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packing all through Sweden yo. Yeah. Whoop whoop.

even to Kiruna??

Hey that's right by my hometown. :)

even to Gotland?

First time yesterday, actually! XD Bout to write up a quick post about that. AMAZING place. Do you know anyone there too?

even to Marstrand?

Ah, Marstrand is new to me! Looks similar though. Would like to!


???? Emoticon attempt ????

oh it doesn't work on blogposts. did you know we can post emojis on the BBS?

Yeah I've seen 'em but haven't tried 'em. Thought it was a mobile thing at first but it's just regular Unicode I s'pose?. Pretty cool.

ahh it is indeed unicode, since when was this possible, and why doesnt Tom enable it on blogposts, as I've seen other unicode before ?

also, interesting how the emojis vary across platforms, even some platforms such as gmail have animated unicode....what happened to just plain text

Maybe blogs work, but just not comments - have you tried? I think a lot of formatting allowed in other places doesn't work in comments as a security measure... at least if it's NOT a security measure there really doesn't seem to be a good reason.

Oh, interesting... I thought unicode emojis were universal. Do kind of miss those simple days! Not needing to visualize anything yourself, not the image, nor the motion of that image either... wonder what future imagination will be like.

Also this is bound to make for clutter. Unicode in email subject lines is the big thing with SPAM right now. Suppose it'll keep spreading.

Oh hey my mom actually does that! It's pretty big here among older people - though I didn't know there was a name for it. You just buy 'walking poles'. Good for both arm/torso muscles and as extra support/balance. Emphasis: older people.

what do you use for gluten-free bread substitute? I just tried one made from potato, rice, cornmeal, eggs(wtf), sunflower, and other ingredients and while it isn't as fluffy as wheat, I most certainly prefer it, and don't see myself going back, if circumstances permit

Oh man, you actually found one you like just like that! :) Happy to hear it! The first ones I tried were terrible. Don't think potato's an ingredient in the ones I've tried, but that sounds nice, though eggs - I think it's used to substitute the starch that keeps it all together/fluff it up a little (often together with psyllium husk as the raising agent). I've tried all kinds, but mostly these: https://www.schaer.com/en-us/fw/bakery

...as they sometimes sell them out real cheap at one particular shop here. Otherwise we've experimented with a few different recipes and mixes, which are way healthier, but none I've committed to memory. There was one yoghurt-based one I really liked. One of the healthier ones too. It used mostly oat flour, but not sure about anything else. We make pie dough with corn and oat flour though, and pancakes with pretty much anything. For flat bread too it's easy to mix freely - combinations taste best, though most don't hold hold together that well.

Could probably dig up a few of the recipes we've tried if you're trying to make your own btw? Also totally unrelated but this was pretty cool (and easy): http://www.eatgood4life.com/eggplant-pizza/

ever seen Donnie Darko

I think you've asked that a few time now. XD Yes, though don't remember that much of it.

nope, wasn't me. Just saw it yesterday

Weird, was so sure... some other title you've suggested multiple times...? About Donnie Dark though: good?

Two weeks time...

Yeaaah I'm counting the days now too. :) Also hey, you remembered!

Yes, I have been watching... waiting in the wings... prying, spying, even a little crying. I have prowled the profile page of Cyberdevil 750,000 times, never leaving for a moment. I have sat benign, counting time, while neglecting mine. Because this is YOUR time! YOUR moment in the spotlight! In two weeks YOU will shine! And as the seconds tick down, trickling, the waiting disintegrates, and that day finally beckons. And you receive that new Level 60 weapon.

Awe-inspiring inventions these levels dare I mention, and thank you for your patronage - it's beyond convention! Really wish we had tracking stats so we could see such views. These days I do not think I get much more than ones and twos. It's almost just like binary. The Cyberdevil dynasty. But overtime the numbers climb until they're skylight high then free! Sometimes with all reviewing it too feels such dues are all I'm doing: spending time in others rooms, though my own could use some brooming. Some cleaning. Some lean mean gaming machine DOOMing. Some inking. Some blinking. Some waking up and thinking: why in the world is the world a swirl yet I'm not moving? Stagnant in pursuing. Perusing thoughts: I mute them. It's easier to do these things than think and move and write so much I could make mountain dew of blue ink. True things. But all but moot and blues in: the closing in, this final thing, the huge win; the level of my choosing.

Your about 10 days away from level 60. And I'm only at level 9...

Deposit every day you'll be at the top in way fewer years than it took me. ;)

I know. But I've missed about half of my days! :(

But you signed up just a couple years ago, and I've already missed at least four years total. Never too late! ;)

man, snacking gluten-free ain't cheap!! *massages soy-induced mantits with quinoa*

Quinoa massage hmmmm! Interesting. Gotta try that some time. :P Yeah it is pricey. Best stock up whenever the good stuff's cheap. And avoid soy.

what's in two weeks? you reach level 60? then level 61...which takes 10 years?

Hell yeah! And Hell yeah! :D At least.

what is it? 10 points a day? in that case, it would take 16.8 years to reach level 61 O_O
NewGrounds might not even be around by then...

Of course Newgrounds will be around man!!! Hmm but if I keep missing summers and such it might be a few years longer...

i take it you dont eat food with malt or barley?

Right. It's a good thing I don't like beer too.

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