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Cyberdevil's News

Posted by Cyberdevil - September 22nd, 2009

The title conveys my message perfectly, no need for further speech. :)

Happy Madness!

Posted by Cyberdevil - September 22nd, 2009

This game is pretty addicting. I picked up the old disc a few days back and started playing once again, this time set on completing it (I got lost somewhere in the sewers last time I played it), and it went pretty well! I even found a secret room with credits, and beyond it a posse of foes in a spectacular pose. Thought I'd take a print screen and share it here, but wth, it didn't work so well, see the fcuked up pi below, how it turned out.

You can see the outlines, but why the colors became this distorted beats me, it's not how it looks when playing, I can assure you that! If you feel like seeing the scenery with better image quality just download my savefile. I saved about eight times on the last level, so you can enjoy all the moments it has to offer. The entrance, the weapon pick ups, the boss fight stage one, the boss fight stage two, the boss fight after the boss is dead, the secret room, the credits room, and the escape just before the outro movie starts playing. That's it.

I've always appreciated good FPSs, and it's no surprise that this one goes straight to my soul seeing as my old favorite Doom & Doom 2 were made by the same developers just a decade earlier. ID Software still manages to throw together games that revolutionize FPS as we know it for a while, and this one wasn't an exception. Quake 2 stayed in the store shelfs longer than any other game the year it was released, and the year after, and it stayed in stores long after that. Two official expansions were released for the game. I tried playing the first one after completion, but it won't run, gives me an "Initialization Error" ... I wonder what that is? Anyhow, it was fun as long as it lasted, and if you don't have anything against lesser quality graphics, it is highly recommended. My control config is included in the download above too btw, snap that in your folder to use the modern WASD keys and mouse to look around, as well as reasonable graphic and video settings instead of the outdated default. With all the options included, it seems like they were planning for the future, though.

Quake 2

Posted by Cyberdevil - September 18th, 2009

Oh my god! I made a blog!
What more can I, do with my time?
Maybe fish for cod, maybe cattle prod.
Maybe watch the sunshine, falling down.

Oh my god! I wrote some more!
Have I ever written this much before?
At least not in such poetical grace.
I bet you could read this poem for days!

For weeks, for months, for years on end!
No use in trying to not pretend,
That you don't like this poem so,
It will in your list of bookmarks go.

Now I leave the line at last
My little sublime rhyme stops again
Time is ticking down too fast
Until next time I write, my friend

So watch the grains of hourglass
And wait for me.

Posted by Cyberdevil - September 18th, 2009

My Computer has been acting real strange since I came back. First thing I noticed was that the computer time went going wrong, didn't think much about it then, just doubleclicked and set the time right. Next morning the time was still messed up, so I changed it again, this time a bit suspiciously. I doubt the time has ever gone wrong before. During this day I decided to connect one of my external drives, so I did, actually I connected two of them at the same time. Explorer froze. I plugged the drives back out again and everything returned to normal. I tried plugging in one drive at a time, but that didn't work either. I had to shut down a couple of programs I had running (so I basically had nothing other than explorer pumping on in the background) until they connected, just one at a time now. Since then the time has been wrong every morning. I think I have the cause figured out (after browsing the net some) - a battery is dead. Replacing it shouldn't be too hard following the posted instructions, but I've never opened up my computer, and I don't see much reason in doing so now either, I'll just put a tabletop clock on the desk beside the computer. There, problem solved, and onto the next one.

I've connected my external drives once in a while the past few days, and sometimes they don't show, sometimes they take at least 10 minutes to appear in "My Computer" and sometimes my internet connection just dissapears on me. Even though the cables are delivering a nice 400 mbps according to the Control panel, and the modem seems to be working alright, and what else can it be? I think maybe it has something to do with the external drives, since internet gives out on me only when I conntect them. But I know the drives in say aren't faulty, so it must be explorer that somehow fucks things up. I don't have an anti-spyware installed at the moment, so I shall try a few, and see if something evil might be bugging somewhere on my PC. My AntiVirus(es) show no infections and the defrag, though long due, didn't change anything. I'm looking for a cheap computer at the moment, and I've found many, will chose one, pay for it, and drag it home. Then maybe I can start working as effectivly as I should be without all this annoying moments happenin' all the time.

The 512MB RAM is bugging me too, new computer will have at least four times as much, and a harddrive twice as big at least, and I don't know jackshit about drivers and graphic/video/sound cards, but no doubt they'll be much better than the ones I have now. Looking forward to playing GTA 4 as well, I've been waiting long enough now. :P

Posted by Cyberdevil - September 13th, 2009

Summer closing
Darkness rising
Fall approaching
Slight surprising

Midnight moonshine
Slicing rays
Bitter skyfalls
Dream away


IOW, checking in at NG after a three month summer vacation. :P
Hello peoples!

Posted by Cyberdevil - May 27th, 2009

I'm leaving for summer, not now, but soon.
It's now I stop writing stuff though, now, that it's noon.
I suppose that in three months, back to this site I shall tune.
To stride the things I write this summer, sights, sounds, perfume.

So in shorter less poetical verbs - it's time for my yearly trilogy of summerly months, staying in uncivilized areas i northern Sweden out of common computeral reach, so I'll see you later. Bye Bye.

There will be Shortage! Summer upcoming.

Posted by Cyberdevil - May 27th, 2009

GARGH. Didn't get my license, so I'm not in the superhappy mood I was hoping for today. I did get an old grumpy guardian though to join me and evaluate my driving skills, which weren't topnotch due to certain nervosity factors and a new previously untried vehicle to take the test with. I was especially careful to be careful because it seemed like an obviosity. No speeds past the limits, slowdowns whenever possible and frequent cast of eyes towards all available mirrors and outside locations. We drove through varied areas and passed by various obstacles, and everything went seemingly fine. I received short abrupt directions on when to turn and where to go, and eventually we ended up back at the start of journeys. I was then given the horrifying news.
The reasons I didn't pass:

- I drove too slow on the freeway.
Apparently staying as close to the limit as possible is an unwritten law, despite there being two lanes for different speeds, and despite many different vehicle types allowed on yet not allowed to drive any higher than what I did and less (around 85-90 km/h, limit is 110, trucks aren't allowed to go over 90, trailers limit is 80). It seems like a pretty unbelievable reason to me, but their word is law . . .

- I geared down one level before the freeway Exit...
... in order to glide through the sharp curve as smoothly and economically as possible. Conceptual eco-driving, something my driving school teacher gave me valuable lessons in, but which appearantly have no cause or effect on freeways.

- I changed lanes one time too many.
I mean, literally, that I switched one lane that I didn't need to switch. No laws broken, no traffical flow harmed, WTF is wrong with that?!

- I used the brakes too often
Must admit the drive was a bit choppy at times, but it shouldn't have been choppy beyond reasonable choppiness. I paid special attention to all possible circumstances where harm could have been done to individuals and other vehicles and controlled my speed with this as reason. The brakes were also much more sensitive on this car then the one I've grown accustomed to, 25 minutes isn't enough time to fully adjust.

Other than this, everything went smoothly, so he told me as well. Still, the reasons above were apparently enough to fail my trust. Society now seems senseless and corrupt, and a retry is a must, in about two weeks or so. I'm thinking they just flunk people randomly to stay in business, but there's not much more to do about it, I am now valuable experiences enrichened. Hope I get better luck with company next time . . .

Posted by Cyberdevil - May 27th, 2009

Driving for my license in roughly an hour, and I can't seem to focus much on any of the things I'm trying to work on during the long long loooong wait until my time to come, so I thought I'd write a blog instead. Wish they'd schedule these things mornings only so I could get it over with and spend less time on more tasks at hand... that's the way it was with my test of Theory yesterday (passed that, results 61/65, the threshold for passing being 52, it is a good result). It's a different thing with theory and practical usage though. Yesterday I had room for mistakes, time left over to go back and correct any questions I might have done wrong (didn't, though) but today I won't have any space for error. One missed sign and chances I flunk align . . . and I usually do at least something wrong when I'm out driving. Not as many mistakes as the experienced drivers around me do, forgetting to flash their lights when switching lanes, driving at least 10km/h too fast mostly everywhere, but they make their mistakes by choice, and therein lies the difference.

So anyhow, keep positive comments in mind and let the vibes flow so I pass fine slow. Now off I go.

Posted by Cyberdevil - May 18th, 2009


Posted by Cyberdevil - May 15th, 2009


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