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Posted by Cyberdevil - September 29th, 2009

2113 Hours
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Guess what?

Posted by Cyberdevil - September 28th, 2009

A silent cascade of raindrops tear
The darkness reaching loud and clear
Into our being sensed in soul
Seeing through the unseen whole

They splatter mildly against the grass
They collide swiftly with stone
They run astray on edges and lie
Unsteadily in their new home

To be swept away by the morning breeze
Rise back up to the clouds they please
Grow in content and deeply consume
Until the tender rainfall resumes

Posted by Cyberdevil - September 28th, 2009

I friggin hate them. I'm using one right now, and typing like this is no problem, but every once in a while the Copy Paste feature gives up on me. I CTRL C just to have a C replace the text I was going to copy, or get an older clipboard item when CTRL V:ing the cut. I have to hit the keys hard sometimes, and repeat the proceedure a few times before the computer understands whatever message the keyboard is trying to convey. A low battery sign blinks on the upper right side of the screen every once in a while and when used daily the batteries run out ever 4-5 months, at least. So why don't we just have cables like we used to back in the good old days? Sure, when I first got this computer I sat on the bed behind the chair I currently reside in while watching movies, tapping the play and pause buttons with a gaping jaw thinking something like "Woah, magic", but since then, they keyboard has pretty much been stuck on the same spot and the chordless feature doesn't do else than waste batteries and complicate things for me. Same thing with the chordless mouse, but that one gave up on me a couple of years back, so fortunately I'm back to using a traditional chorded one. And it works. It hasn't needed and battery changes or caused me any momentary irritation since I bought it. Chords & cables FTW.

Posted by Cyberdevil - September 28th, 2009


Posted by Cyberdevil - September 28th, 2009

As some of you may know, or read about earlier in this blog if you do not so do, a bunch of my accounts were hacked at the start of this year, amongst them my facebook account. I probably bothered the facebook staff with one name change request too much and all my requests have been denied since. And since I can't have my name as Bam Bammington for the rest of my profile time there I had to create a new account. My last profile account ID was something after 690,000. Guess which number my new one received? 100,000,291,585,974! Holy shitting unbelievable, more than 100,000,290,900,000 people have signed up after me in the past few years! I'm beginning to think I should have kept my past account and not thrown it away even if the name was messed up, it's one in a million, literally. In this case, however, one in the first million is one of the chosen lucky few. No turning back now though, my account is erased and there's nothing to do about it.

I wonder how many of these 100,000,290,900,000 new accounts are duplicates, and how many of them have been erased, and how many of them are false accounts? Because that is just an insane number of accounts. I mean, in the world there are only 6,706,993,152 people! That's over a thousand accounts for each person in the whole WORLD! Hard to take in such numbers. I knew Facebook was big, but this big, I didn't know. Woah.

Posted by Cyberdevil - September 28th, 2009

Don't know where this picture came from, but it's lying around wasting space on my HD, so it might as well waste some space somewhere else as well. OMG, treeible consequentional happenings of the disease!

The Swineflu

Posted by Cyberdevil - September 28th, 2009

Don't know who the hell Confucious is? Increase your limited knowledge here.

Today is Confucius day, a day we dedicate towards the great philosopher with the same name, who was born this day a long long time ago and lived between 551 B.C.E. - 479 B.C.E. He lived in China, and he died a long time ago, but his wisdom will live on forever. Honestly I know not much more about him than his name, so in honor of this great day I'm on my way to Wikipedia to read through the long streak of info they have on him. Good day.

Posted by Cyberdevil - September 28th, 2009

Confirmation "a rite administered to baptized persons, in some churches as a sacrament for confirming and strengthening the recipient in the Christian faith, in others as a rite without sacramental character by which the recipient is admitted to full communion with the church."

My buddy Bear, since a year back Catholicfrom toes to hair, decided to seriously catholizize himself this year. Of course I was there, dressed up in a striped black shirt with backslicked hair. Felt strange being in a church, specially a Catholic one, and even stranger ones the public prayers and god-worshipping songs began to take place. I didn't join in on any of them, just didn't feel right (i'm not religious you see), but I stood up with the rest of the crowd and listened to the bishops & priests interesting speeches in respectful silence. It was a pretty pompous event, with lots of hatchanges, big goldenlike staffs and headsqueezing as well as a general stream of people towards the altar. I laughed a bit inside when time for the "friendly gesture" came, and everybody shook hands with everybody nearby, seeing as the government has tried to change the way people greet each other in order to halt the rapid increase in swine-flu nationally ... not that swinefly bothers me any, all the people who have died in it so far were either sick in something else or really really old. Anyhow, once the whole ceremony was over and the confirmands (rough translation from Swedish) had all exchanged the traditional confirmatory greeting with the Biship and pledged alliegence to the flag of God we all exited the room and Bears dad gave me a ride to Bears grandparents place where the afterparty was to be arranged.

We ate great, smoked salmon under a bed of majoneese and cucumber, surrounded by lemon slices, potato sallad, pasta sallad, marinated salmon, regular sallad, sour onions and a little bit of everything. For drink there was Pommac and Wine (both red and white). Four of Bears other buddies were there as well and we all sat together and spoke on the terrace for a few hours. For dessert three delicious cakes were brought fourth, and following them personal icecream slices as well. It's Swedish tradition (not Catholic) to give presents to the Confirmand, so everyone did. I brought the game Taifho (in fear that Bear might read this I will not reveal price or location of buy), which was seemingly an appriciated gift, Bears mom had played it before and gave it great praise to my upcoming content. We played it too, four players, I won. :)

One after another the guests left and after a while only I was left. We took a couple of long walks, first with Doris (dog) and then without, in the forest, in complete darkness. Youtubed half an hour, ate dinner (Quorn fillets with potatoes, sallad and olives, some strong sauce, tasted good) and then I left at about ten. My mother waited patiently at the trainstation after having seen both a cat sorrowfully meowing by its owners bicycle and a mouse run across the road before her. No Pokemon tonight.

Posted by Cyberdevil - September 25th, 2009

What comments this post will bring.

Posted by Cyberdevil - September 24th, 2009

It feels like every time I have a lot of things I need to get done, I stop doing any of the things I need to doing, and devotedly dive into any other supreme projects I've been looking forward to working with for some time. Sometimes I create whole new concepts, spawn great creativationals that I wouldn't ever have though of otherwise, but as all good things it comes with a downside. I don't get what I should be doing done, so I should stop doing other things and start doing things I need to be doing. Like this blog, writing this blog is a waste of at the moment very valuable time. I have a website client waiting whos site I haven't yet completed, schoolwork soon due and some siterelated tasks I set up for myself at the spawn of fall in Northern Sweden. I spend more time by the computer than I spend outside . . . or sleeping, and the more time I spent trying to get things done, the slower I do things. Plain logic.

Exercise is needed to set the mind in motion, I don't get enough of that, and I don't get enough sleep, so, yeah, I should do things differently. I will be doing things a bit differently tonight, I won't be working until late night when I really can't get anything done at a valid pace at later hours of the day. Instead I'll be leaving the computer at maybe about nine, working a little manually in my room, then playing Pokemon for a while until I go to sleep. Until then I'll so USEFUL things on the computer. Instead of sorting seventy albums and browsing galleries in order to stack up my wallpaper directories and maybe reading the latest IT news and searching for "How to brush your teeth properly" when I already know how to but somewhere deep in mind hope to learn a new secret technique that will let me clean my teeth waaay better waaay faster than usual I'll write a wishlist for this Christmas, post this blog, program a calculator in PHP (schoolwork) and if time remains, gather links for the coming special double Webox updates on CyberDB (falling a bit behind there, with some of the sitework I've been speaking about).

If you're wondering about Pokemon, I did during this so far a bit indecisive week pick up my old copy of Pokemon Gold and start playing it again, this time with a serious dedication towards gathering all twohundredfifty pokemon. I'm so dedicated I've been bidding on various Pokemon games online, bought a cheap link cable, will buy another GBC alternatively GBA console unless linking together my green GBC and purple GBA work good enough. I'll trade Pokemon between my different games and this way finally achieve the greatest success of all within the games. And also, the Pokemon games are just so damn fun I feel like playing more. I've played through Yellow and Gold before (without getting all Pokemon though), so now I'll try both of those two again, and, maybe I'll try red as well, and blue, and green, and silver, and crystal, and emerald, and ruby, and those two new ones in which you play as Pokemon instead of trainers, they sound fun (damn, that's a lot of them, specially seeing as just the two I've played took at least a total week nonstop to get through... without getting all Pokemon).

Eh, so what else have I done this week? I've watched the latest episodes of Anime I follow, added pictures for maybe a hundred series on my site, done some schoolwork, written in some writing from my notebooks of this summer, played out Quake 2, tried reinstalling Flash 8 again without plugins so I could open someone elses sourcefile for a Chess game and make one for Madness day ... without luck. I've been out walking a few times (way too little), made a big collage on my closet doors (will post a picture of that later, once I get a new camera), received the Golden Sun 2 game I bought by online bid (and realized the loading function didn't work anymore, big SHIT), and eh, hmmm, I've been browsing through a lot of galleries, and many other open directories, searching for good scripts, reading webcomics, gathering together lists of links. Actually I've been doing a shitload of things this week, it's just that I shouldn't be doing this shitload of things, I should be doing another one. So, that's all I have to say for now. Last week was great though, maybe a bit too effective, I typed in a whole notebook (just that a major accomplishment, usually takes at least a couple of months, I write a lot), and eh, did a lot of other things, but the week did pass way too fast. It's been a blast.

On an unrelated sidenote, wth is wrong with my spellcheck?! ¨Just read through this text and found "notebbok" and "bougt" and "webcmics" with no red underlining, so pardon anything my robotic helper didn't find for me, leaving things like that intact would surely decrease my web cred by two hundred fifty points or something. ;) Happy days peoples.