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hmm, don't think so, I just heard about it yesterday for the first time AFAIR. I was looking at this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_twin_towns_and_sister_cities_in_Sweden and noticed that my city is a twin city with Trollhättan.

Oh damn that's a lot of ties! And all around the world, to the furthest reaches of Africa... maybe there's a reason you've become such a connoisseur with regard to Swedish culture hmm! Pretty cool.

Wonder who I was speaking about Trollhättan with earlier though... anyway SAAB used to have their HQ over there, and we're all pretty big SAAB fanatics in the family. So it's definitely one of those bucket list locations. So, you could take a trip over there too? Study exchanges? Do you know how these things work in practice?

Not sure how the opportunities arise but yes. I think the study exchanges are mainly for grade school. A friend's band played somewhere in China (a different sister city) through the sister city exchange, expenses covered and everything.

Nice. Seems like one of those things I really wish I'd have known about back in school days, though at the time probably wouldn't have been interested in at all...

All them missed opportunities. Like the opportunity to add in a note on missed opportunities in the earlier comment response before posting now that they're not possible to add incremental updates to no longer.

oh cool Cyberdevil commented on his own blog post. This is the first time I've seen this

Ey it's definitely happened before. ;) Maybe not in a wh... I mean maybe even in the most recent post before this one.

Just got all of my postcards!! Thank you! I love them :) <333

Nice. :) Was starting to wonder if you had maybe spontaneously swapped houses the last few months... Christmas shipping takes a while hmm! Also glad you like!

@Kiwi @Cyberdevil I'm not sure when they got here because I was on vacation for a week, but when I got home they were here!

Oooh, nice, well more than a month then at least. Where you been off too? Tropical detours? Exotic expeditions? Near-there nature adventure?

@Kiwi @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil carribean cruise to honduras, Belize and cozumel

Ooooh damn that's quite a trip! :D Which was the best place? Any shareable pictures?

Happy 2020. may you have much food and much happiness and much art and much free time and much travels and watch adventures and no drama

Happy 2020 Quisty! Watch adventures? Like dropping my watch in a pothole during one of those many travel adventures? ;) I'm currently watchless so such endeavors should be OK. Thank you. Hope you have a great year yourself, of whatever it is you might have time for apart from raising that baby!

@Quisty *not apart from but as well as, of course. XD

@Quisty @Cyberdevil wow what a typo LOL. Yeah I didn't mean that, I meant adventures in general.

Haha yeah I figured, hope for lots of those! Thanks. Started the year with a quick trip up to the snowy Norths; a couple days of driving around and exploring familiar sceneries now estranged with ice and cold, so far so good. :) How is life for you though? Any time for any hobbies these days?

@Quisty @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil no time for much but once kid is more independent then I can get back to hobbies.

Just a few years now hmm. :) Good luck. Raising potential world leader or great native creative with unfathomable influence there.

@Kiwi @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil Honduras was beautiful! Pics in the wanderlusts thread and on my insta!

How many clubs have you started! :O On my way...

@Kiwi @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil hahaha... Two... I think??

Aha. XD The concert one wasn't yours...? Or maybe not a club. Anyhow: I can deal with this. Two's not too unmanageable...

@Kiwi @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil that ones just a list in general!

Got it.

ever seen Priest (2011)?

Ah I think you might've recommended me that one before. Think it might still be on my watchlist... or was it recommended? Good movie?

is the playlist panel broken, or has it not been fully implemented yet?


Seems like it's working now...? Wonder what it looked like when you were linking to it...

it's just an empty panel for me: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/draw/8856f256fa203ad41fa6c230f6cb7697

tried it on chrome and firefox, same result

Hmm! Seems others might see it the same way as you do: https://archive.is/gJgPV/image

...I can see my own fine, but I can't see Toms apparently. sooo maybe playlists just went private? What happens if you try making one of your own?

I wonder if this is intent8ional though...

that must be it, the playlists panel is private.
I still count it as a bug, because if it was meant to truly be private the button shouldn't be accessible to the public.

Yeah I think it might be, I seem to remember there being a page that listed ALL playlists too, though maybe that's gone now too.... you can sti8ll see individual ones though right? For example: https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/fb650a1e5bc8c085495aa763f910a8be

...again also reminded of the fact you can't edit comments now. Wonder if that's a bug or a feature. These things need to be announced...

it's def. a bug as diminishes the quality of the site...and we used to be able to at one point

where you able to find the topics?

From late 2008-2012, I think there was threads before that too, but I cannot locate them. It's a good bit of history, just needs more 'congrats to the winners' and less whining. Though I suppose the P-bot threads had their share of complaining back in the day...

You're right, asked Tom about it just nowand they're aware of it too. Hopefully a quick fix. Was going to link to his post but it's in the Supporter forum...

Ah no, thanks, skimmed the first pages but didn't see it there. Seems activity's dwindled hmm...

Haha yeah, not that the Congrats really contribute that much, but it keeps the hype up a bit. Been going through old P-Bot posts recently btw, there sure were a loooot of comments there back in the day, nice to see people like BomToons and Little-Rena being regulars in the conversations back in the day. Fun fact: thumbnails were apparently added in just roughly ten years ago now, before that it was all text.

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