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Happy 2022

Posted by Cyberdevil - December 31st, 2021


Last one turned out so-so, so this time with a bit more glow yo:

2022. Let's make it true.




(un)Happy New Year! (I put the "un" just in case 2022 turns out shit)

In the end it is what we make of it though isn't it? ;) Let's make it a happy one! (one)Happy New Year rocknight1991!

happy new year

Happy New Year DK!!!

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years good buddy!

@DrunkGecko DG I mean. Whoops. Why can't we edit comment responses yet. :/

Way to start the Grand New 2022 with a typo.

Happy new year

a bit late maybe

Never too late to be happy! ;) Happy New Year AM22!

Congratulations on Hexalisting. Me I am trying to deposit each day.

Many thanks man. :) How's that going? Been managing daily for some time? Me too but then I miss a bundle every summer.

@Cyberdevil I miss some here and there about each month. I lost a rank last year and it won't be long before I am knocked out of the Top 30 B/P Ranks.

Ah the B/P definitely takes a bit more time to keep up with, but how crazy a life must you lead to actually miss a daily EXP dose here and there?! ;) Wonder sometimes if I'm just investing way too much time in this place hmm..

@Cyberdevil if I was unemployed I would spend lots of time here. I guess sometimes I just plain forget. I just vote what's under judgment and it's usually quite a bit.

Mmm, the UJ content's my main and only focus too, pretty much. Do have the benefit of working just part-time myself, but I feel like no matter employment status you probably don't actually get more time after a certain part in life, responsibilities pick up regardless; everything's always rolling, motion engrossing all in commotion... and priorities. Some time some things probably finns just feel much more important.

@Cyberdevil You said it so eloquently. It's my 5th biannual supporter status. I should utilize that to my benefit but in the end, it's for the badges. I might end set a blam and save target but I just end up going past it.

Is it not also for supporting the site, both the infrastructure and the creative moment, and showing a certain level of goodwill? ;) I definitely get those mainly for the trophies they resemble too, but that's a cool bonus. Truly do love this place. Feels good to support.

Hmm, it's like the limitations on stats here are about the same as those on the site as a whole, and the vision it embodies, you think you know what we're capable of but then sometimes you get something like FNF and realize there's really no limit at all. ;) Accomplishment mindset in stats as in life: you just keep pushing those boundaries.

only looking at this now, but lets hope that something actually goes somewhat right this year!

Truly do hope so yo! Happy New Year you NGPOG!

Les goooo!

Let's get it yoooo!

@Cyberdevil Sometimes I mean more rarely if I have extra disposal income I will just donate on odd years to help out. My original stat attaining was competition now its leisure. I won't get the most or climb the ranks the fastest but after 20 years I believe that's the best.

Ah we do a lot alike. :) Starting gifting an extra yearly supporter badge to particular users I appreciate a few years back, feels like the extent of financial surplus I'm fine with giving out right now... olskoo puts all of us to shame with that shizzle though. :P How much money does the man have...

Mmm I guess I'm balancing on both of those at the moment, for competition but only to the extent it still feels fun, don't want to burn out wit it. Whatever time allows, and then occasionally a brief break from it all.

I'll probably get to the leisure-only point eventually too, just... still not #1 y'know. :P

@Cyberdevil Next year I might feel generous and gift someone supporter status I think I was a recipient once but I have been essentially absent. I am predicting when readit goes public it will turn to shit. FNF helped get more traffic here.
I used to be very competitive and it took a lot of time bordering on obsessive-compulsive or just fanatic. I am here to entertain myself.

If I get to 20th that's my pinnacle.

Seems like a nice bonus with any occasional extra donation to get some directed appreciation too, supporter badge gifts are handy for that. ;) Me too last year, wonder if might've been olskoo, twas an anonymous one... readit? The Reddit client? Yeah FNF really brought in a surge of new traffic, crazy how much the forums have livened up since. Mhm, can definitely relate, hard to keep obsession at bay occasionally. XD Good to remind oneself.

Just another month till your there now... it really is a crazy long time to have been on any one site. Fascinating how we're moving into a time when such things are actually possible.

happy (belated, for you) gluten free day

Ooh there's a day for that too... likewise to you S3C! Still managing without?

Apparently November is 'Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month' too.

did you enable captchas on your website

Noo are you getting captcha there? Comment trouble? I did get a new firewall a while back.

Hey ummm.... your friend alexpopcristian sems kind of deat- i mean inactive

Hmmm no user named alexpopcristian exists? Is that the right name?

@Cyberdevil Sorry is Popalexcristian

Ahh, right, I can't say I really know him, haven't spoken to him since the latest newspost discussion on that page, almost ten years now... wonder if he's still around too.

@Cyberdevil Nostalgia moment

Yeaah. :) Tis a shame so many people come here and just leave though, you never know why..

got a captcha again when posting a comment


Huhh, interesting, this would explain why so few SPAM comments have been getting through lately... will look into...

just watched The American Air Guitar championship on ESPN wtf

Only in America... or is it...? That sounds awesome though...

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