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10 Years on NG

Posted by Cyberdevil - January 17th, 2014

10 Years on NG

It's been exactly ten years since I created this account.

You'd think that should have been plenty of time to preperate a grand anniversary post... yet all I have to deliver is this measly message. Time flies! It's still a special enough occasion to merit my first-ever-featured-front-page-post though, just to make you all aware of how long I've been here, and though I don't feel any different now than I think I felt back when I somehow stumbled upon this prestigous place and signed up... my post history tells a different story. :P

A lot has changed over the years. I remember when profiles were pop-up pictures that looked like this, when the portal looked like this, then like this, and soon like this, and how the redesign was the most awesome thing yet.

At that point this place reached such a peak of a pinnacle it was pretty much perfect. I mean just look at that level page, and that deposit screen. It shouldn't have been a surprise that a surge of noobs flooded the hallways and wrecked havoc amongst the raging ranks of villanous veterans, this place was more alive than it had ever been before. I graduated that year too, and thought I'd have less time to spend here as a result, yet university has kept feeding me spare hours over the years, and a future in freelance work might do the same.

I haven't always been consistently active here though. When I first signed up it wasn't long before I partially migrated to RetroGade, to Smosh and Flash-Graphique, to Lavagrounds, to Musty Windows and a few other nameless flash portals spurred by the NG revolution, but wheras they all died down in the course of time, this place has stood strong and remained a haven of creative craze and collaboration, the latter of which I've only recently started getting involved in.

So thank you NewGrounds, for this decade of dual decedance and decency, dark times and starshine, part art, part heart and part malarkely stark rhymes.


Here's to another ten awesome years!



Congratz ! ! !
I really don't have much too say but it's good too have folks like you around !

Thanks! Good to have people like you around too.

Happy anniversary. I really think Tom should do something for the 10 year veterans. I've technically been here for 11 years, but my account specifically, will be about 8 years this year. We should have an NG veterans day! That would be awesome. And people could make flash submissions about their favorite memory or tribute an old flash i guess. Then again, Pico Day is technically "newgrounds day" so idk how well that would work. We had talk like a pirate day celebrated one year. Maybe Tom could throw in another interesting celebration this year.

Thank you! Yeah that'd be pretty neat, there's so much great content to look back at and reminisce on... I could do gadgets with the old levels, maybe a platformer on the old layout with some feature characters, would be fun. Do you remember which year that talk-like-a-pirate day was?

I'm technically 11 years too btw, or at least soon, something about a server crash or malicious portal entries led to my first account getting deleted.

Another great addition to the Decade Brigade! Congrats!

Thanks! Seems like there's been a lot of these 10 year posts recently, must've been a surge of new users around 2004.


We share the same thought RealFaction


Mad respect to an old veteran of NeoGeo! Chocolate milk for everyone!

Mad thanks for the chocolate milk! I remember playing some NeoGeo arcade games back in the day, some YoYo fighter thing where you sliced peoples heads off with the wire...

10 years? No wonder I keep seeing you around the comment sections!

If I'd made the most of that time you'd be seeing my name everywhere. :P

Congrats! Welcome to the Club. It's a pleasure to have you as a member.

Pleasure to be on board!

Dude, congrats! Let's hope for another 10 great years!

Thanks! I have no plans on leaving. :)

My third year anniversary is coming up in March. I wonder what surprises everyone has in stall for me!

Woo, have an early congrats on three years! :P Better stack up on digital cake.

Congrats! Now whatever you do, do not press the red button...

You mean this button? *press*

congrats man, it's pretty surreal, hey? being able to think, "holy shit, i've been on this website for nearly *half* of my life!" but yes, to another ten years!

(and oh wow i can't believe you took screenshots of the old layouts, that's some awesome memorabilia. you forgot 25272d, though c; )

Thanks! Yeah, it's pretty incredible, being here to witness all these changes, and changed myself all the time, and holy shit man... that IS almost half of my life! In another ten years it'll be more than that! :O

25272d? User ID? I actually went through the wayback machine to get snapshots of these, I might have some actual screenshots saved but no full-page layouts from that far back.

You're now worthy and wise among the world of NG.

You will now be known as, The CyberSage.

I am unworthy.

Congratz buddeh! You're a veteran now :3

Oldskool for realz. Thanks!

Old newgrounds...
Congrats man!

Thanks man!

Lol, you joined on my 5th birthday...

But anyway, congratulations!

lmao, Happy Birthday man! :D

And thanks!

Congrats! Welcome to the 10-year member forum.

Thanks! But... how do you know about it? O_o

*pops open a bottle of Gløgg, juggles famous Swedish Meatballs, plays techno music* here's to another fine decade of NordicGrounds!

I don't know about the techno music, but hell yeah! You should try some Julmust too.

Haha! Favorite films The Matrix 1 but also 2 and 3!! i have visual evidence! http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/76c43e2e99c454ae466fb4467c10a01f
hahaha XD.

Anyway, congrats man, i wish you another great decade.

lmao, so I have changed after all! :P There are some other favorites there that arent really favorites any longer, but I really need to get back to Bomb the Bass, haven't listened to them in ages.

Thanks man!

Cheers to that Cd! May you stay around for more years to give us your awesome feedback :)

I'll keep going till there's nowhere to go. :P Cheers!

Awesome! I always thought the 10 year mark was one of the most special achievements, so big congrats to you!

Almost as important as getting hexalisted. :) Thanks!

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