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Happy Pico Day!

Posted by Cyberdevil - May 5th, 2018


So I haven't posted a Happy Pico Day post - much less submitted anything related - since 2015. I haven't posted a frontpage post since 2014 either - way back when I was still sort of active and involved in some sort of collabs... it's about time for a new one huh? Post. Collab*. Something related. All of the above.

And now that it's time I thought I'd make the most of it, so here's a quick verse, and here's a quick animation (I snatched a pretty nice ID with that one) for the day in question.

There's no question! It really is that day - even if I was browsing all over the site wondering if there'd be live stream this year until I finally visited the main page. Low and behold: there it was... and maybe had been all along. The site-wide notification really was pretty handy! Back in the day.

This year also marks the tenth anniversary of the first real Pico Day Flash I started... and didn't finish, for the second year in a row. You can check out both 2007 and 2008 variants. Differences are marginal, but of course the latter one's better, with a little more progress made on the very day it was made. Maybe some day I will actually finish it (and in retrospect this would've been the perfect year), but in celebration of this grand occasion... well there you have them. They're still there.

If I ever do finish that one it's going to be in Flash too - as is that other unfinished game the sprites in the animation above were taken from. Hopefully an internal plugin capable of running them comes around before 2020, or workarounds will have to be made. :) I'm not converting. I'm oldskool - like a rock or urchin. And if you're looking for a great place then stop your searching: you found it. Stick around and shop some merch or drop a merchant!

Also btw, if you've ever wondered what my writing process is usually like, this is what I wrote late last night/early morning (official Pico Day time) for the verse above. My lyrical WIP: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/8e5384f60d932ee89a272f8813450a94

...come today I typed it in digitally, read through and changed or added bits if something sounded wrong or unfinished, and then started recording, making minor changes between takes if some lines were too long, or short, or the flow just not optimal. I'm still not proud of all parts, but levels of perfectionism and time spent on a track vary with each one, and for ones like these, when lack of time exists - it's pretty quick.

Unless it's a super-quick thing (this was moderately quick) I then usually do a few takes and compare to see which one's best, and add some reverb, run a high-pass filter, and compare the volume to my older tracks as to get it a similar level. Optionally I play around with other effects and ad-lib... and that's about it! I'm still very much a beginner when it comes to the master. Still feeling like getting the right balance is nigh impossible sometimes, and keeps changing. Still looking for feedback to improve.

Hope you like blocks of text and random behind-the-scenes glimpses I felt an impulse to write! Otherwise: you might want to skip the text above. Soon as I post this I'm about to finally tune into that livestream, 'fore the day grows too late to stay posed and wait...

Happy Pico Day! May all dope be great.

* At least a part of one.


Comments (54)

Yea happy Pico day

Fo rizzle!

Happy 3,1416-CO Day!

Happy PiCO day to you too! XD

S3C! Where you been! :D Those meatballs though, man, I didn't know about this... maybe the government's not ready to tell the people yet. :| Wonder what origin our alternative vegetableballs might have hmm...

nowhere...just traveling down that same road. oh hey it's May already...guess what question i'm going to ask next ;)

Was thinking something serious might've happened man considering earlier mood. Ah yeah... the time's closing in. :) It's the 5th of July this year, though it's just one month then, and hopefully a few more short trips later on. Unfortunately two month sessions are starting to be a bit too long for work...

Who is Pico?

This guy: https://www.newgrounds.com/collection/pico
Though the day's about more than just Pico: https://www.newgrounds.com/collection/picoday2018


For sure. :) Basically he's become like NG's mascot.

You have more talent than I do haha

Surely we're just talented in different areas of the arts. ;) For ART in particular... you've got skills there!

Hello! I enjoyed the haiku lol! Thanks for thinking of me ;)
Hope everything’s good with you! cya :)

Heeey a rare ReNaeNae appearance! :D Thanks for showing you're still alive, stopping by, the thanks, all the great things of eons long gone... and hope you're doing good too (all pretty good over here right now)!

"submited" Uhh, you forgot a "t". XD

Spelling errors! What a shame! You should go back to seventh grade

Okay, okay, I'm done talking about spelling errors. This was an otherwise well-written post.

A TYPO! XD Aaargh. Well it happens to all of us huh... thanks for pointing that out!

And Thanks!

.... . .-.. .-../-.-- . ...

.... . .-.. .-.. / -.-- . .- ....! :D

Just read you won the 3rd place of the "Pico Day Animations" with your submission, congratz! ^^

Thank you! :) Definitely made my day that day - and many thereafter.

nothing logical about bio'log'y!! that's all i have to say

It's not biological, it's bioillogical!

@SuperPCGamer @Cyberdevil also, in the author comments of "Nothing Special" you used improper grammar--on purpose, or were you just not very great with English back then?

Hmm... ah yeah that's definitely intentional. :) Puns.

our fingers have fingertips but our toes don't have toetips. Yet tip-toeing is real, while tip-fingering is not...O_o

You mean fingering with just the tip of the finger? Isn't that a thing? Strange though, yeah. I just can't put my toe on it either.

I like your clean crisp lines and vectors

Thank you! :) Only wish I was anywhere near with watercolors, or any of the other more traditional (and difficult) art forms. Can't be a true artist in the real world without real real world art...

@Qira @Cyberdevil Yes, but you're more employable with digital art and the ability to create marketing art and video game art ;)

That is true! Positive thinking. :)

That is true! Positive thinking. :) Edit: new comment form layout's so confusing argh...

Oh man. XD Well I guess that makes it official. People shouldn't poop in the pool.

Eyyy... Happy something day. Just wanted to check by like I do now and then, cause I dig your style and all that... So ya, good luck. Drop by at my place too, if you don't already.

Flowers (Peace out)

Hey thank ya! I dig your peaceful ibes and occasional stops by too! Time ticks by too fast sometimes to really stop and smell the roses, so to speak, but will do.

on another mini vacation i see...


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