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The black comment lmao. XD Twas an interesting phase in Germaine's phase this one, think I might be getting into these after all... lotta wisdom shared with this one in particular too, wasn't expecting to get that with the Foamy stuff...

Speaking of: Foamy doesn't even appear in this one huh.

It's like something else entirely.


Feels like the new style brought out some creative streams of consciousness for a bit. :) Good fun...


Hearing Germaine use that kind of language in this kind of little form's somewhat unsettling. XD Still trying to get used to the new look, dialog's fun though, and I like the creative end thing...


Were the 2019 and 2020 versions the short versions too?! This really picked up since if so...

Nice to see all the characters that have been in these since the beginning.


Curious what alternative to the YouTube editor you've been using since? Definitely wasn't happy that one disappeared, I've been uploading bundles of shorter clips just thinking I'll stitch them together online at some point later on, but alas, can't do that now. Have to download files and put them together and upload again allofasudden.

Anyway this was a great recap. 2019 was expansive too hmm, almost as long as 2020...


Been a prolific year at least with these this last one. :) A little more than usual, possibly...? Seeing them all side by side like this really shows how extensive this series is...


A master of the arts right from the start! :D I definitely remember the Phoenix Wright flashes from back in the day but this was a whole other thing. XD When Numa Numa comes in too lmao... and the sprite work is on point all the way.

A lot of good memories collected in this one flash! Thanks for the laughs.


vestik responds:

Thank you man! Glad I could make you laugh. =)

Almost sounds like the voices go from overly cute to somewhat normally cute towards the end of this hmm... could it be more than editing?

Not sure I'm a fan of these overly cute ones, or maybe just this one, not feelin' the humor and all but shall give 'em a chance...


Masterful how entertaining you managed to make such a simple thing. XD

Cats are mysterious indeedy, you wonder sometimes... are they evil incarnate... or more so cute and cuddly fuzzballs capable of great love and companionship... we may never know!


littlbox responds:

One of the many mysteries of life...

Ah this was next level. :D Not only did I actually learn a few essential things in this one, with for example the small but mind-blowing typographic opportunities bit - to think I hadn't see this in the Amazon logo before in particular - and on a more personal note that you actually had a certain design-related heritage with your dad before all this started, which seems to explain some things about everything, but that ending speech and perturbance of nuance! Both the delivery and the insight with this one, personal and educational both, feels like a step up since at least the more recent segments I remember here.

Nicely done. Solid script. Well rounded runtime and closing word. Wholesome all.


Raziberry responds:

Thanks, dude!

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