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Inktober Grounds

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 28th, 2018

I've been trying something different for Inktober this year. Every day I've opened up this thing, and 1.) started at least one new game with a random user, 2.) continued at least one game with a regular, and 3.) doodled something in free draw mode, of which I'm individually uploading the first dose of doodles today.

They're nothing spectacular, limited tools and small canvas considered, but it's been a fun set of rounds, and a challenging change of format (especially the lack of smoothing - that little thing does so much). As I started this month with just about a hundred shared pieces and am currently up at 266, I'd say the goal of staying active and drawing each day has been, so far, a success! Hopefully I've inconspicuously involved and inspired a few others in the challenge too. ;)

Though free draw mode is what I focused on for that daily dose of limitless creative reign I am pretty happy with some stuff the regular rounds turned up too, so here's a small dose of those.







No need to spell out the words I hope? Go play some Drawing Grounds if you haven't already! It's a great game. I'll be uploading the rest of the Inktober doodles in the next few days, as the end of the Tober closes in.

Also for anyone who's interested here's last year. I'm not sure I improved as much this one as I did then, but it's always good practice. I barely draw a thing outside these particular months. Looking forward to whatever new forms of artistry 2019 entails, and I think I'll keep going with these rounds a bit next month too... they're pretty addicting.


Comments (6)

Couch potato has been my favorite so far :-)

Gotta get wit dem puns a bit more huh. :) Thanks!

Nice. That spider sure is scary.

Thanks. :) I hope you don't have any arachnophobia!

I like this ):<
Cup of tea and spider looks great

Yeah that spider is probably my favorite. :) Not as much work on texture but... it just worked so well! Could've done the eyes a bit better though. And thanks!

Ah, shoot! You shoulda encouraged me to restart our game! We gotta get to 99 some day.

But you've got that username issue. :) No rush though, I'll be there! Think I'ma be playing this game for some time...

@TheReviewTrickster @Cyberdevil Yes, the username issue is there, but still, we coulda started again. I don't think I'm gonna have any more time for that until this weekend, and that'll be November.

Ah you would've liked to join in on the Inktober thing too there? My bad. I'm all for some new rounds in November though if you're up for that. Or next year... could make Inktober a whole new collective Drawing Grounds phenomenon. :P

I like spiders!
I remember being in third-fourth grade and catching spiders in jars. One classmate had a great ambition for spiders and no one but I wanted to catch fen spiders with him. We drove sticks in blastholes that were left in the cliff. and waited for them to leave the sabotaged hole they had as home. Then we put it in a jar and showed the rest of the class. We usually kept it in the classroom till the end of the day when we let it go.

Sounds like a fun class. :) I like spiders too. Handy to have around to keep the flies; such at bay a bit. At our summerplace we let them live in the corners, but here in Stockholm everything's a bit cleaner. Some manage to find shelter with our potted plants, but alas, most probably disappear with the vacuum... small room for spiders in a modern home.