Entry #219

Happy Halloween!

2013-10-31 19:11:49 by Cyberdevil

May the dread, fear, panic and paranoia haunt you till you stand at the brink of insanity cowering like a shriveled slob of simmering slime, your agonizingly painful screams searing through the air in eternal torment. Have a good one!

Happy Halloween!


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2013-10-31 19:14:53

Happy Halloween
P.S. Check out my Halloween TV channel

Cyberdevil responds:

Happy Halloween! :) Was wondering what channel you meant but I guess it's that newspost? Good links!


2013-10-31 20:28:53

Oh don't worry, i am full of scares tomorrow is friday, and a test awaits me! Booo!

Cyberdevil responds:

Ghastly. O_o Good luck!


2013-10-31 21:04:29

Sounds like every day for me, except the screaming... they can find you when you scream O__O

Cyberdevil responds:

On the other hand silence can be pretty spooky too...


2013-11-01 00:58:11

I sure do have links.


All three are by me, and mind you, they are the usual "u get raped many sexs"

Cyberdevil responds:

An average of zero votes? :P People don't seem to like this kinda stuff... thanks for the warning, I'll try them out later without expectations. :)


2013-11-01 10:08:45

Sometimes, the silence is the most scary thing.

Cyberdevil responds:



2013-11-01 14:45:59

have you checked all the candy i got?there is a photo in my latest post!

Cyberdevil responds:

Sweet! :D


2013-11-01 15:08:36

Happy Swedenween!

Cyberdevil responds:

A hellish Halloween and Swede sweets!


2013-11-01 18:44:21

MSconfig is an habit by now! haha.
Yeah i too am waiting for that windows 9, that 8 seems like another nightmare.

hanks i think i did just fine, now i just have to wait.

Cyberdevil responds:

Oh, MSConfig! I've never actually tried that program, when I first came to the realization that not everything shows up in the 'autostart' folder it was through CCleaner, and since then I've stuck with that. Should give the ^ program a try though, looks simple...

Groovy. :) Patience is a virtue!


2013-11-01 21:29:38

Ya know, ghost isn't real, and frankly Freddy is fake4r3uq409frjaeo0fj90q34f90q3 fj90902349aserf9w4ir....

Cyberdevil responds:



2013-11-02 07:15:05


Cyberdevil responds:

I understand.


2013-11-02 20:28:19

I do have CCleaner too but i use it mostly to uninstall things, not really to mess with the startup, ah and also to clean cache, and cookies. Some times... you end in the weirdest of places... ah and i don't like pages to get info based on those.

Cyberdevil responds:

True, and that's one of the reasons I prefer FireFox over Chrome, feels like they have less interest in harvesting personal information about their users. :) Ingocnito mode can be pretty useful too, though I never end up actually using it when it could be useful...


2013-11-02 22:59:47

I have to enquire about getting a C. Cleaner. Preferably a cheap nude female that will make my penis rise like a phoenix, then suck like she means it, until she sheens it. Oh by the way.. Happy Halloweening! Yeah...

Cyberdevil responds:

It seems you see c cleaners in a different scene nietz, unlike machines, more like keen dream queens with lean legs in a steamy hotel suite with three beds! A dream I stream within a dream, the question: Halloween or Inception? Yeah...


2013-11-03 04:20:27

Ah but incognito mode doesn't impedes your extensions from gathering cookies and caches, which kinda defeats the purpose of going incognito, so you have to use it without extensions, which makes it quite a pain sometimes.

Well i have grown so attached to Chrome that i actually feel quite awkward while using FireFox, but if i do change browser, maybe i would end using Opera, or even Tor hahaha. But how will games play on those?

Oh a "C" Cleaner, i see what you did there Mr Nietzlawe, clever, clever, i would like one of those too, but damn i am broke!

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:

Ah, but I have no extensions that I don't trust. :) I pretty much keep everything apart from Flash disabled too, to speed up browsing.

Opera is pretty similar to FireFox so that one wouldn't be a problem. No idea about Tor... I need to try that one sometime! Have you ever used Maxthon btw? I wouldn't trust them with personal info but it's a pretty fun browser to use, plenty of features the others don't have built-in. Like being able to darken all background content when you watch a movie, or paint using a browser window as canvas, etc.


2013-11-03 05:15:36

Well Tor, it allows you to go into places that make 4-chan seem like a kindergarten, but it mostly allows you to have accede to a bunch of communities of Bitcoin miners, and i guess that is the main appeal (at least for me), maybe the black market pages are the real appeal of Tor, but, as far as the browser goes, the thing is incredible slow.

I see so Opera is similar to FireFox? i had no idea, i have an interest mostly for that increase in speed "turbo browsing" that i saw being advertised some years ago.

No, what is more this is my first time hearing of Maxthon, seems like a browser which is mainly for tablets and phones, interconnection.
Well i usually watch all my movies on full screen, and the rest are here which you can already darken the background, so i wouldn't have much use for that one, and as for the canvas part, i never really manage to get bored while i am on my PC, but if i really need to doodle something on the screen i take a screenshot and edit it on MS paint haha, i guess for phones and other portable devices that one would come more handy.

Cyberdevil responds:

Ah, doesn't sound like something you'd use to just browse around normally then. Good to know. I'm still not completely clear as to how the Bitcoin system works either... looks like potential for profit though! :D I guess you use bitcoin then? For payments or other purpose?

That's probably the reason I tried it as well , it was fast back then but the difference wasn't so large I stuck with it. Now I suppose the difference between all larger browsers is marginal, everyone's continually working on improving the speed the most so it probably just boils down to privacy issues and which interface you like the most.

Yeah, not very useful in the long run, but fun to try. :) I think they were first with account synchronization through browsers too, they've introduced a few pretty neat features over the years (and they also have a turbo-function similar to Opera).


2013-11-03 12:14:52

No, i haven't been able to get my own Bitcoin, i tried to enter a Mining clan, and they gave my instructions on how to build a PC which GPU would get the best out of mining, but there was a catch (well quite obvious now that i think of it), my virtual wallet would end tied to the group and a percentage would go to theirs, since i didn't like the deal i stopped, the problem is, i don't know of other virtual wallets, Paypal seems to accept Bitcoins, but i don't know if you transfer them there, or directly deposit them, and i need the last option, as for the mining program, that was open source but that one too was of theirs so it was possible for them to get part of my Bitcoins, or so i suspected.... maybe that was not the case.

As for how they work once you get a virtual wallet, you can make transactions on pages who accept them, you can exchange it for real money, online and offline, there are even pages who help you find geographical physical exchanges for Bitcoins, and well, most "marked places" work with Bitcoins, tell you the truth quite a boring marked, mostly drugs, guns, some chemicals, sexual paraphernalia, and i guess some weird books with questionable credibility, ah but they do have some interesting tech to navigate the web, electronic keys were the more neat, and of course everything is ridiculously cheap, the Bitcoin since is an independet coin, is quite stable, compared to lest say the Dollar, and for just exactly is that data mining works, well i didn't got that far.
I think the best example to explain Bitcoins, is phone credit, or those points that you get at supermarkets if you have their card, that they put on your account for each purchase.
So the trick is to get the tools to safely get and deposit your Bitcoins.

Haha yeah i was thinking the same, that every browser practically has the same speed, and the interface are quite similar, but flash does works different in each one, and is most notable on Linux OS, for example if you put FireFox, Chrome, and Chromium (yeah i know haha) on Puppy OS, only the 1st 2 play flash videos, but in LUbuntu (yes with L) only Chrome works.

"account synchronization " haha i can't help but think about the Xbone, oh the turbo-function is always quite the eye-catch!

Cyberdevil responds:

The whole decentralized network thing is a bit mind-boggling, how a currency can exist when there is no central location, the money's all spread out and accessible by everyone in the form of transactions rather than anything of resource value... as I understand it. I'm wondering if the transactions are all stored through official servers or P2P, and how exactly it's distributed if that's the case. Is that easy to explain? Or maybe the distribution process isn't public knowledge? The BitCoin FAQ has so much reading material but still it seems the entirety of the technology isn't making its way into my mind. Btw, have you tried/thought about Litecoin?

Seems like people are having trouble with different browsers on Windows as well when it comes to viewing certain submissions, though it's strange since it's just specific submissions and not Flash specifically that's not working. Do you use Linux OSes much? I tried Mint and Slax a bit but that went as with Maxthon, was fun for a while but I switched back out of habit. :)

Xbone synchronizes accounts?


2013-11-03 13:19:03

No i haven't tried Litecoin, sounds interesting, but i prefer to wait until i get myself a PC that is just for mining.

Well in my university they made the mistake of donating a PC for our study group, so we just made it our bitch (i mean experimental subject) haha. And we tried a bunch of different OS to maximize performance so far LUbuntu is the one working best, even if only Chrome allows for Flash to work, so the idea is to see if by the end of this year we can separate ourselves from windows, but that Titanfall looks so awesome! and i definitively am not getting an Xbone just for that game.

I guess the fun part and obnoxious part of Linux is the console, in one hand you feel like a hacker, on the other hand is a pain in the ass when you don't get it right haha.

Well the Xbone has synchronization with your Microsoft accounts, phones, tablets, music and video devices, etc. may as well synchronize with my fridge too!

Cyberdevil responds:

Until then... there's always Minecraft. :P

Nice. What do you study? Nowadays most highschools in Sweden are giving out free (or very cheaply priced) computers to students, and just a few years after I graduated too! Can't believe I missed that.

So.. Windows is still a must? I hear Wine lets you run Windows applications on Linux though, seems to work with the occasional game as well. Oh, yeah, Titanfall does look pretty cool. A lone cherry tree amidst the chaos on one of the screenshots... seems like there might be some unique scenery. :) Wasn't too long ago I finally got a gaming computer upgrade though so I'm still stuck on past-gen games like Max Payne 3 and GTA 4... when I find a series worth following it's usually to 100%, I probably spent at least a thousand hours on GTA SA... can't wait for GTA 5! :D

Haha, I got that hacker feeling first time I tried SSH on a brand new VPS, but that euphoria quickly turned to desperation and feeling like a complete noob. :D Should probably learn things from the ground up huh.

Ah, OK. Sounds useful, though I'm really a bit against just accessing everything through a central interface, especially household appliances (fridge lol), same benefits can really turn around and bite you if you lose control over your account...


2013-11-03 14:33:10

Psychology, but the computer was for the study group of foreign languages, explicitly for the study group of Japanese, since the study group is separated from the classes we have more freedom to use the materials we get.

Yeah, Windows is still a must, those bastards, hahaha. Yeah GTA is better played on PC, and Gameboy...

Yeah is like the initial burst last just long enough for you to hit yourself against a couple of code walls.

Yeah i know man, that is why i don't really like wireless printers, they. Just. Don't Feel right:

Cyberdevil responds:

The human psyche huh, an infinite & interesting topic! I tried learning Japanese a while, just a few words per day, but that's an abandoned project... for the moment. I'm thinking I'll pick it up if I ever get a chance to go to Japan. Took a university course on Japanese History before 1868 too, we watched Japanese movies and read about the samurai era. Fun times. :) Do you use any specific program(s) to learn Japanese btw? Any recommendations?

Indeed, though IMHO Gameboy is better played on Gameboy. ;)


Yupp, I'm against pretty much anything wireless actually. Well anything that tries to communicate with other devices that's wireless, but for some devices there's no escaping it. Nice track btw!


2013-11-03 14:53:51

Bitcoin, litecoin. But what learning about Heavycoin? On second thoughts it would probably be too difficult to pick up.

Cyberdevil responds:

I learned a bit of litecoin but it was heavy stuff man.


2013-11-03 15:54:52

Litecoin wasn't too difficult for me, I picked it up pretty easily. I also learned about bitcoin too, but it broke my teeth.

Cyberdevil responds:

Bitcoins are a teethy matter. I thought I'd bite but I still don't even know how it was coined, but two bits are too much, one must be two-bit.


2013-11-03 18:56:33

Yeah as far as coins goes you can't really go biting too much on then.

Well "Wakan" is a great program, is a dictionary for bot Japanese and Mandarin, this page is also quite the help, http://tangorin.com/ , and the rest is with the NHK programs which come in a variety of languages, so if you already know something apart from English and feel more comfortable than with Japanese you can compare, for example from English to Japanese, from Spanish to Japanese, and then compare how it went, not all the exercises are the same for each lenguage so that also helps, as for extensions "Rikaikun" (which is a kanji reader/translator) and the "Hiragana typing".

Yeah the roots are awesome, probably the best band of Hip-Hop, and it is actually a band in the traditional sense of the word.

Yeah there is something with wireless tools, other than a cellphone and even cellphones some times, that just have an ominous feeling, specially since hacking into Wi-Fi is so easy XD.

Cyberdevil responds:


Thanks for the tips! Seems like both of those extensions are for Chrome and Opera though, not FF. Programs look useful though!

Probably the first hiphop band I've ever heard about then, there are plenty of groups and artists who make their own music but so far I thought all of them just made music to perform to. Nice.

Yupp... at least all modern cellphones, GSM was OK. :)


2013-11-04 04:01:21

Well i think Rikaikun is also for FF, but i am not really sure.

Yeah lately they are mostly on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show, as the main band, but they recently relased an album with Elvis Costello (who i really don't know but it still sounds good) called "Wise Up Ghost" and another one was leaked called "& Then You Shoot Your Cousin" but i have been unable to get more info on the second one.

But if a cellphone is not wireless does it count as a cellphone? *dramatic song plays*

Cyberdevil responds:

Ah, OK. Didn't see it through Google... maybe they are excluding add-ons for competition browsers hmm..

Good knowing. I'll be looking up more of their music. Elvis Costello rings a bell but I don't think I've ever listened to his music.

Hehe, but GSM is wireless, it's just not as vulnerable. Hmm, if a phone is in a cell... it's a cellhpone. :D


2013-11-04 20:49:01

"Hmm, if a phone is in a cell... it's a cellhpone"

My favorite album is Rising Down, followed by Game Theory.
And Rising Down is probably my favorite album so far in music. Of course that is just my opinion.

Cyberdevil responds:

The Game. :P

Rising Down, check. Second newest... they must be getting better then! Do you listen to a lot of hiphop btw? If you feel like giving this a listen I'd greatly appreciate it: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/555329


2013-11-05 04:13:37

Yeah, i guess i listen to a lot, but every now i then i keep finding more, there is this thing with media in general, and is that you have to dig to find to find the good stuff, and some times all you find is dirt, other times though, you come across some gold, and rarely you find entire mines filled with gems.

So i wonder, do at what point can you say that you listen to a lot of Hip-Hop? no idea, the thing is a worldwide phenomenon, maybe the answer is, never, there is just not enough.

Nu metal? well i like to call it alternative Hip-Hop, but then how do i classify bands like Korn or Limp Bizkit? on the other hand Tech N9ne is branded as horror core, an exaggeration if i say so myself, then there is rapcore. But lets forget that, i like it, if only i would like for it to be longer. I will put more feedback on the review.

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:

True, though I find most great finds come from people I know. Like how I just discovered The Roots. I don't do much digging but it seems great music occasionally finds me, though just imagine how much great sound there is out there that I've never heard about... aw man, as the hoarder I am I just want to find... all of it! :D Browsing around the AP's a lot of fun too, you never know what you might stumble across.

Maybe at a point where you listen more to hip-hop than you listen to other genres?

Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have sorted this as numetal too... though Korn and Limp Bizkit differ a bit in that they don't just rap, they have plenty of regular vocal work as well, and a little screaming, for this track it's only rap, even though the music is numetal. Thanks for listening btw; looking forward to the review! I have tons of stuff I'd like to put out, and a few more complete tracks in the works. This was just supposed to be a simple thing, but it turns out with Jabun there is no such thing as just simple. :)

Oh btw, I love Tech N9ne and the entire Strange Music repertoire. Krizz Kaliko, Ces Cru, Rittz, Prozak... so many great artists gathered under one roof!


2013-11-05 05:05:36

Haha i am still writing it.

Well yes indeed and i guess that is one of the points that HelpThePoor, was using, since even if is Nu metal there was only rapping, i really don't have a problem with that, but i do would have liked if it was longer.

Mhh i guess my playlist has a majority of Hip-Hop on it, but it changes so much some of it is Jazz from Guru, Jurassic5, KRS-One others are more hard like Bone crusher or Killer Mike, Ice Cube, Immortal Technique, then the south comes with Outkast, The GoodieMOB, Parental Advisory. So is quite a big umbrella.

Well i really don't get to talk too much about music IRL, since not much people i know share my tastes, so i have to search by myself, what i have access from others is metal, recently some one recommend me to listen to Dark Tranquillity, quite a good band, but since i have grown to search these things by myself instead of by suggestions i have been unable to immerse myself on that sadly, is like i haven't developed the habit. But yeah as far as Hip-Hop goes, i only get to talk about it on the internet.

Aaaand back to your review.

Cyberdevil responds:

I am amazed... have to respond to this shorter comment before tackling that textual beast. :)

Yupp. Maybe an expanded version hmm... that'll have to be a project for the distant future though...

I've listened to Jurassic5, Killer Mike, Ice Cube and Outkast, wasn't much for Jurassic5 at the time but that might've changed, the rest are awesome! Looks like there are a few more artists that could use looking up! Right now I'm listening mostly to MayDay - Believers, Prozac - Nocturnal, SnowThaProduct - Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2 (I liked the first one better though, this is just an extension but unfortunately the new material isn't all that great), Yelawolf's new Halloween mixtape and a little Scorpion Child. The Roots coming up...

Well it's the same here, I'm probably the one introducing other people to artists I've found out about online (online is where I find out about stuff) since they just flow with the mainstream. I don't mind mainstream music once in a while but it feels like it often doesn't have that straight-from-the-soul kind of lyrics that let you relate to it, and at times really doesn't deserve the spotlight. Corrupt biz...

It's all yours. :) Going to read though now...


2013-11-06 02:53:13

Well Like Jay-z said is all about the money, they are selling a product, so it doesn't really need to have a soul.

Ah yes, Jurassic5, to tell you the truth i found them thanks to Chali 2na being in, being? ha, no, no, he owned that track, even if his verse was not that long compared to Mike's, definitively my favorite track of theirs, i am talking about FRGT/10, by Linkin Park - Reanimation, so i said damn what is this? i had to know more, and so i found Jurassic5.

SnowThaProduct, mmh i really haven't paid that much attention to female rappers, at best Missy Elliott. I will search more about her, eventually, haha.

Cyberdevil responds:

Hmm, so musicians sell their souls to get famous. :)

Linkin Park - Reanimation is probably the record of theirs I've listened the least to... can't recall that collaboration at all. Good knowing. :P

Ah, Missy Elliott, the one who paved the way for pretty much all female rappers! It's strange, but it seems like thanks to her female rappers have become hostile towards other female rappers, I don't think I've ever heard a collaboration between two different female rappers, it's like they're all trying to be the only one. Anyway, here's a taste of Snow: http://youtu.be/SdMFkuconFQ


2013-11-06 05:48:39

What about Salt & Peppa? haha i know too old.

Haha that's my fav album of theirs followed by Hybrid Theory, then Meteora, and then they start dying. Sure there is the Collision Course with Jay-z but... that is more like a farewell album, then they do what they did...

Interesting, but i can't relate, that is probably why i don't listen to female rappers, and other genres like ballads and such, it just doesn't touch me, i'm not to saying that she is not good, but the theme doesn't touches me, and is not only with female rappers, a lot of rappers pass me by, for example i recognize that Common is great, and that without him a lot of progress in Hip-Hop would been lost, but damn is he corny.

Cyberdevil responds:

Oh man, didn't remember them! I actually have an old tape of theirs, A Salt with a Deadly Pepa. Guess they might be the first ones. :) They had really funky music back then, I love the old Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, LL Cool J and Run DMC records, it's a sound that still holds today, even if the lyrics weren't as complex as they are now.

Yeah, Hybrid Theory was awesome. I like their new style too though, even though it's so different, it's like they've morphed into a completely new band.

Common too common? :P Actually never listened to him, will do that. Ah well, guess it's a matter of opinion. I don't relate to the lyrics per say, but I relate to the emotion, emotional display adds a lot to a track IMO.


2013-11-06 20:27:01

Oh yes it does, but when it doesn't get you, it just doesn't get you.

For example the new Linkin Park sound doesn't gets me.

Cyberdevil responds:

I get you. :P


2013-11-07 21:34:26

You are kidnapping me!?

Cyberdevil responds:

Haha, I get what you're saying. :P


2013-11-08 03:13:32


Cyberdevil responds:

Compulsory reply. :)