maybe without a replay button, you just drag the toast back into the toaster and keep toastin'.


uraomote responds:

thx for the review mate

8BitAnt responds:

I guess some do lol
Mine takes 4 mins to cook a bagel XD

I should've made it a bit more clear to the player that you have to click on the handle and where it is cuz it's quite small... I also apologize for the progress restarting as well.

Yeah it was really fun to make cause i thought it would be stupid yet fun and or funny in a sense. I always found amusement in games such as this. I am glad you enjoyed it! Thx for the review my dood!

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