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Cyberdevil's News

Posted by Cyberdevil - November 8th, 2013

So the Official Halloween Collab 2013 finally hit the portal yesterday morning (in my zone anyway, that's late Nov 6 on NG). I happened to be stumbling around online when Oh-Sama's Flash gave up, so I managed to, during intense waiting times and what I thought would also be a ton of crashes, add the final part, export aaaand... it's up. :D That turned out awesome. Late but awesome. It's been an honor working on this project, not just polishing the interface but actually throwing together a part too. Wonder if I should submit that separately, hmm... still waiting on this collab btw, entering this one and it looks like this one never made it.

Anyway, I just submitted a Halloween Levels gadget too, check that out here. Also submitted another batch o artworks... feel like reviewing? So that's it for Halloween then, onto Christmas! :)

Posted by Cyberdevil - November 3rd, 2013

A new track, hiphop/numetal collaboration with Jabun acting producer and master (as in the one who masters stuff... I mean audio), has just now (finally) audiolized itself in the portal. It's a quick verse I wrote early September commemorating my grand return after this years traditional vacational vacancy, nothing special, but thanks to Jabun's musical addition it turned out pretty awesome!

It's a bit late I know, but that's OK I hope? The flow is dope so the wait's been slow... but you couldn't possible have waited on this surprise post. O_o In case you're still here, here's another link. Go listen!

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 31st, 2013

May the dread, fear, panic and paranoia haunt you till you stand at the brink of insanity cowering like a shriveled slob of simmering slime, your agonizingly painful screams searing through the air in eternal torment. Have a good one!

Happy Halloween!

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 25th, 2013

I know it's a bit late, but I just found this piece of amazing Madness-inspired art lying around that I was probably planning on posting some previous year and didn't; I don't want to wait another eleven months before I post it so here you go. Hope you had a good one!

In other news, just finished my piece for the WTF Collab (it's still accepting submissions, so here's the topic). It's a bit WTF but that's the point so if you think WTF while watching don't worry, it's a completely normal response! Also it's not supposed to loop so the beginning/end might seem a bit odd with nothing before or after. I'm just polishing up the preloader for the Halloween Collab too, but you'll have to wait till Halloween before you see that. :) Deadline is the 28th, which means there's plenty of time to make something if you haven't already! A lot of people are participating this year... and it turns out this is actually the first official Halloween Collab ever arranged! Being a part of it will be an honor.

Last but least, I'm uploading a bunch of old art. If you have some time, comments are always appreciated! :)

Happy Madness Day

Posted by Cyberdevil - September 21st, 2013

Woot. Also I'm back.

Level 47

Posted by Cyberdevil - June 11th, 2013

Have a good one! I'm leaving for vacation in the uncivilized Northern Norths in... just a few hours. As a lasting contribution during this obligatory hiatus, here's my entry for the Draw Your Summer collaboration that'll hopefully go down some time this summer when I'm somewhere far away basking in watery sunshine.

See you all in September!

It's Summer

Posted by Cyberdevil - May 12th, 2013


Posted by Cyberdevil - April 27th, 2013

I thought I might have time to make something for this great occasion some time a couple of months ago when I was probably playing 8Bit Killer thinking I need to get some studies done, but hey - time flies! I do have a new track out though, so check that out. It's a rap. Happy Pico Day!

Happy Pico Day!

Posted by Cyberdevil - April 25th, 2013

A nice surprise at sunrise.

Look Hare

Posted by Cyberdevil - April 11th, 2013

It's brand new. Take your time; savor it to the fullest!

Also, have a great day!

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