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Gotta love those sound effects. XD It's a cool idea, though having to click at the bottom of the screen to bark and/or woof doesn't seem like the optimal control. Maybe a shortcut key? Also seems like you can click within the canvas to walk, then move outside it and you'll just keep going. Not that it's a bad thing but usually games don't let you escape like that...

I like the idea. Feels like a lot more could be done with it too.


MoHDI responds:

:) I'm still figuring out a lot of stuff. Mobile controls are tricky, keyboard space bar barks and that allows you to control the dog with arrow keys at the same time, getting that same flow for the phone is a puzzle on it's own. I'm working out some more levels, better puzzles / tasks and the story for this game. Thanks you for checking the game out and providing feedback, it helps motivate me to continue the work on this game.

Cloud Ball really is a basic bounce game but the cloud really is cute too! Not bad. The ball sticks to the roof in a weird way compared the walls, yet it's appreciatively weird in that it actually gives you some leeway to move the paddle. I mean cloud.

I feel like maybe more space would make this more fun. Not necessarily a bigger canvas but: maybe everything scaled down a bit? Half everything? Just a thought, simple but good game otherwise. Easy to play. Easy to replay. Bit basic graphics/physics.


That box rocket really was super well-hidden here! Not a bad game, though some things seem a bit unnecessarily difficult to find, like how you have to click a specific patch on the ground to jump over the fence, and type all codes in UPPERCASE, etc. All in all though not a bad adventure.


Hmm that really sums it up pretty well... feels like the game mechanic lets you relate a bit more to the struggle too. That feeling that if you let go or stop looking for the new dot then it's over.

Graphics all feel a bit rushed and quick but: it works. Not bad. And hopefully you've managed to get up on shore by now! Some parts of the river are harder than others. Sometimes: you can just float along with that stream.


Once you figure out you can just bounce around endlessly until more characters appear it's pretty difficult to lose. :) Also feels like the upgrade system's a bit difficult to figure out, you don't know right away what to collect to use it, but in terms of mechanics: it works! It's a unique and pretty catchy idea for a game, and easy to replay over and over. A little more focus on graphics and maybe highscores and it'd be perfect. Nice work.


Gaining coins while saving coins... it's almost like a real-life platformer.

I love the idea for this, and the style, and the first track that really reminds me of old Mario games somehow... unless I'm confusing the theme with some other classics. Either way it's a thoroughly well-designed game.

Just wish it had some medal rewards too. NG API stuff... nice work.


Those controls took a while to figure out, pretty unconventional, but once you do... it's not bad! Smooth, fun, creatively crazy theme to play with too. There's really nothing bad about this game at all... surprised the score's not higher.

All it's missing are some of those good medals...


Both graphics and mechanics are so professional it might as well have been an original... and maybe it really is an original! :D

I loved playing Rabid Rabbits on the Wii back in the day, and this really brings me back too. Feels like areally underappreciated gem stumbling upon it here now... solid work.


Catchy but aaaargh so hard! It's addicting a while, but when you start hesitating in front of certain traps, or just getting hit by bad combinations over and over... gets a bit aggravating.

I assume it's one of those games that gets better and better the more you play though. Easier with practice. And there's really nothing wrong with the mechanics, just that spaces all feel somewhat small and traps easy to get stuck in, an uninviting contrast to that endless stream of money. Think it'll take some time to get to that 50K...

Love the design though, and the music. Great atmosphere as always.


It's another one of these simple yet supremely ambient and smooth games. :) To say it's inspired by the Pokemon Ice Games almost doesn't do it justice, they feel pretty basic in comparison...

Level 16 almost felt a bit like Pacman, and 24 had me stuck for SO LONG. Overall impressive versatility from one to the next, with varying strategies in each, even more so reaction-based ones occasionally, and the final maze that almost seems to make the name.

Not a bad game! Music, graphics and all: pleasure to play.


Bamboo Shoots!

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