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It's Summer

Posted by Cyberdevil - July 7th, 2021


Here's a shady shark with a carrot in a cove! Courtesy of the great @TheShokBlok.

Have a grand summer y'all! I'll see you in a bit.




Have a good summer


Thank you X! And likewise in retrospect!

Happy B-day CD!

Heeey you remembered! :D Thank you ZEPZ!

cool pic

you carrot deny :)

anybody else feel unsafe on NewGrounds when Cyberdevil isn't here
also to keep up with the 14(!) year tradition, have a good one lol

Ah man it's been that long!!! You too S3C.

: And me too. Feelin' so unsafe here when I ain't here I avoid this place completely.

swimmin with the sharks

And brawling with the bears. :) Albeit if just for a short share of the years.

@S3C Cyberdevil is like a puzzle piece of Newgrounds as a whole. He makes it complete.


Summer :)

Yess :)

Summer, I dont like it

I'd ask why but got the answer elsewhere already. :) Hope you enjoy your winters as much as I my summers though!

speak yo mind

my mind is free-zing when the summer breeze thins and don't seem appeasing!

I'm not looking forward to when Summer rolls around, to be honest

Ah too warm over there in the exotic; overall for the most part otherwise awesome NZ? After all these winters I wonder if it'd be possible to ever not like summer even if I lived somewhere where it was constant though... maybe we all oughta spend our first years somewhere in the arctic; then spread out and appreciate all seasons with a never waning awe. ;) Or vice versa, a few years in Death Valley and then...

Hope Cyberd comes back soon!

I reckon he shall!

@AudioMachine22 me2


@Void I'm banning Cyberdevil until September for not being inclusive of Southern Hemisphere folk who may be experiencing Winter right now. That'll teach him.

That's why I love this place, you just keep learning new things. :)

You're back!

Momentarily! ;)

How's summer been? It's about to end though.

Welll September may not be official summer in these parts, especially not up North, but I'm heading back next Wednesday anyway. It's harvest time now, so we just gotta reap the rewards of summer and then lock everything up before the snow falls... I'll be back for real start of October.

So far it's been great though. :) Sunshine, warmth and water and total disconnect... for a while... how about you AM22? What you been up too these last few months?

I just thought- you've never been here for a Clock Day have you?

Hmm! I might not actually, it really coincides with that prime time sunshine and all... wonder if I haven't at least checked in on that one particular day anyway SOME year. Feels like I must have, but can't remember if I have...

@S3C a rare treat I think

Truly. :) Some day I'm a change up my vacation plans so as to not miss out on that one day!

I see you online CyberDevil

The all-seeing and omniscient zz-ElectroPlasma-zz! ;)

Phew! Finally I can get to responding and shizzle!

@S3C okay, this is epic

Nice one XD

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