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@AudioMachina22 @Cyberdevil 1 carrot. Just 1 more carrot... om nom nom nom

Just keep it going a bit and it'll be 24 carrot gold! :P

@AudioMachina22 @Cyberdevil Aww. You got more things up in the air?

Yupp. :) The season's usually something like this: quick trip up in the end of May/start of June to prepare the ground, then parents take over, back up again for real most of July to help out when everything's growing the most/take some real vacation time, possibly back up a couple longer weekends or whatever time I can get later on in August/September, and then a final 1-2 weeks to really finish things before we all drive down South again.

I've got a weekend trip booked in October too though this year actually, finna be adventurous, possibly snowy then and the house is NOT particularly built for that kind of cold. :P

@AudioMachina22 @Cyberdevil Just been shitpoasting on General. Got myself some new clothes, and a pair of sunglasses. Also been planning what to do with my time once I get the feels back. When I get things back on track.

So just one more week, eh. Not much, hope we can collaborate on something soon enough!

Nice. That's the life though! :) Mmm hope that time comes. The company I work with's having some rough times too lately so I've been pondering what to do with mine too, will probably be working less with them; have to go looking for something new/additional...

Well just one week by the computer now, then 18 days in the wild and THEN I am BACK!!! fo rizzle yeah.

@AudioMachina22 @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil Sounds complicated. Kinda time consuming. Hope it wasn't too much a chore.

One more trip, eh? Hehe, you're a busy busy man.

You could definitely say that yeah. :) But I love being up there, and working more physically for a change, It was simpler when I didn't have any responsibilities and could just take a few months off entirely though, everything's a puzzle now...

Yupp yupp, out here tripping all summer. :)

@AudioMachina22 @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil Powahh! 1 week free time?

No no one week work time and then 18 days free time. XD Though actually 16 hours work time spread out within those 18 days too, had to compromise and accept some hours at a distance then to to actually get these weeks free. But anyway, TLDR: be back for real October 1.

@AudioMachina22 @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil Good good. You going on a cruise with SIlja Line or something? lol

Have been a bit envious of the people who've been able to have a cruise ship as their office for a while. XD Nah, I'll just bring a laptop with me up North; sit in my room for a few hours every couple of days.

@AudioMachina22 @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil AIght. I hope I get better before then, and I probably will. My guess...

Hope so too man. If there's a will there's a way!

@AudioMachina22 @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil Kk. Enjoy that time!

TY again :)

speaking of Death Valley, they recorded a new world record (135 F) this summer but it takes years to verify...

*looks up hottest temperature ever in Sweden*
*100 degrees*

Would possibly actually appreciate the winter if I had to live through that! Daaaamn...

37C is really PRETTY HOT for us Northerners. XD

Though a bit surprised it's never been more than that. We're just a few degrees short of the record at the peak of every summer then.

since when do you have a laptop? specs?

Since a few years at least, though I haven't been using it. :) It's a Fujitsu Esprimo Mobile U9210 if you want to look it up, no spectacular specs but should be good enough for regular work.

One cool thing about it though is that you can switch out the CD drive with an extra battery, works on the fly too. Bought it thinking I could use it for travel but haven't really needed it until now.

I actually have a few older laptops too though.

specs? Specifically as a spectator, *wipes specks of dust from eyes* I require my spectacular spectacles to spectate on specifications and specificities

It don't have spectacular specs - even with spectacles I don't think you'd object at all! Though do hope to gain spectacular pecs, from these vernacular reps, hope these occular obstacles don't have me set... back. But I can mac a PC. I can pimp a whole rack. Server laps in gold vats.

Getup's flashy but still mechanical. Setup with winning Window banderoles. Functional if I manage all. Chunky but it won't damage fall. Here y'all can see the handle of, and specs and all withstanding fall:

@S3C Oh if you were wondering about my other few, the most recent other two are both this with differing cover hue: https://www.dustin.se/product/5010367184/eee-pc-1005ha-seashell

@gribnag @Cyberdevil I’d be willing to take on a bear after the fiasco this summer has been for me -.- then again it seems every summer is...

How can a summer be a fiasco though! No sunshine?

@gribnag @Cyberdevil Alas my dear cyberdevil... no sunshine...

Noooo... well in that case... I understand.

I'm sorry for your loss. :(

good morning

Good morning S3C! You're up late today. :)

top of the morning. it's 11:06 PM. I'm in bed no earlier than 12:00 AM. I have a meeting tomorrow at 8:30 AM.

I noticed you're on earlier than usual? the green circle spy next to your name tends to flash between the hours of 11 AM and 12 PM.

Ah I thought it was later! Good luck with that meet man! Got one today too at two, preparation one with the boss at one, gotta leave the house at six, catch a plane at nine...

And yes indeed, they're currently flushing the sewage pipes in our house so I am here couple hours earlier than usual. :) Finna be a long day today...

now I'm confused...the current Swedish time is 8:30 AM and you're meeting is at 2;00 PM (14:00) but your plane is at 9:00 PM (21:00). Are you taking a Delorean to redo your meeting in the past or do you just mean you're heading back up North?

that sounds most unpleasant...got a clog or something. making sure to eat plenty of fiber LOL

Hehe the Delorean alternative would've been cool! But yes, heading up North for a final stretch. :) Correct line of times!

It's just a routine thing to keep 'em clear, though apparently it's supposed to be done every 4-5 years, hasn't been here in 15+! Seems we might be getting broadband drawn in soon though so: more fiber then. :P

in that case: Wake Me Up When September Ends

Wake up to the world! Up and smell the birds! Sunshine... a little breeze whiffs me by. The alarm clock's passice, time's not past yet, outside the masses, have yet to rise...

@gribnag @Cyberdevil
*sad fist bump*

*sad fist bump indeed*

ever seen American Psycho?

Yeaah but I guess it was before I started reviewing everything. Remember it being pretty dark! Christian Bale always really goes deep into his roles. Might be worth a resee...

Didn't know there was a sequel though! Ever seen American Psycho 2?

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