Entry #220

Cyberdevil's Back

2013-11-03 15:30:12 by Cyberdevil

A new track, hiphop/numetal collaboration with Jabun acting producer and master (as in the one who masters stuff... I mean audio), has just now (finally) audiolized itself in the portal. It's a quick verse I wrote early September commemorating my grand return after this years traditional vacational vacancy, nothing special, but thanks to Jabun's musical addition it turned out pretty awesome!

It's a bit late I know, but that's OK I hope? The flow is dope so the wait's been slow... but you couldn't possible have waited on this surprise post. O_o In case you're still here, here's another link. Go listen!


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2013-11-04 19:00:38

The CyberDevil's back with a brand new track, so stand back, watch then clap, as you lap it up, getting lapped during this Nascar track, giving y'all an asthma attack. But this is rap, creating more magic than Thistle Branch and wist wrappings. Yeah...

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:

Indeed I am with a brand new jam! Went a long way from Bam to a greener land with peach trees and sand and deep seas and strands of grilled cheese and ham I thrills seek like S.A.M. sites.... it's all fun just a run under the sun every night, then I wake up with my hands tied and smile. Yeah...


2013-11-05 03:53:56

wb cyberangel

Cyberdevil responds:

ty Nor!


2013-11-05 05:22:02

Man if only i had read this post before making that review, now somethings just seem so damn obvious!

Bah, whatever.

Cyberdevil responds:

The shortness of the track? I didn't think this post differed much from the comment on the track. :?

Thanks for the great review!


2013-11-05 20:43:25

welcome back
welcome back for the third time ;D

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks man, for the third time! :D


2013-11-06 17:21:09

The Son of S.A.M. went on S&M sites, his name was Sam too, he would go on web cam and send SPAM to every woman and man, using his hypnotic stare to erotically scare his victims to death and then he would squirt, into the lens right there and then, while swearing. Yeah...

Cyberdevil responds:

Oh man I hate spam, the canny cans are uncanny. No man should need to stand deep in canned spam, nor girl or granny or tranny. I hear in Miami things are crazy, fields of daises lean to face me, sink my fangs in beasts and pray their souls and screams don't chase me lately. Yeah...


2013-11-06 23:43:34

Indeed, the Doom community does not like Terry wads.

Cyberdevil responds:

Tried playing them WADs with Risen3D the other day btw but it turns out that doesn't support 'jump events', guess I should read the desc for recommended ports...


2013-11-07 15:41:46

Trust me, I was born in Atlanta, GA even though it might sound crazy but You can change the world more than just Music... For being a loyal fan you are awesome.. I believe in your Techno/your music more than Ultra-beat's! Your music is super-awesome so please Do it for the US Economy! I'll only let you in Burbank, CA as a test trial! but you can only do it with 1 woman or else My ass is going to get Sued no seriously! I know how to deal with this it's part of my Stem-Cell Research and etc...

Cyberdevil responds:

You can change the world with music too! I won't be traveling any time soon but thanks for the advice man. :)