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Oh wait the second one wasn't your first one.

This does sound a bit more like a first one... it's got that eh... unconventional rhythm and instrumental build-up that... seems to be missing a vibe entirely. Can relate. First stuff. Cool to hear some of this early work too though, and it's definitely not the worst out there.

Also props on managing something that, despite shortcomings, doesn't grow monotone or disturbing. No problem leaving this in the background a while too... bit more polish and it could have some DOOM-like atmosphere/build to it.


Just moments too late for Pixel Day man! But not bad. I could see this in some game here...

It has that unconventional shuffle too. Not as monotone as you'd expect for a first. Also why Obama, why!


KingSalmon responds:

i title things off the first thing that comes to mind, even if it's not related

Was feeling like something was missing there until it really kicked in for real. :) Nice. Rythmic, easily boppable to... no complaints. Has an almost Paragon X9 vibe to it too, just a different kind of pace.


What a strange turn it took towards the ambient end. Starts off upbeat and jumpy, just like you'd expect music of the genre to be but then... it almost moves into something different entirely. More like jazz than VG music. More like a train ride than a brawler. More like... I don't know what. Cool contrast though, and the transition doesn't leave you hanging or hiccuping either, it's all so smooth...

Maybe it would be cool if the first theme comes again, like GoodL mentions, but I like this too. Fades away in a good way. Happy Pixels, Happy 2020! Uplifting stuff.


AlbeGian responds:

Thank you so much!!
Yeah as I said to GoodL, there's a lot of ideas I wanted to put in less than a day cuz I had no time, so it's all messy and random. In future songs I'd like to be more organized with all this stuff, but I'm super glad you still liked it!

Not bad! Melodic and crisp, though sometimes with a whiff of almost mutilated, rhythm hack bits. Also that descript: it's on another level! I think I could revel in this. Review rhymes not better than ever but: never your tracks miss.


Classy classic VG music at a first ear, yet as it goes on it somehow seems to turn more and more into that new synthy kawaiSprite style ambiance... keeps going like a hybrid, both the jump and the calm, and I do love a good panflute too. Or similar. Whatever wind instrument that be.

Knockout! seems like an odd title on this take but: good music.


That foody intro felt almost like a throwback to earlier episodes, though I wonder what happened to that pizza. Could barely hear any eating at all. Also that HenryEYES podcast idea. XD Also that dark ending...

All in all though this felt like the most serious community podcast yet, especially the first half of it. Everyone who was here finna be remembered forever... legendary. The last. The one and only. Death. It's like... Codename 47. Some people finna catch that ref.

And good luck with that essay @WonderSchwifty !


Entertaining and somewhat unexpected but appreciative-that-you-managed-to-get-in-before-the-end-of-all interview with that one especially sketchy celebrity currently on the rise!

Fun to listen too y'all. We never did really get all those insights into the history behind the Duncan and the Jones characters and all of that, but maybe they're somewhat inspired by Harry Potter too hmm... it all makes sense now.

Whatever 2020 has in store it's finna be great too! Good stuff.


Such an unusual and awkward amount of mutual compliments in this one. XD

It's sad to see y'all actually coming to a close with these episodes, was expecting at least something like 20-30 years of almost-weekly new artist interviews and recommendations non-stop, but with those schedules: understandable. I work thirty hour weeks myself and still feel like there's not enough time in a day. 48 hours ain't little!

Congrats on the UOTW too! Also we need some better clarity with the guidelines regarding live action. I guess they might not want to state clearly that it's not allowed because of exceptions like this, though. There's always been LA stuff around here, staff-submitted no less, yet it's an animation niche place these days so... strange situation to be in. Maybe they could just set a line now and make all earlier LA stuff the exceptions. But no more. But that'd be a bummer too...

Anyway I'd like to thank y'all for the steady stream of entertainment and submission-wise enlightenment this past year, and whatever new projects you'll be partaking in next I hope to jot down some thoughts of those too! And maybe, in a far off future, like in half a year or so, life situations and schedules may change and ACOCK will reflate and rise again...?

There'll always be that vague hope. Until maybe then... and thanks for the mention!


Daaamn even made it into the lyrics! :D Thanks for doing this. The overall sound quality comes across a bit sharp on my speakers, but love the vibe, love the lyrics; love the emotion you pour into it. It comes across incredibly raw this time. Maybe more so when you know the backstory, but maybe not, maybe it really is all in the music... fierce work.

Feels like one of those songs you can really use to push yourself onward too. Up and beyond. One small rock, one giant throwback.


RealFaction responds:

Yep! You're welcome! Thank YOU! I'm thankful for the amazing amount of support I got and still do. I tried to bring down the treble a bit, sorry about that. Raw is definitely the word I would use for this song, I didn't hold back. I wanted to pour everything I had into this song to repay you guys and also vent the pain I've been through the past year, the song is about a mixture of those things.

Thank you so much! :) I wanted the song to be encouraging.

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