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Inktober Bites & Rare Cyber Monday Ramble

Posted by Cyberdevil - November 27th, 2017

It's Cyber Monday! What better day for me to post an update?

I finished Inktober about a month ago now... when it finished (in other words this is old news), but here's a retrospective bit of favorite bites from that batch. <- There's plenty more where that links.

Look at those teeth!


Sharking Sunshine

I really liked how these trees turned out too. True trees. Total treedom. Pine time. So green.

Pine Time

And most of the others were OK! Maybe some year I'll be happy with all of them. Practice makes perfectionism. Just another decade of Inktober and who knows...

I don't upload nearly enough stuff lately, this being the first dose of artistry this year, but maybe that... won't change anytime soon because life is hella busy.

I'm happy I still have time for the community though, that I'm halfway to the next level, and hooked on all kinds of small odd and creative series that you can only find on this one amazing site. Each day´s a fresh dose of inspiration, like today, here´s the dose: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/702621

Thanks for being around, NG! Though that thanks giving thing is a few days past: every day is a good time for thank giveaways on these parts! Thanks for reading, stranger! And thanks in advance for signing this thing so Internet keeps spinning as it's supposed to and there'll be no peace out!

Peace in...ternet. We're all just one piece of this grand linear puzzle. Terra. Dig it? All.


Comments (20)

nice drawings btw


You draw well.
What program makes these fine lines? Is it Flash?
I need to trace my paper art :)

Thanks. :) Yeah it's Flash 8. Oldskool. It's not the only program with line smoothing, but I've really grown attached to the simplicity of it, and somehow stuck with that one number.

You should definitely do that! :D It's a good program for that purpose. I've done plenty of traces, but just one full-on paper/digital hybrid so far: https://cyberdevil.newgrounds.com/news/post/915551

Thanks for the tip. I feel my art is meh, needs improvements. I'll get there one-day.

Yeah just practice enough and I'm sure you'll get there! Looking at the latest one it's not bad! I still have a long way to go too.


*thumbs up*



4° <- dude taking a dump


so it cuts of my comment when I write "<- dude taking a dump" wtf

Huh? Cuts off how? """"""""""""""""""

'<'- interesting...must be some html command then inserts a new line
anyway i was trying to say thats an emoji of a dude taking a dump

I actually saw that one just recently. Somewhere here on NG. Same place maybe? Had a pretty refreshing lol session! XD

don't put a left bracket and slash together, it will remove the rest of your comment

LIke (/ ? Or {/ ? Or the other kind of slash? (\ ? {\ ?

Doesn't seem to be working...

"<" this followed by this "-"

maybe its just the comment field...i think that's the syntax for leaving comments in html btw?

Ah, guess I'll give that a try next! I thought comment and responses were the same format though; none of them had any HTML support.


this "<"


this character: <




i cant even type it...the left angular bracket followed by "-"

Heeey you're right! :D That bracket followed by anything = totally blank. Cool find. Will definitely be using this some places...

wow ur page sure is getting spammed...time to clean up

Comment count greatly upped though, thanks. :P




ever seen the bizarre modern Shakespeare reenactment film Titus?

*? Ah, if you're viewing comments by oldest first that makes better sense. XD

Hmm not yet, watchlist +1!

Could mean 'damn to the S3Cth degree'
Trees are slightly lame/not bad, the rest of the pics are quite good.
Dug a lot of Terra in my time, had a cave in once, got lucky, could breathe just enough to get loose.


Well the trees are trees, but I just like the style I discovered while drawing them, the crowns in particular, but looking lower they probably don´t pan out as well as they should... still potential for practice hmm! Thanks btw!

Sounds like a pretty terrable terrabite! A cave you actually dug out yourself? Do tell more!

Laying drainage pipe in 2.3 meters of sand when a chunk of it caved onto me, had just enough upper chest exposed to breathe. My Pop was on the digger, poor guy freaked out, never saw him jump down so fast. Said I was still talking lol, but plenty worse has happened to others. My Pop found my shovel so he helped a little... a lot, rly does encase you in solid matter. Worse case scenario, I think I had a better than 50% chance on getting out before asphyxiation

Man that sounds pretty heavy! You'd think as long as you're partly above the sand you'd be able to crawl out, but guess not, the beach photos of kids digging their parents straight into the sand probably aren't that realistic then hmm... good thing someone was nearby.

Also for some reason I don't think this showed up in my feed... thus the pretty late response!