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There's some genuine holiday spirit in this animation! I love the fluid frame by frame style of animating, the snowfall such a suble loop you don't notice it if you don't start looking, the sceneries simple and wintery, the characters kind and jittery, and the oldskool music... took a few seconds to get used to, but once you do it's a nice and relaxing pace. When the deer pops up everything changes perspective too, and you realize how tiny they really are. Beautiful work!


cecameron responds:

Thank you very much for the kind words!

It's getting interesting! :D This really wasn't short at all, and just part one, but no matter what lengths it goes to I'm sure it'll remain entertaining. Jokes about jobs, homeless people, religion, Christmas, but all light-hearted and harmless, and in the end the character's (least one of them) finds that Christmas spirit for real and decides to do something about it... looking forward to seeing how that'll go! Nice work so far; Merry Christmas!


tylerghardin responds:

they'll both discover it by the end! thank you for the awesome review. merry christmas to you as well!

Those wavy arms! :O Animation overall's not bad, albeit simple, but those faces at the end look pretty rushed. Also doesn't feel like the most sequential sequence of audio from the show, not a solid pun or a red line you can follow, had to watch a couple times to get that it was the camera in-game they were talking about. I guess the animation could enforce that a bit more, but having seen plenty of other Game Grumps cartoons, maybe a more consistent clip could spice it up even better? Keep up the good work!


ChessPiece19 responds:

That's all true, and I think I'll find better audio next time. This time I just wanted to try something so I found a moment that I thought was funny. A note: the faces at the end are supposed to be simplistic: it's a stylistic choice, though you don't have to agree with it.

lmao, not holding back on the potential controversy at all! XD Was just thinking you might get some negative reviews on that... but anyway, skin color preconceptions disconsidered (or I guess it'd be impossible to, since those preconceptions are what the pun is all about...) it was fun! Animation's smooth and fluent, even if the character keeps growing smaller and bigger and not always looking very material. Also: found that Madness Test. :P Nice work; looking forward to next year!

artistunknown responds:

The funny thing is that it's not even racist, "Santa" isn't even black, as his face can clearly be seen. he's just wearing brown gloves and Wise Frog is an idiot. Wise Frog's racist, yeah, but that's just him.

I'm glad you thought the animation was smooth. Yeah, I need to work on my proportions, the character that's acting as Santa though is a shape shifter so I could just claim that that's why his shape is inconsistent, that or because FrogMan beat him up so bad that his body got mangled :3

Nice job finding that easteregg. I made that animation test for Madness day to see how well I could handle a frame by frame madness animation because there aren't enough of those. I never released it though so I thought I'd include it as an easteregg in this.

I'm not sure what next year will bring, but I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks for the review!

It's been so long! Glad to see you're back to submitting, and as far as those other episodes go: do hope they'll be making their way to NG eventually. Keep up the great work!


I guess they don't usually have eggs for breakfast over there on the North Pole. :) Another creative; clever trip! And a bit more down to Earth than some of the previous ones, with the main character moving around and actively engaging in the adventure, not just letting the world do it all for him. These toons are really coming out at a fast pace! Hope there's plenty more left!


Hmm, if you don't read the description for backstory, this can be pretty confusing! I thought at first it was just the dialog weirding out, saw the part about dubs, thought that might explain it, but at the end I had absolutely no idea what was going on anyway. Guess you need to see Bernd the Bread to get it, and even if you do read the description you probably need to see Bernd the Bread to relate to the main character, since in the animation he looks like a clear candidate for villian. Nicely animated though!


Seems hopefully fearful. :) Looking forward to it!


An elegant animation with a twist at the end! Don't mind the cherry knot feat, it seems she has even more amazing talents in store! :O Despite the gluttonously brutal ending it doesn't seem so bad; he was pretty much getting what he deserved anyway. Nice work!


So... I guess that kid was innocent after all? Poor kid!

Animationwise this was great. I like the edgy style of drawing, and the plot in how it tells a story to first at the end introduce the conlict. As for potential improvements: I notice a switch from present to past tense at one part, with the 'a couple of months go by, and they started...' amidst the flashback. Also felt the audio was a bit unclear somehow, feels like the speech is heard from a distance even when it's loud. Overall though, great work!


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