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Right in the pokeballs. XD And Hitmonchan seems pretty content with her endeavor for some reason! Wonder what the story is there, is there a story, how does such a vengeful and aggressive soul dwell in such a harmless-looking creature...

The silliest things are the most fun though fo rizzle. Good stuff.


Dope visuals, dope voicing, dope soundtrack... and a review by MindChamber no less! :D How much more hype can this game induce. Really looking forward to it. It gives me heavy Resident Evil vibes at this point too, and I loved that game so... hype..


Alucard responds:

Nice man, and your name is on credits what's even better.
Since many years back here I've always read your reviews on content,
you were always very specific, detalist, like, you could see that dude took the time to write the review (which is something all content creators trully love to see from fans)
Nonetheless you could review that much cuz you're a great artist too, bro
Your talent in writing poems and lyrics is amazing. But not just that, I've played ur games too, and all my dude
This tittle has great value if you look into the people get together to craft the concept, plus the mechanics works on every windows64bits - there's heavy shooting against monsters - effects on the firefights - with that 90' concept - lots of fog and shadows rofl

The lyrics just keep getting better and better! Don't recall previous once in detail now but just straight off the fence with dissonance...

The more I listen in the more I wish to sing, oh blissful thing. Still with some melancholy but less fear and maybe jolly, it sure feels you're growing up, learning to hold and cope with stuff, if only focus is enough I'm sure you'll broker on the bluff and be more stoked at forty than at thirty, and maybe then unnervingly wordy, and too rhythmic and melodic, I feel like for praise and savoring this flavor is an object. Quick rhymes don't convey the sense of captivating and comical and uplifting rhythmic logic. Can relate to so much of this too.

Happy B-Day man. Looking forward to next year already.


Captured the full progression of FNF weeks leading into this recent new NG revolution... even the downtime. XD This was fun. Still haven't truly immersed myself in the FNF realm but this does make you want to.

Nice homage. Both old and new all intertwine.


Iconically Irish. XD Nice.


I have no idea what this is all about or what's going on here but what fun it seems like!

Smooth; fast-paced and happy... good stuff.


Even bigger a problem today, though not so much cameras now, just phones, all over, all the time, all the trials, all on mind...

Good rant; still refreshingly relevant.


Taking a break from punchlines and witticism too hmm...

You do need a break occasionally though. For sure.


Fun to hear Germaine singing for a change. :) Not sure I've ever heard that before.

And I'm digging this new old style. Feels like the classics again. Foamy and Germaine like they used to be. Wonder if we'll get any glimpses from that supposed job...


I wish you'd get back to ideas like this one. XD Original ones, truly!

Entertainment value fast and unlimited. Very unslothlike. So good. So simple. So absurd. The best kind! And that actually does sound like a pretty entertaining idea...


Bamboo Shoots!

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