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This was FUN! :D Fluid motions, great voicing (though some of the Japanese pronunciations could maybe be improved) and a premise with both action and comedy and all.

Pleasure to watch, and it seems there'll be more...


russmarrs2 responds:

Glad you enjoyed, thanks for the review!

What a grand debut!

You nailed the gestures, and both soundtrack and effects, birds and everything, feels interchangeably calm and ambient and so suitably foreboding between the action scenes, and the way certain items and events are highlighted both makes it easy to follow and makes it seem a bit like a game, if the figures didn't look so different I could imagine I was playing something like Resident Evil here, atmospheric...

I wonder if it'd be possible to have the names in dialog the same color as the actual characters? That way it'd be easy to see who's saying what, and to connect a name to their actions.

Honored to be here from the get go; can't wait for the next part! Keep up the good work!


MATRVG responds:

I'm flattered, man... thanks for your enormous compliments! It's been a pleasure for me if I made you enjoyed ^^

So to speak, I am actually planning game for this saga but not fully yet, and I don't know anyone who has game-making talent :P So I stick with animating as I fit.

About subtitles... Mejson and MariogD asked same question... let me explain it to you.

If I have done it by your request, "Stickman Colored Subtitles"... then viewer couldn't decide which people are good or bad...

When it comes to my doing... during subtitle, whoever say it, their head move up-down (a bit crazy XD), pretending like they're talking. Why single color? No, not actually:

Good people are shown as "Green" subtitles.
Bad people are shown as "Red" subtitles.
Neutral people are shown as "Yellow" subtitles.
Civilian/Harmless people are shown as "White" subtitles.
Mystery/Secret people are shown as "Darker Gray" subtitles.

Of course you had to be here, man! Thanks for best wishes, I won't let you all down!

Dope visuals, dope voicing, dope soundtrack... and a review by MindChamber no less! :D How much more hype can this game induce. Really looking forward to it. It gives me heavy Resident Evil vibes at this point too, and I loved that game so... hype..


Alucard responds:

Nice man, and your name is on credits what's even better.
Since many years back here I've always read your reviews on content,
you were always very specific, detalist, like, you could see that dude took the time to write the review (which is something all content creators trully love to see from fans)
Nonetheless you could review that much cuz you're a great artist too, bro
Your talent in writing poems and lyrics is amazing. But not just that, I've played ur games too, and all my dude
This tittle has great value if you look into the people get together to craft the concept, plus the mechanics works on every windows64bits - there's heavy shooting against monsters - effects on the firefights - with that 90' concept - lots of fog and shadows rofl

This was pretty nice. I like the ambient movement with the characters, how the outlines are never entirely still. Nice style... it's almost like a greeting card.


MolyKitty responds:

Thank you ehhehe

A master of the arts right from the start! :D I definitely remember the Phoenix Wright flashes from back in the day but this was a whole other thing. XD When Numa Numa comes in too lmao... and the sprite work is on point all the way.

A lot of good memories collected in this one flash! Thanks for the laughs.


vestik responds:

Thank you man! Glad I could make you laugh. =)

Masterful how entertaining you managed to make such a simple thing. XD

Cats are mysterious indeedy, you wonder sometimes... are they evil incarnate... or more so cute and cuddly fuzzballs capable of great love and companionship... we may never know!


littlbox responds:

One of the many mysteries of life...

Ah this was next level. :D Not only did I actually learn a few essential things in this one, with for example the small but mind-blowing typographic opportunities bit - to think I hadn't see this in the Amazon logo before in particular - and on a more personal note that you actually had a certain design-related heritage with your dad before all this started, which seems to explain some things about everything, but that ending speech and perturbance of nuance! Both the delivery and the insight with this one, personal and educational both, feels like a step up since at least the more recent segments I remember here.

Nicely done. Solid script. Well rounded runtime and closing word. Wholesome all.


Raziberry responds:

Thanks, dude!

Surprisingly smooth for a practice thing. :)

I think you got it! Just need to make something more elaborate with these skills for full viewer appreciation!


DizzieWoozy responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Maybe when I get more confident and improved, I'll create something more worth watching

How did this one not win a daily?! XD Just one of these should've qualified, but all of 'em... such a thorough bloop reel. Even the sounds fade in and out and what-not.

Editing's thorough. Great work; good fun!


FramePerfectJump responds:

thank you very much. Honestly, it would need more penises or something.

Keeping the tradition alive for yet another year! :D Impressive how long lasting these collabs have been, and always just as fun to watch. So much variety, and good pace throughout, though I think I miss that yellow/orange/beige paper tone a bit of previous years, it really enforced the sketchiness of it all...

Nice work y'all; looking forward to 2022!


Chdonga responds:

Thanks for the review!

Bamboo Shoots!

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