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It's summer again...

Posted by Cyberdevil - July 6th, 2023

...so I shall take my leave. Traditionally as may be perceived, from the city streets to the green green fields, to the outest reaches I can reach. To live the loudest where you don't hear a peep. To seek enlightenment and light and retreat. From all that riles me up in this pot of boulders, come back stronger not a lot yet older, when autumn rolls in and we're hot but colder.

See y'all in October!

Have a great summer y'all.




1st :')

Y'got it! :)

hmmm...is Cyberdevil back yet??? no??
damn. someone wake me up when September ends

Minutes later? Hours? Seconds? XD Wonder if there was a way to see exact timestamps on comments hmm...

@S3C love that reference

Tis a good one!

see ya my friend, hails from brazil

Vê você good friend, hails from the halls of Sweden!

ok Good :)

I see you sent some messages when I was away, I'll catch up soon ;) Some things to do first...

ever seen Vivarium?

Hmm! I don't think so... intriguing. I'll add it to my watchlist...

just realized that both you and the only other Swede I know disappear during the summer. that some kind of Swedish secret gathering going on there?

have a good one, CD!

Who's this other Swede you know?! Maybe we have similar places we go to; similar mindsets as to what must be done during this particular season...

We definitely like to get out whenever the sun's around, it's such a short season here, but I don't know anyone who really does it like I do it...

Thanks man; you too Kolumbo! Hope you had a good one!

inb4 GreenGuy74 asks for you to check out his newspost/submission/medals

Yupp yupp, such things might happen...

Chillest dude on NG gone for that long?? Well dayum. Hope that wherever you're heading out to, the people are as nice to you as you are on here.

Thank ye Guidodinho! Not a lot of people out where I am, apart from family, but it's nice to get away from the buzz of this world every once in a wild ride... may the people you surround yourself with be equally good-hearted!

ever seen They Cloned Tyrone?

Noo, another good one, and new... I'll add it too

inb4 ThePickle1234 asks for you to check out his newspost/submission/medals

I wonder if someone had their account deleted again while I was away, feels like I'm missing some relevant comments here and there here...

8 days in NewGrounds history therewere two UOTDs!

('08/14/14', 'abbuw')
('08/14/14', 'FU5ION')
('02/11/12', 'animedevil')
('02/11/12', 'CounterFreeze')
('07/20/07', 'blondedamaged')
('07/20/07', 'attemptedperfection')
('01/13/03', 'Readymix')
('01/13/03', 'acidboy')
('01/12/03', 'Da-Andron57')
('01/12/03', 'SmoothCriminal')
('01/11/03', 'ausmus')
('01/11/03', 'DJ-Kwality')
('01/10/03', 'Rabid-1')
('01/10/03', 'Smagmata')
('12/19/02', 'MRxSKiNNy')
('12/19/02', 'schrunk')

Oh that's a cool find. I wonder why this happened on those particular dates, some cron event that ran twice possibly... interesting anomalies. Wonder if the 2014 ones were the last we'll ever get; they permanently changed the way something works in regard to this after that...

also, 374 days in 11/07/22-present were there were no UOTDs. I'm guessing a combination of site maintenance and deleted accounts?

Wait what... 11/07/22 as in July 11 2022? July 22 2011? Different years? 374 missing UOTDs since July 11 2022 sounds crazy... it requires you be active for you to qualify too...

ever seen Don't Worry Darling?

Hmm no but I will!

ever seen Errementari?

Nope! Adding!

ever seen The Wonder(2022) ?

Not that one either! Been watching a lot of good movies recently?

I Hope WE can See us soon

Hey there DragonDestroyar! You stopped by in good time. ;) Just got back, catching up...

It's October again

It do be that time! Oct till it's ober!

I never delete PMs though. ;)



Massage Message Maxmum Namber

I get it :)

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