Entry #221

Halloween Collab & Levels

2013-11-08 10:30:36 by Cyberdevil

So the Official Halloween Collab 2013 finally hit the portal yesterday morning (in my zone anyway, that's late Nov 6 on NG). I happened to be stumbling around online when Oh-Sama's Flash gave up, so I managed to, during intense waiting times and what I thought would also be a ton of crashes, add the final part, export aaaand... it's up. :D That turned out awesome. Late but awesome. It's been an honor working on this project, not just polishing the interface but actually throwing together a part too. Wonder if I should submit that separately, hmm... still waiting on this collab btw, entering this one and it looks like this one never made it.

Anyway, I just submitted a Halloween Levels gadget too, check that out here. Also submitted another batch o artworks... feel like reviewing? So that's it for Halloween then, onto Christmas! :)


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2013-11-08 10:52:39


Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks! :)


2013-11-08 11:16:05

Cool game

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks! :)


2013-11-08 11:35:06

Very original and helpful! Good for spriters and newbies.
Thanks for the app :D

Cyberdevil responds:

Glad it's appreciated! :) Feel like adding that comment as a review too?


2013-11-08 12:31:22

yup, I have chrome again (like it was deleted by my mom but I downloaded it again), and I still have the some problems on newgrounds with my anti-lag navigator, and one of them is don't being able to rate any review (so I just can't review anything, just reply) and don't be able to say other than "helpful" on people reviews (I made a post about this one with an image included of one of my friends review).

Cyberdevil responds:

Huh, strange that only certain parts of the system aren't working if it's bugging. :/ I guess you've tried disabling plug-ins too? It only happens with Chrome?


2013-11-08 13:30:42

Nah just some shit of lag that appears when the cursor is in the window or when the Vista logo at the bottom of the screen (that I don't know how to remove) is in front of the window (this also happens with Project 64 and ePSXe emulators).

Cyberdevil responds:

Oooh, you're using Vista! Maybe you mentioned the earlier? Sounds familiar. Anyway, Vista is probably the slowest more potent-to-error Windows OS ever made, if you have a chance to upgrade you should definitely take it! I can't recommend 8 since I've never used it (and it doesn't seem that good) but 7 will probably last a lot of years yet. Can't offer any help with the problem though...


2013-11-08 14:30:25

I missed out a lot of stuff :(

Cyberdevil responds:

Yeah me too, everyday I miss out on at least 50 new flash submissions, at least 200 artworks, at least 50 new audio tracks, at least a thousand forum posts, at least a thousand news post comments and at least ten thousand new user sign-ups. :(


2013-11-08 15:12:29

it was AWESOME :D

Cyberdevil responds:

AWESOME! :D Which one btw?


2013-11-08 16:02:59

yours :D

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks man :D


2013-11-08 19:26:59

Those level gadgets are sweet, i can't wait to get to the shark one.

And they forgot to put a timer on it, luckily it wasn't that long.

Cyberdevil responds:

Ah, the one I just passed, shouldn't take more than a few years! :D I'm actually looking forward to getting back to regular weapons, I miss how the weapons just kept getting tougher and tougher in the old set, now there's a few of the higher-up ones that just don't fit in at all. At least lv60 looks like the Cyberdemon though. :P


2013-11-08 23:17:38

How long until you get to the next level?

Cyberdevil responds:

Just 38 days now! :)


2013-11-09 22:06:37

A cyberDemon for the CyberDevil, haha but the shark can defeat him! actually the shark is as close as we can get to those cool-ass admin vehicles of war, like the tank, the jet and the submarine...

Cyberdevil responds:

A shark with lasers on his head against a cybernetic beast with rocket launchers for arms? Hmm, that'd be a tough battle! :D I'd like just the regular weapons though, with the old set it was like you'd get a stronger item for each step, now it's just random.


2013-11-11 23:23:46

But man, The Necronomicon!!!

Cyberdevil responds:

Level 41? I do prefer the weapon though: http://ngarchive.aksumka.com/archive/levelIcons/07redesign/level41G.gif

The monster just isn't me, it's not a utility, it's like it serves no purpose other than being a cool image. These level icons could've been great in a game or soemthing...


2013-11-12 21:21:41

The. Power. Of. The. NECRONOMICON!!
Hell that should be lvl 59.

Cyberdevil responds:

Sounds like you're a big fan of the NECRONOMICON!!


2013-11-13 17:38:59

Halloween collab? I'm as cold as a dead body on an old slab of concrete. No life, No limb, No Eyes, No Skin, No Will to Survive, I'm Thin.. No More Drive or Motivation left Within. I met my end on Halloween night, after lingering with the plight of terminal illness, this was the very last thing I got to write. Yeah...

Cyberdevil responds:

Terminal illness as in zombie disease, spread by geese that drop bombs as they please, roam the skies as their seas? Feces dropping like peas, falling down as debris, spreading grief and disease and misery in at least cities? Yeah...


2013-11-13 17:45:14

I eat books like the Necronomicon for breakfast. In fact, NecroNomNomNomicon. I still have a Super Famicon, and a favourite prodigal son. I still live in a comical slump, pumping out spunk into the eye of a girl wearing a monocle to protect her from jizz shots. But it was dumb, because with her eyes, I aimed in the wrong one and nearly blinded her with cum. Her and her Mum. Yeah...

Cyberdevil responds:

I have a favicon for my site, and sets of icons I might, sell at high or bitesized price, or let dwell on their nice reside called my HD, in full HD, eternally unless someone pays me to make them free, GPL maybe, part of the web's baby mainstream race. Sometimes I just want to pick up a Beijing vase and smash it, like earthquakes did to the atlas. Yeah...


2013-11-13 19:35:07

Miss ol' NG level icons

Cyberdevil responds:

Me too. :'(


2013-11-13 22:02:55

So is Enies Lobby still your favorite arc?

Cyberdevil responds:

When I search my mind for a favorite scene the one where the crew stand gathered on the other side of the bridge, burn the flag; Luffy shouts something... that's a powerful moment. The battles are a bit drawn out, but as a wholesome experience it's pretty awesome. But so are pretty much all arcs... the Sky Island might be more of a favorite though... or Nami's arc... I don't know! Do you have any definite favorite?


2013-11-14 07:35:42

The whole Whitebeard saga, which actually starts when Blackbeard kills his nakama, and then fights against ace, that whole deal is my favorite, but depending on how it is played the Dressrosa arc can be better, Enies lobby and Skypedia are also close favorites.

Man you have to read the manga, Doflamingo has so much stuff behind himself, that guy is huge!
Going against him means war, not like in the Ryugu Kingdom, but all out war, there are too many groups involved that is going to get big, once again.

Cyberdevil responds:

Ah, yeah, I read your review after replying to the below comment. Responded there, but in short: I might have gotten a different impression if I read the manga, the anime was way too drawn out. Haven't gotten to the Dressrosa arc yet... I'm thinking I'll read the manga once the anime airs out, it's going to be a fun run then. :) Sounds like something to look forward to!


2013-11-14 18:43:07

You've been here for nine years that's really nice..and awesome ranks btw.

Cyberdevil responds:

Time flies when you're having fun! :D Gotta make something special to celebrate the upcoming decade... thanks btw.


2013-11-15 05:40:31

If it wasn't for WoW i would have a higher NG level.

Yeah it is worth each page, give it a try.

Cyberdevil responds:

Do you still play? I was given a 45-day free trial maybe a year after the game came out... but somehow it ended up untried. Probably a good thing though. :)

Will do sometime!


2013-11-15 07:07:25

Oh hell no, i abandoned that before the cataclysm happened, but... the new patch Warlords of Draenor seems interesting, on the other hand i am so proud of myself for being clean out of that thing... conflicting indeed.

Cyberdevil responds:

Congratulations on being wow-free for... three years? That's quite a feat! :D Oddly enough I've never finished an RPG, never even tried a MMORPG... even though I have a few of the former I might even consider favorites. Something about the time-consuming layout of such games doesn't sit well with me, it's like they're made to consume time. GTA SA was the closest I ever got to addiction, and there's plenty of RPG elements there. GTA 5 is going to be... not too fun I hope. :) Stay strong! You can do it!


2013-11-15 11:05:35

Yeah it is time consuming and i was really immersed in the lore with all the warcraft 3 and the Dota playing then i entered WoW, luckily the story got screwed and i lost interest.

GTA 5, i must be the only one who wants the PC version to take its time and be released by the ends of 2014 haha.

Cyberdevil responds:

That does sound like a rather unusual want... why the end of 2014? I've been hyped up about this release for so long it's like I'm not so intent on getting it as soon as possible anymore, but once it does come out I'll be spending lots o time with it! If I have time...


2013-11-15 16:29:01

Ah, the great story of the Beijing vase, I remember being there when this whole farce took place and that vase lay broken in parts on the floor of this apartment. There were tears and arguments aplenty, they weren't even satisfied when a replacement was sent in, the new vase looked the same, but there just wasn't the same sentiment in it. Yeah...

Cyberdevil responds:

To think rage overturned the vase, the knowing burns my brain in eternal shame, on the verge of pain, I learned to play this game but my turns untrained, conjure some more or just turn away like fallen ferns to gray. I waged war just to earn my pay, but now I see new days are all but murmured praise, more like murdered, slain, like this undeserving vase. Yeah...


2013-11-15 16:52:33

Because my man i am already playing Dota2, then there is Assassins Creed 4: Black flag (and i love me some piracy!), Battlefield 4, Bioshock, and i have to finish Dishonored the knife of dunwall.

So as you can see i really have no time for another game.

Cyberdevil responds:

You do sound busy. :D And still you have time for NG! I barely have time for any gaming lately, apart from some medal games onsite... running through Doom 1/2 with the Brutal Doom mod this weekend is a rare exception...

Still haven't finished GTA 4 btw, I should probably do that before moving on to the next segment...


2013-11-15 17:09:27

I was supposed to pull out and bust on her tummy
So now she has a little baby calling her Mummy
It was a little dumb, I should have just given her cunny
But we both look back now and laugh and find it funny
Because our baby daughter grew up to become a World Ambassador for World Peace
So who's laughing now, mo'fuckersssss!!
Who said we couldn't raise a baby?
Its pretty crazy
I don't know what's more crazy, the fact that I'm crazy
Or that this whole story is fabricated
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Like a media whore feeding off fame and fortune
But fame is nothing but flames and scorched doom
There is nothing to see in the torch room
Fame is like a dollar on a piece of string that you follow
And try to reach, but you end disappointed
And the moral of this tale as you end alone and disjointed
Isolated and bitter, pointing fingers at everyone else
Is to just be careful what you do to yourself.

Cyberdevil responds:

A moral with a story, told of lore and glory!
I mean a story with a moral, like the jaws of coral
That sting you like a floral mural stings your eyes
Make you cringe inside, either binge or smile
That baby made was crazily deployed, lady or a boy?
What toys did he or she in rage place in the voiced in void?
Like a mage mastering his powers of disaster
Disastrous power to master, but it can make a point
Like Joe the loopers story, the hero super
Who killed himself to keep a kid from growing too unruly
Better be a tool and live a groovy cool unfeuded life
Than having women's sacrifices paving way to bitter strifes
So he grew up without vices and life was nice and idle
And eighty years went by, then he died one night with a smile
By the cornfields where Joe went through his inner trials
Realized his future ego was sinisterly vile and in denial
Life's just been a while.


2013-11-16 23:22:58

Any new video game that you like? :)

Cyberdevil responds:

The newest game I've played (and liked) was probably Max Payne 3, still have some catching up to do before I reach the newest titles. :) I'm looking forward to trying out the new Bio Shock, GTA 5 and Serious Sam games. Any recommendations?


2013-11-17 06:52:58

No man, my bad.

I am currently playing only Dota 2 (only pubs because i don't have a team... sigh... so it doesn't really consumes much time) and i have to finish knife of dunwall, after that i have to deal with Assassins Creed, Battlefield 4 (for which i will need to get a team too...), and Bioshock, with Bioshock being from the first one to infinity.... no pun intended haha.

So most likely i will pass Black Flag, and then indulge into the Bioshock saga. Then in beginings of 2015 i will play GTA 5 haha.

Nice poetry but didn't Mr Nietz had a daughter... a baby daughter, who grew up to become a World Ambassador for World Peace?

Cyberdevil responds:

Ah, K, one game at a time sounds reasonable. :P So BF4 is obligatory multiplayer action? I've always enjoyed single-player campaigns more, you don't get spooked or surprised as easily when there are people all around.

I haven't played any of the Bioshock games either, have the first three ready to go as soon as I get my priorities straight though... it's going to be fun! Then I guess I'll dive into DLCs the eternal sequel. :)

Good plan.

Oh, right, he does mention that. My bad... made me think of the Looper movie though. I wrote a whole song based on the final scene in that one, should post it some time...


2013-11-17 11:10:16

I recommend you to play Bioshock Infinite and GTA5. They are definitely one of those best games I have played this year. Black Flag is alright, the campaigns are quite plain. Try out Beyond Two Souls and The Last of Us if you have PS3. You will enjoy them very much.

For older games, if you enjoy real-time-tatic with full blown of action, check out Men of War. Absolutely amazing stuff.

I love Max Payne series. Especially the first one. Mods. Damn it! Kung fu, matrix, vampire... You should try out those ones.

Cyberdevil responds:

Those two are definitely on my play list, good to hear they might be as good as I hope they are! Haven't played any of the Assassins Creed games, it seems they might be more stealth than direct-action? I'm more for the latter, no patience, if that's what's required. Hitman didn't vibe well with me either...

As for the other two you mentioned, I have no PS3; no plans on getting one. It's a shame though, because The Last of Us looks awesome!

Men of War looks good too, might give it a shot. War games aren't usually my style (though I guess Doom is kinda a war game, I prefer such games with the lone-ranger perspective), but there are exceptions to all series... I'm thinking I should give Far Cry a try too eventually, have you played that? Thoughts?

Haha. yeah, I love Max Payne, ran through the first two a few times each, and tried a bunch of mods too. Took a while before I had a chance to start with the third, but so far it's even better! Bit strange not being able to jump like in pretty much any other FPS, but in a way it's like a homeage to the classics like Doom. It limits the world in a different way, you don't need walls everywhere to keep players on the right path.


2013-11-17 19:05:55

How could i forget i have to play Blood dragon too, the DLC for far cry 3, it looks cool as hell!
And i have to try Dark souls, because, yeah as a gamer i have to suffer that...

Well actually as far as campaign goes in BF, it pains me to admit this, but Call of duty has a better campaign, indeed the first battlefields were only multiplayers, and that is where BF shines the most in the multiplayers, so you do need a team otherwise you wouldn't get the best out of the game, just like in DoTA being a lone-ranger is punishable, and hard.

Ah the very first Max Payne and the one for game boy advance, the good old days.

Strangely i may be the only person that was not exited by The Last of Us...

Cyberdevil responds:

With gaming there are no musts, only wants! :P By that response, I take it Far Cry's a series worth playing....

Ah, ok... but possible? Sounds like it could be a bit like Nightmare Doom...

Indeed; I have the GBA version too. Obviously not as good as the real version, but considering the limitations for the console it was a surprisingly good port! That and The Incredibles are probably the only GBA ports I've played that didn't disappoint... even the Doom port was a downgrade. :/

Have you not seen them awesome sceneries?! What be the reason?


2013-11-17 19:58:56

I played Max Payne 3 so long my back pain creaks and causes so much agony and hurt like a John Hurt movie, that hurts more than my joints during sex with a groupie while the movie Loopers is looping in the background. Yeah...

Cyberdevil responds:

Looper was super, Loopers I don't know... doesn't show on IMDB so it must be so so. I'm sitting by a screen breathing it's active glow like facts are woe, hyper as if it was clima-tact ozone @ home. Climbing air duct tactics, blackouts and backflips above ground without mattress, that's how you get back pain, no sane brain would attempt such whack crane-kicks like karate cats train. Yeah...


2013-11-18 04:02:46

Yeah there are only wants, so does that means i wan't to suffer, i was sure i wanted to test myself as a gamer... what would Freud said!?

Nightmare Doom? no thanks... is already hard as it is without those constrains, hurt me plenty was hard enough, and i can't remember if i ever beat it, but i know that i only played that Doom 3 and the one for N64, the controls they feel horrible now haha.

Well i only want to play Blood Dragon, i don't feel like immersing myself into an Skyrim with guns type of game, but i do admit the thought sometimes pass by my head.

Have you not played GTA Advance? that is another great port!

Oh no, don't get me wrong the whole setting and aesthetics is wonderful, the ruined cities covered in plants, the inundation, the zombie fungus, is all great.

But the characters don't compel me, and someone already spoiled me the story and my interest was murdered, i was thinking of playing it only for the aesthetics, because the gameplay demo didn't surprise me at all, didn't have the most awesome stealth, action, incredible awesome enemies (Like in Doom for example, or even WoW), the AI is also sloppy, no co-op even between your own 2 characters, and the strategy isn't mind blowing after all is an escort game, which i normally don't have much interest to begin with, the catch here wast that Ellie was not completely useless, and the plot was quite boring really, plus they told me the end which is quite a load of BS, so i was left with only the scenery, and the more i tried the less i wanted to play it.

I don't want to spoil the game for you, (SO WARNING):
But what a selfish asshole, he was not playing only with his life and that girls, but with every single life of those who helped them and died for their sake, and the rest. That played a huge role into me losing all my hype. Is like that game http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/555181, but you get a bad ending in which you can't choose for shit!

So to play a game only for the looks, which game play was too hyped and isn't really all that, and that also leaves you with a frustrated ending is awful, but that is just me other people fully support the story.

And those are my reasons regarding TLoU.

Cyberdevil responds:

Hmm, if Freud had been a gamer, I wonder which games he'd have played...

I still haven't played through the N64 version, got stuck on some level and since there was no way/I didn't know any cheat codes I gave up. :/ It's pretty cool how it's completely different from the original games though, in level designs, textures, physics, the whole package! Graphically it's superior to the original games, but some of the original characteristics were lost in the process I feel, maybe it's just the level design that isn't as flawless. As for the originals, I started out playing everything on Hurt Me Plenty but now Ultra Violence is the standard. Nightmare is still too big of a challenge to be fun. I did complete the first episode on Nightmare but it took waaay too long; at the end it wasn't worth it, it wasn't my type of fun. You should definitely get into the original games though if you have time/want, especially the first game is just perfectly designed... IMHO. With a port like GZDoom or Risen3D it's not so old anymore, you can mouse aim, move with WASD... even jump if you want to... though that'd make it a bit too easy to take shortcuts and cheat. :) Dynamic lighting and such is pretty much standard with all ports that aim to enhance the game.

Ah. ok. Guess I'll get to that eventually, a whole lot of other games in the way before I get to the original Far Cry...

I haven't tried GTAA yet! Need to get my hands on that. I thought about getting GTA Chinatown Wars for DS but for some reason never did, settled for Advance Wars instead and that's going to last me an eternity... As for GTA, I think I like the street-view better than top-down though, but it's a real shame they stopped including top-down view in all new GTA games, it'd be a fun alternative! GTA 3 was actually pretty easy to navigate with top-down, not at all as limited as it was with 1 & 2.

Sad to hear Left for Dead has a bullshit ending, but since I'll probably never get to play it (unless a PC port is made) I won't grieve too much about that loss... at least the trailers looked amazing. Sounds a bit like Chaser btw, I loved that game all the way till the end. I don't even remember how it ended now... one I wanted to forget I guess. :/


2013-11-18 04:36:47

>tfw when no video game console and no computer that can play decent games

Cyberdevil responds:

Tat Frickin Welshman? Only acronym that seems to fit in. :/

You mean you have neither? Doom seems to run pretty well on all machines though, PC, Mac Linux, 20 y/o laptops... with the right port it always works! :)


2013-11-18 06:36:06

>not recognizing meme arrows
>not knowing meme acronyms

yeah, I'm pretty much limited to Doom, emulators, and flash games (although many dont run too well)

Cyberdevil responds:

Meme arrows??? Meme acronyms??? Me > memes...

There are tons of WADs for Doom though, endless variations! :) How about GOG games though, or newer stuff like Cave Story and 8-Bit Killer? Emulators are actually pretty resource-intense, I can easily run PC versions of PS2 games on my old PC, but to emulate the PS2 versions without lag... not even my new 8-core 2GB GPU gaming rig can do that lag-free! It does feel awesome to finally be able to catch up on games I've been missing though, like Resident Evil 5 and GTA 4, haven't been able to play any new games for the past six years... before this year. Invest in a second-hand custom build maybe? They come pretty cheap.


2013-11-18 13:46:17

> But that is unfair man, you used when 2 times!

You can get a lot of good stuff on emulators, and hell most indie-games consume almost less resources than emulators do, for example FTL...
They consume a lot of resources? i have the emulator for WII and GameCube and it works just fine... tried it on a laptop, and it didn't end on an explosion... as for the lag, if my memory doesn't fail me, back in the day when the project 64 was fresh out, we tried it on a windows 98, and oh god, the lag was horrendous, like 3 frames per second, but we acclimated to it, so i guess that it all depends on how badly you want to play something and then you will just enjoy it.

I have to get some time out for Doom because i really can't remember if i ever beat it, but it was a lot of fun, and now it seems that i have to start from the beginning, so the responsible thing to do is to play it in Hurt me plenty or less.

Dude you are missing out it is definitively one of the best games for Game Boy.

"Left for Death" hahaha, i see what you did there, good pun, good pun, it fits so well describing the ending of The Last of Us, you are genius! even if you don't get meme arrows...

Cyberdevil responds:

What's with all these angle brackets? :N

Indeed. Well I'll probably be able to emulate any consoles prior to the PS2-gen flawlessly now, but considering emulation is running a separate OS in a sandbox environment it's not strange that it'd usually use a lot of resources... never tried GameCube or Wii emulation, maybe they're lighter.

Compared to modern shooters Doom is pretty basic. The AI are predictable, but even if you know their patterns, avoiding their attacks mainly depends on your reaction speed and I guess also knowledge of the levels. You never know around which corner a monster will be waiting... though I pretty much know the original levels on the back of my hand so it's not the same experience now, not as many surprises... will be fun to try Brutal Doom with some new WADs though! :) Even lower than Hurt me Plenty!!? :O

I'm missing out on a lot of games. :P If I spot GTA for GBA I'll get it, they seem to be pretty rare though.

Oh man, wrong titl... I mean yeah, of course, genius!


2013-11-18 14:25:59

cyberdevils back

Cyberdevil responds:

You heard the track? :P


2013-11-18 14:32:29

you got the type of flow that'd make a hater say sorry

Cyberdevil responds:

So dope I don't even worry.


2013-11-18 17:18:31

Well... you know time and what not, i don't want to rush doom but i don't want to stuck myself on it.

And talking about time, today's censorship post actually cost me quite a lot of time, what a sad news, i personally don't know if pigpen is an asshole or not, but regardless it was quite a decent game, though provoking and with some respectable values.

Oh shit so it was a mistake!? hahaha, subtle i didn't even noticed it.

Cyberdevil responds:

I know time. The enforcer of all problems! The demotivator of all days! The one that runs and makes you wait! Good idea.

Yeah, it's a shame to see NG letting go of their stance on freedom like this, though I guess the whole debate wouldn't have sparked up in the first place if a post wasn't made about it ... so I wonder what other less-mentionable offensive content has been removed that I don't know about (like the Anita game, apparently). Just woke up and it looks like I have 11 new pages of pretty hardcore posting to go through! This topic is really changing my views about some users too, for good and bad.



2013-11-18 23:27:34

@Doomroar- damnit, I fucked that up big time didn't I?

when was the last time you visited 4chan, Cyberdevil?

I've played tons of Doom WADs, but it's gets boring after a while, and too easy- I can set it on Nightmare mode, but then it just becomes the tedious task of saving and reloading 1000 times per level. What the WADs need are new weapons, but especially new enemies. The emulators I play are solely SNES and Genesis games. I've looked into PS1 emulators, but the games take up too much space.

The latest game I have is God of War 2 (2007). The games from PS3 generation onward look truly amazing, and I feel so out of the loop and inexperienced when playing these games with other people. Some of the games nowadays are ridiculously expensive, and I have a college tuition and other bills that will need to be payed. Not that I don't have extra money that can be spent for entertainment and hobby purposes. I'm gonna treat myself with a new high-ish end laptop soon, but there's been money I have saved for items since 2008 that I never bought and used it for more important things :/ i guess that's a good thing, tho.

Cyberdevil responds:

Humm, I've never actually read anything on 4chan apart from the news and occasional Q and A with moot, just waded through the visual content. Doesn't seem like I'm missing much though, regular conversation > meme speech... IMHO! :L

Huh, have you tried the Brutal Doom mod? Adds quite a bit of replayability. I just ran through the original two games last week, twas a new experience. Do you use a port btw? Have you gone through all of Doomworlds Top 100? Can't remember if we talked about this earlier... I guess the TCs aren't all so great though, somehow the graphical styles of other games seems to degrade with time even though Doom does not. GB/GBC/GBA emulator maybe?

No answer to that previous question btw... have you tried anything through GOG.com? There's plenty of both classic and newer indie games that don't require a particularly strong computer to play. On the weekends they have sales with discounts around 50% on a select few (prices occasionally as low as $2/game), occasionally other fun campaigns to celebrate an occasion... like the insomnia sale right now where they sell out selected titles in limited batches, at really low discounts. The sales ran rampant at first, hundreds of copies of each game running out in minutes, but they've gone another two rounds since then so it's slowed down a bit. :) Games like... Deus Ex, Shadow Man, Postal 2, Tales of Monkey Island, Aquanox, Leisure Suit Larry, PID, Fex, Anodyne, Evoland... lots of good stuff! It's become a bit of an addiction for me, 18 games last week. -_- In total they probably didn't cost more than $20-30 though.

Yeah, that's definitely a good thing (the saving money option). Newest game I've played with friends is Wii Mario Kart, so I guess I'd feel out of the loop too with multipöayer... but I'm slowly catching up on the next-gen games... God of War isn't that old btw! If your computer can run that there should be plenty of fun stuff available... how about the Serious Sam series? GTA SA? Bio Shock? Yeah, prices for new games are just ridiculous... which is why I pretty much never buy new titles. If I do it's got to be at a discount, or digital.


2013-11-19 04:22:46

Ahh, still surprised that someone well-versed in the internet such as yourself didn't know what tfw (that feel when) means, I guess I botched that statement up by adding an additional "when"...oops. Think of the arrow brackets as one of those cloud bubbles in a comic strip where the character is thinking "did he/she really do that!?/i seriously hope you guys don't do this" best with the george constanza face (http://i1.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/medium/000/005/498/1300044776986.jpg) or alternatively "i feel bad/i'm stupid/my life sucks" with the feel guy face (http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/masonry/000/107/395/Thatface20110725-22047-wlaopv.png?1318992465).

Wow, never tried Brutal Doom, I'll have to give it a shot. Is it the same MS-Dos type graphics? what makes it a new experience? Don't think I've tried any ports. Just have the Doom Mega-Pack (Doom, Heretic, Hexen, and some other Mega-Wads made by Team-TNT(?)) and a myriad of user made WADs which IMO are better than the original levels.

Oops, sorry. No, I haven't tried GOG.com. I have no way of purchasing things online. I've been meaning to set up a paypal account since 2008, but just haven't. That's why I haven't been able to collect any payments/royalties from games that used my music-which is actually fairly substantial-enough to buy a new console. The paychecks are probably gone now though; I'm just glad that my stuff got some exposure.

2007 is more than half a decade ago man! That's like an eon in regards to how fast technology evolves. And I didn't have it for PC, I had it for the PS2. I'm sure there's plenty of fun games my PC can handle, heck there's still a load of PS2 games I want to play-through. Still, nothing relevant today, and I cannot take part in current gaming discussions with friends about "skyrim" and "call of duty" or the like. I miss being able to immerse myself in the culture of game while it is in its peak of popularity..

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:

Yeah, Urban Dictionary did have that one too, but it didn't really fit in. :) Thanks for the lesson in new angular bracket use! I'll stick to textual emoticons though, the :? and -_- have a much more graphical effect, no need to know which image to conjure when it's typed out.

Basically it makes the game much more brutal and difficult, new gibs and animations, new blood effects, new death scenes (like how a Hell Knight can on occasion rip an imp in half), enemies not always dying when they go down, but crawling after your or shooting sporadically from a slumped down position. You can also move barrels, they have a bigger blast radius, some enemies are much more dangerous than they used to be (the Mastermind's machine gun is more like a gattling gun now), etc. You'll need a ZDoom compatible port to play it though, like GZDoom ( www.osnanet.de/c.oelckers/gzdoom/index.html ). The mod itself doesn't alter the MS-Dos type graphics, but the port does enhance them, with stuff like dynamic lighting, 3D floors, etc... nothing new, just atmospherically improved (all of this can be disabled in settings though). If you use GZDoom, you just need to drag the mod file (PK3 file) to the port EXE and it'll run, a list of available IWADs (those should be placed in the GZDoom directory, it's a portable port) will pop-up, allowing you to choose which game to play. Easy as pie. Brutal Doom should work with all doom IWADs/WADs (though I have no idea how it works with mods using custom graphics, like TCs, haven't tried any other than the originals yet).

Brutal mod page btw: http://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom

Oh, so maybe you haven't tried the Doomworld list? There's some great megawads available: http://www.doomworld.com/10years/bestwads/

I agree user-made WADs are often better than the originals, the Serenity/Infinity/Etc series is great, and Phobia, Scythe... lots of good stuff! But maybe you've already played all of these?

Woooah... such profit lost! :( I had a Freelancer account a few years back, had one job, and then just let the balance lie on the account. Turns out Freelancer automatically deletes funds from inactive accounts after a year so... that sucked. Won't make that mistake again. I don't know how it is where you live, but here it's easy to get a credit card for free, banks like GE Money (maybe that one's international) give you an account free of charge, and no transfer fees, as opposed to paypal who take (I think it was) 3% on each transfer.

Half a decade ago huh... Doom is over 20 years old and I'm still having a fun time with it. :) I occasionally have some fun with Oni too, from 2001. With mods the games aren't so old any longer. Portal and Bio Shock are both 2007 games, both amazing games. Did you ever try Alien Hominid for PS2 btw? True technology moves at lightspeed, but it's not all about graphical quality IMO, some games are just timeless.

As for gaming culture, I've probably never been much of a part of it. I had a chance to try WoW when it came out but didn't, I have no interest in LOL, I think the Skyrim trend's blowing out of proportion... the GOG community is one I could find myself being a part of though, people dedicated to classics and replayability than just going with the hype, but for now I just play for personal satisfaction.


2013-11-19 04:59:33

Haha weird because yours was one of the most lucid comments on that censorship, even if your idea was not foolproof because in the end is Tom the one who has to face the effects of the uploads.

@S3C You should try Steam they usually do some awesome sales, and indi games are quite good plus most of them are damn cheap! then there is also the Humble bundle, that is now also on Steam! plus there is plenty of good free stuff for example DoTA2 is damn good, is free and i really need a team =(


Ah man well most of the games we talked about are just wants, we haven't played them yet, some haven't even come out yet! and the others are so old you probably will have to emulate them or torrent them, except Bioshock i think, that is about it.

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks, that post went through a bit of revisioning before I posted it, don't want to seem insensitive but this censorship is just all for the worse to me. I'm contemplating posting a newspost titled Censorship, just saying "Fuck Censorship", it feels like this is one of those topics that requires taking a stand, it could irreversibly change the future and fate of this site! Yeah, he has a big responsibility, and I don't know what my decision would be if I were him, but there should be a way to actually work this out rather than just give in and get rid of the game. Seems more like a mid-life crisis than a chrysalis...

It's either Steam or GOG, they're like two fractions of the gaming scene. :) Love Humble Bundle too.

True, was going to say the ones that don't run are probably available on GOG but they're integrating DosBox with their releases so that's emulation too...


2013-11-19 05:27:17

I'll have to try out ZDoom tomorrow and report back to you on how it goes, thanks for the links. You know I think I've seen this before (or maybe it was another port) now that've you shared the link with me, is this the same port where the was cacodemons that shot fireballs in multiple directions?

So I need GZdoom for this, just plain ole Zdoom won't work?

The Mastermind's gun was practically a gatling gun from before ;) Unless if its bullets are guaranteed to hit you upon sight?

oh yeah, I've definitely seen that list, played through many of them, it just gets tedious after a while. I think I've played Serenity...but I'm more of MegaWad guy. If those are single wads, then probably not! Do you think I'm missing out if I've neglected from trying the single wads?

That's true, games can never truly die. Like most things in life, we can always build from them, and modify them, they will always be eternal in terms of re-playability. Gameplay is why 2-D/retro/8 & 16 bit games will always have a place, despite not being apart (atleast mainstream) of the current gaming scene.

I've never played the PS2 edition of alien hominid, but seen it plenty in the used games bin at Gamestops and the like, not sure if that should be taken as a bad thing or not. unfortunately, most if not gaming stores seemed to get rid of their PS2 games as of April 2013; shame on me for not picking up a copy of that game and other ones while they were still there! :(

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:

I've never tried plain ole ZDoom (at least not in a long time), but GZDoom is based on the former so I guess it should work fine! Well the cacodemons still only shoot in one direction, but they shoot dual bursts, i think. They can also bite you in the back if you let them get too close, IMPs jump on you if you let them get too close, Demons seem to bite you from a little further distance too... oh, Hell Knights do occasionally fire double or triple plasma bursts instead of just one! Maybe that's the one you're thinking of?

Well true, but you'll notice the difference if/when you play, the impact is greater, it feels more like a gattling gun than it used to! I think it deals more damage too. Nope, bullets aren't guaranteed to hit, but you do need to be quick(er).

All of those in the list are megawads! With a few exceptions, maybe. I'm more for megawads too, haven't played many single WADs but there are probably some great ones out there.

Oh, didn't know PS2 games were gone! Shame. I sold my PS2 a while back though so I haven't been on the look out... managed to get Alien Hominid for the PS2 years ago, so I saved that game at least, I'm thinking I can emulate it on PC if I ever feel like playing. :) Personally I feel the PS2 is a bit of an outdated console though, there are some great games but they can't be modded or have their settings increased, so unlike the PC versions (like Oni, which was also released for PS2) they don't have the same re-playability value... especially the ones that tried to be nex-gen at the time and end up looking like crap a decade later. It sucks how new consoles rely so much on online support for their games btw, unlike the classics they're really becoming time-limited releases, whenever Sony decides to stop supporting the PS4 that's it... unless hacks.


2013-11-19 16:58:12

Well you know, it was definitively the most ethical thing to do, but from an economic stand point it was the right thing, because other wise the hyenas of journalist would have made the issue into something way bigger than it should, endangering the page, but i agree the game deserved to stay, Tom is actually shouldering the blame of the irresponsible media, the victims who only want to forget and not take action to solve a problem in which they themselves were involved, and in a way pigpen too, because he could make a the game better, is not like it was perfect, it was just good. 4 maybe 3.5 out of 5.

All in all it seems that capitalism was playing a bigger roll than the ethical conflict between the victims feelings and the allowing the game to stay.

Oh actually forgot look at this page http://snesbox.com/ it has games for NES and SNES if you change the idiom you get access to even more games! like japan exclusives! great page and is of course free.
You know besides Steam and GOG another good place for games is Desura, but i go there mostly for demos haha.

I definitively hate LoL, for me is just casual gaming on the levels of dressing flash games... but with more fetishes hahaha.

Come on Mr @S3C there are plenty of games that are only playable one time, and others that not even meet that one time haha, for example for all the praise that the Last of Us has, the playability is minimal, and the ending is frustrating (at least for me), if it wins game of the year, i will be disappointed.
As for retro games, they are practically a part of us now, if it dies a part of us goes with them, and that is when you know when you are part of a culture, you don't really need to interact with other members, or like the exact same things, you just need to share some habits, to partake in some... well practices, in this case gaming, and enjoy gaming, then you are a part of it, while i am on this, die you ninja fruit players and angry birds worshipers! i think almost every decent gamer will agree that casual players are quite an issue, but then again the LoL player base is huge...

Well i still have fun with Tetris, Mario, and DoTA is well pass 10 years old. Sometimes i forget that is actually 2013... I agree is not all about the looks, for example TLoU even if it looks great can't lure me in.

Cyberdevil responds:

Yeah, it's both good and bad, good for the site; bad for the site... some news coverage might've brought in a stream of new users and made it a worthwhile investment in the long run... or advertisers could've been upset and made it a larger loss than it was worth. There's really no best way, or only way, and users really have no rights anywhere on the net unless they are allowed that right (I'm glad we have the right to express ourselves in words), but still this is that one place that has stood strong in the face of tyranny and injustice throughout the years... and now this. It really shouldn't be such a big deal, but this game is like a symbol for our own potentially offensive creations, and when it's taken down like this (lawlessly, not by policy), then anything can be taken down. At least that's how I feel... good words btw, I agree, nothing to counter.

In a way this turned into a great PR stunt anyway, the topic is sparking a huge debate, slumbering users are waking up, other controversial forms of content are popping up in the portal in response... it's almost that I wonder if it was all planned. O_o

Heeey, it's made in Flash too! That's pretty awesome. The name sounds familiar so I'm thinking I may have stumbled upon it earlier... thanks for the link though, will keep it bookmarked. Yeah, I've been to Desura too, another site I frequent quite a bit is ModDB, and then there's Abandonia for older games, and a couple of my favorite game makers: Loco Malito and Pixel.

You've tried it? All I knew is that it was an MMORPG... and I'm not risking getting addicted. :)

Well said! Though as for Angry Birds that was a pretty fun game.. played the web version(s). In a decade or two generations who grew up on these games will consider them classics, and what will he have then? It's good to see not all modern games require graphical superiority to be elevated to fame. Angry Birds; Minecraft were both great ideas at their inception (and one of them's even Swedish :D), they've just received a crazy fanbase, become a part of culture more than they are actually completable games... and as far as Minecraft goes that's pretty much an MMORPG too so nothing for me...

Guess that's why they call them timeless, you forget time when you play them. :)


2013-11-19 19:23:09

Is good that at least the users have waked up to the problem, but there are plenty who are still "sleep walking"

Sadly i have played LoL, but it is not really what you would call a MMORPG, is a multyplayer of 5 vs 5, which is rips off Dota, because indeed is the same genre, but LoL has a user base which is on the levels of an MMORPG, hell it may be even bigger, and the same happens with DoTA, and the same happens with GTA 5 online, which has a max of 16 players hardly an MMORPG, but the user base is also huge, for example Abobo's big adventure has a big user base, but is a single-player.

@S3C i have to correct myself i wanted to say replayability... still the gameplay wasn't all that either hahaha.

Oh yeah moddb, i haven't been able to get the most out of this page, but yeah is a great page, i found Risk of Rain there, and other demos.

Abandonia? this is the first time i heard of this page, it looks quite helpful definitively bookmarked.

Well angry birds was good, and it may still be, but it got quite out of hand, with a movie, and a bunch of versions plus is a physic game from which i have actually found better ones here on Newgrounds, so a classic? that makes you wonder if the only thing that something needs to be a classic is popularity, if that is all there is, then LoL, Justin Bieber, and other plagues are already classics, and again i myself enjoyed the first angry birds, before they went to space and all that.

As for Minecraft, the situation with this game is similar, but still quite different to angry birds, while Minecraft is also lumped with casual gaming, it has manage to keep itself collected in front of the face of fame, even if the fan base is a bunch of 12 year old kids, obnoxious 12 year old kids... you can blame the community but not the game itself, unlike angry birds which spammed itself, it makes you wonder if CoD should also be here on this classic list, is popular but is no masterpiece and the fact that it hardly makes any new improvement keeps it away form innovation, so is safe to say that a classic currently is just anything that was popular, a cult classic is something popular with only a small fan base, and now i understand, that something being a classic is not really note worthy, if and only if, popularity is the criteria to be followed into defining a classic title.

I prefer timeless more, it seems more praise worthy.

Cyberdevil responds:

True that. I'm glad Tom posted about it too. Even if he's probably not so happy with all the negative responses that are popping up, that was the right thing to do... at least the censorship isn't censored. :P

Ah, k, no AI at all? It's all multiplayer? Haven't played DoTA either, just heard the song. :)

I'm mostly there for the mods... as the name implies it's great at mods! The Brutal Doom mod is housed there, along with the Oni Anniversary Edition, some great GTA total conversions, the Max Payne mods mentioned earlier... well I'm running a rather limited set of games with mods, but it looks there are mods for everything. Serious Sam too.

Yeah, it's a huge resource if you like old games! There's also Abandonia Reloaded, a spinoff project focused on Indie games. Also myabandonware.com and caiman.us (the latter looks a bit unprofessional, but they have a huuuge selection of free games, and many that aren't available elsewhere).

There's a movie?! I definitely need to see that... I mean, that's crazy. :P I've seen Angry Bird candy, pillows, all kinds of merch... they must be earning a fortunate off of it. True there are plenty of great alternatives here on NG, but the fact that Angry Birds was the first (at least I'm under the impression it is?) should stand for something. :) Personally I like Angry Birds more than Crazy Animals, it's just more fluent somehow, the level design seems flawless in comparison. I understand why people like it, but apart from the games themselves there's way too much hype. Well it's not a classic yet!

Lego's for all ages. Digital lego... at least it's a good thing Lego didn't come up with the idea first, they're rich enough as is. :) Well true, but plenty of classic games have had sequels made off them, like Mario, Tetris, etc.. it's the originals that become classic IMO. Games like Doom 2 and HL2 are rather odd in that they are both sequels and classics, most series don't have the same attribution.

Definitely! Timeless gaming FTW.


2013-11-20 20:47:26

What song? *searches*

Basshunter? oh god no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, and no.
So much time has passed since that embarrassment that i had actually managed to forget about that, and now... the horrors! what was that guy thinking really?

Yeah is all multiplayer, it has an AI which sucks and only works for pseudo training, plus is an arena based genre, so the base of the game is a multiplayer. Dota even the original does all this way better, and the sequel has a better engine (it runs on the same one as HL2) so yeah, LoL is the worst of them all.

Well i usually uninstall the games i finish, so i don't really get much out of mods.
More new pages! yes! thanks man will bookmark them.

The 1st one? maybe the one that put the genre on the map, and that is something to give them credit for, but to say it was the 1st one, i will be extra skeptic.

Ah the Bionicle video games, they are all good even the Flash games, specially that one when you play as one from the water tribe and you go around exploring the place doing "quests", what a pity it got cancelled, Bionicle was great damn you Lego.

I couldn't agree more!

Cyberdevil responds:

Hey, he's Swedish, I've got to be a little patriotic. :D Can't believe his Boten Anna song actually became internationally known though, and even translated... the text doesn't make as much sense in English. I don't know, maybe he wasn't thinking, just having fun with sound? He seems like a pretty random person. It's not my type of music either but it's stuck in mind. Permanently Can't get rid of it.

Oh, HL2 engine, must be great! I'm still waiting on the next engine... might be a long wait...

Glad to see hear these links may come in handy. :) Searching my mind for more... nah, those are probably all the ones I visit. There's also some Indie site blogging about interesting stuff but I seem to have forgotten the name...

As for uninstalling games, if I find a game I really like, I can keep going for years. Playing it more than just a couple of times, exploring every facet of it; when it's eventually losing it's edge, turning to mods for even more re-playability. I guess the game industry doesn't want people like me though, they won't get so many sales. :D

Can you think of a similar game created before it? I know there are plenty of underdogs, but in this case I can't find any info on a predecessor to the Angry Birds franchise. If it really was a new idea it'd merit the attention it's been getting... there are countless Flash games now that make use of similar physics in new ways, I can't remember any of them being around a few years back.

I should give it a try some time. I played Lego Island for the GBA... a mix of racing, puzzle, arcade... a pretty fun mix! But a bit monotone after a while. Lego Racing was a bit monotone too, but at least it had local multiplayer...


2013-11-21 22:40:16

Oh man that song sends really quite a weird, different and just plainly wrong message, really if it wasn't because i already knew the game before that happened i would have avoided DoTA, hahaha is just that bad a song, oh man and that music video how do you pass from a game to a party filled with women? please tell me the secret!

Hehe, that is actually my problem with Knife of Dunwall, and is that unlike the normal version, this one changes the events depending on the paths that you choose, so i am actively seeking all the paths per mission, so is like i am passing the same level in 10+ different ways, i am actually still on lvl 1 and i fear i may be missing things.

Names? no, just like you i have been brainwashed into associating Angry Birds with physic games, but my memories bring images, of games older than those with the same theme.

Yeah they aren't really on the Lego page anymore, but you can find them on legacy page for Bionicle and flash-vaults, etc. While i am at it, the other games, were quite good too, well not really but for a Bionicle fan they are enjoyable. No, i haven't played any Lego game for the GBA, not even the Bionicle ones... (i know heresy) It seems like Lego just got good at video games in these late years with the advanced Lego city.

Cyberdevil responds:

He must've added a Portal. :)

Hah, man that sounds even worse than my habit of overplaying games! :D I like those RPG games where you can explore all alternatives in a conversation, instead of one choice leading you forward and missing out on the rest... completing the game like that makes it feel like it's not really completed at all. I'd better stay away from Knife of Dunwall...

So there may be predecessors! I Googled a bit but didn't find anything.

They're Flash games? Yeah, Lego games are fun, and it's crazy all the potential they've opened up. They could make a game about any movie (probably get some sponsor money for it as well) and it'd be a hit, they can delve into any plot or idea they like, and they hold the patent on Lego so there's no competition for their genre either.


2013-11-22 19:53:03

Let me explain when i say paths, i really mean paths in the physical sense of the word, depending on which cranny or roof, you jumped or turned you will see different things and stuff will play different, now if we add who you talk, what you said to them, what you did, who you killed or not, or how much you killed, the game changes even more.

I myself am playing it under a purely pacifist stealth pro philosophy, and i am here stuck still exploring, if i were to change my ethics approach... hell, i will never finish this, but being good feels good, specially because the story of this character is that of an assassin that is feeling regretful after killing the empress, so you have this moment of crisis behind his work, his new found morals, his many futures, doing the right thing or just finish a work, helping to lessen the chaos after killing the empress, or adding more to it, luckily i already defined my approach and yet...

Yeah there is this mystery to those games, and is that is not really a genre established like lets say in the world of Puzzles games, this was the first physic game, of them all, a shooter destroyer. It seems is its destiny to take the credit, it feels kinda wrong, but i don't really care haha.

The great majority of Bionicle games are flash games, and quite good if i say so myself especially the adventure ones, other than those, it has 2 first person adventure shooters for PC and even one from GameCube quite decent IMHO, and then some for the GBA, an action platformer and an RPG, which i haven't played...

Indeed, but is not like sandbox games are free from competition just because they have the Lego name, what they are free is from a real threat of a hard competitor.

Cyberdevil responds:

Ah, well same principle, different approach. It's pretty cool with more dynamic games, but if you do want to explore every facet of them it gets difficult if you don't know which events trigger each change. One of my old favorites (Oni, 2001) has a few choices you make along the way that alters what happens. At times it's obvious things like killing your boss or not (which decides if you get to fight your mutated villain brother or just the regular super-powered one), at other times it's as subtle as if you save a specific bystander that was intended to be killed, it'll trigger a new enemy at some point in the level. It's really a rather complex pattern of choices, but it adds a lot to the game. Until you figure out the pattern there's plenty of surprise and what appears to be random encounters. I guess the basics for dynamic gaming goes all the way back to Doom, where performing certain actions would spawn certain foes, but back then they had nothing to do with plotline...

Well ok then, the predecessor it officially is. :)

A lot of games! Do you have any real Bionicles btw?

Yeah, true. And they have a budget to stay in the lead. If a company like eh... like that one company that makes rounded blocks that look a bit like Lego, under a different brand name... if they wanted to dive into the video game business it'd be possible, but I guess they have no funding for it. Btw, just discovered there's a cellphone you can build out of LEGO-like blocks: Phoneblocks. Pretty cool!


2013-11-23 11:07:44

Wow a phoneblock? no idea!

Well no here since most of your choices are moral decisions defined by whichever ethic you decided to play under, then everything is quite straight, the targets and by standers have quite the personality so you know that if you kill them or not will definitively change the plot, and how the other NPC interact with you, so you are always in that moral conflict of what is the right thing, should i delete the game or stand my ground? hahaha.

Yeah bro, i have the whole 2nd generation and Makuta! after that i have triads and pairs of them, though i missed the last 2 generations, i didn't know that it was going to get cancelled, nevertheless it probably has one of the best endings for a story who gets axed, indeed you can see that the creators put their souls making that world.

Cyberdevil responds:

Hehe, yeah, crazy inventions! :D

Ah, OK, sounds more like the decisions you face in GTA 4 or Max Payne 3, though it's not always that clear what is a moral judgment and what's just a necessary confrontation until later in the game..

Stand your ground man, it's new ground! :D

Sounds awesome. I have a ton of Lego, but actually no Bionicles.... yet. I'm dreaming of a future where I'll have room for an entire room filled with LEGO, enough to build entire cityscapes on large tables, anything I'd like! You never grow too old for this stuff...


2013-11-23 15:59:35

We share dreams them, i actually tell people that i want to be buried with my Bionicles haha.
Then get a tree use my cadaver as nourishment.

Cyberdevil responds:

That'd be something. :D Ideas of a coffin made out of LEGO pop into mind... nah, that'd be going overboard. Speaking of boards though, a surfing board made of LEGO would be pretty cool... I remember going to Legoland as a kid though, the ice cave they had was pretty cool! Like a fridge. A fridge made of Lego hmm...


2013-11-23 19:36:20

Are the blocks unions even if glued, really that strong as to sustain all the stress that the waves and the weigh of a person puts on a surf board? i mean even normal ones break from time to time, now a Lego one... it seems interesting though, to see, i wouldn't really try my luck with it...

Cyberdevil responds:

Yeah, I don't know, that'd be interesting to try some time. I guess it'd be pretty durable if it's made out of only longer flat pieces, puzzled together in overlapping layers... project for the future maybe. :)


2013-11-24 12:14:34

Crazy stuff.

Cyberdevil responds:

It would be.