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Happy 2020

Posted by Cyberdevil - December 31st, 2019


Feels like the last one was just a year ago though! Damn time. Flies.

2020. Let's make it plenty.



Comments (106)

Happy New YEAR!

Happy New THAT!


not first commenter!? guess I have to wait another decade...

Where were you man?! It was all ready, just waiting for you....

congrats on surviving another decade

Thank you man, and to you too! Let's make this decade the best one yet!


True fury :O

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year EvilAntonioUnderNewAlias! :)

Happy new year to you. Thanks for all you do for this website.

Thank you my dude! May it be a year of plenty of travels! Was just skimming through the old meet up pages too and realized that London Meet #7 is supposedly due soon...

Happy new year! Hope you're enjoying 2020 so far

A Happy New Year Void Of All Hopeless Endeavors! ;) Enjoying the perfect visions puns so far. ;) Likewise!

@nietzlawe though why can't we edit comment responses I fear I might go... full typo O_o

How you get "If" medal?!

Hmm seems that medal disappeared... you just had to click a button, then grant the application permission to access your profile, and then click a button again.

I clicked like 100 times, and nothing I get :/
And now medal vanished, and all who get it, get points and medal forever to profile -.-

Oh, did you get some notification asking to give permission too? Maybe you had an ad blocker that hid it, or pop-up blocker or something. I don't think it'll remain forever on my profile either though - the medal mods clean out non-existent medals every once in a while so we lose those too. I wish we didn't. :/

I dunno. I even not start game, when it open new tab and ask me permission. I revoke and give permission many times, and no medal. Also I click credits and it's too open this tab :/ I did it really many times, maybe not 100 times, but many. I think this dude want steal our passwords, I really sad, need not give permission. We need ban this user! Also, medal count should save in profile, and even medals from deleted medals. Because here absolutely different medal number in "Medals" option, and "Recent game medals". Also, if you get medals before they deleted by moderation, and scan them, so, they saved in your profile forever. Like DJDarkDash did it in game "Sperm Blaster".

Mmm maybe just not in the right order, clicking a button right after you give permission, and before you revoke it? It was the Credits I kept toggling, back and forth. But it doesn't really matter now, medal's gone..

I don't think he was trying to do that, it seemed like a genuine integration, just not presented the most professional way. The permissions you granted didn't give any password access either, it's the same as other games get via the official API, but since it's official you never need to give permission manually. This kind of thing would basically let anyone on any other site have a game that's linked to the NG medal system, so we could play games there and have achievements appear on our profiles here. :) It's just related to the public part of the profile. I don't think you need to worry about this, I don't even think the API allows someone to fetch passwords here, but of course it's always best to be careful about what permissions you grant a game like this. I read through them a couple times to see it was really OK.

Regarding medals staying forever, you mean if they're scanned elsewhere, like on Meta Gamer Score? The medal numbers do differ between the tabs, that's true, but only existing medals count on the official Rankings page, and in the Top 200 Medal Users topic: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1042325/278#bbspost26429172_post_text

...I'd love to see them all stay forever. Could be so they just don't count for points if they disappear, but when you've earned a medal you really want to keep it. :/

Btw do you know DJDarkDash?

Happy Belated New Years. 2019 both rocked and sucked, hope this decade brings us more.

Happy Belated New Years and Deacdes stevetheanimator! :) Yeah I feel like I have some good memories from the last year, but didn't really do everything I wanted to; everything didn't really go the way I'd planned either... such is life! Hope for the best from now on!

Happy new year!

Happy New Year Pecheneg! :)



@SuperPCGamer @Cyberdevil god damn it dude

devil acclaim non-entity... dudette?

ever been to Trollhättan?

Noo not yet actually. Been wanting to drive there for some time. SAAB museum. Seem to remember you speaking of the place before too, have you? Planning to?

hmm, don't think so, I just heard about it yesterday for the first time AFAIR. I was looking at this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_twin_towns_and_sister_cities_in_Sweden and noticed that my city is a twin city with Trollhättan.

Oh damn that's a lot of ties! And all around the world, to the furthest reaches of Africa... maybe there's a reason you've become such a connoisseur with regard to Swedish culture hmm! Pretty cool.

Wonder who I was speaking about Trollhättan with earlier though... anyway SAAB used to have their HQ over there, and we're all pretty big SAAB fanatics in the family. So it's definitely one of those bucket list locations. So, you could take a trip over there too? Study exchanges? Do you know how these things work in practice?

Not sure how the opportunities arise but yes. I think the study exchanges are mainly for grade school. A friend's band played somewhere in China (a different sister city) through the sister city exchange, expenses covered and everything.

Nice. Seems like one of those things I really wish I'd have known about back in school days, though at the time probably wouldn't have been interested in at all...

All them missed opportunities. Like the opportunity to add in a note on missed opportunities in the earlier comment response before posting now that they're not possible to add incremental updates to no longer.

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