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no I only 'ever seen' the good stuff

Was going to go with ... or ??? here but then: I got it.

prove it

All the times you've asked if I've 'ever seen' a movie: it's a good movie. :P Groovy?

I edited the reply just in case.

Ah, thanks for the note, you don't get a notification on an edit it seems.

Makes sense regarding the shotgun note, it does have that pump and everything too. Seems like an interesting hybrid.

you didn't pass the test :P

sure every time I've asked it's been a good movie, but in order for this to be a proof, it would have to be proof by enumeration. It is not possible for me to watch every movie that is (or will be made) to make such a claim.

rather, follow by definition:

ever seen: watched AND recommended
no I only ever seen the good stuff == no I only watched AND recommended the good stuff
also, if true, contradictory would be my claims of certain films being hot garbage, thus, I have watched non-good stuff

Surely these minor loopholes in your claims are no rebuttal as to my 'getting it' though. XD

Surely when you initially implied that you 'only 'ever seen' the good stuff', you were also implying that it was only when you mentioned that you had 'ever seen' the good stuff that it WAS in fact good stuff - not then taking into account that it potentially occasionally was indeed also occasionally hot garbage, like the infamous case with the Green Inferno non-recommendation, and that it'd also be mutually understood that 'good stuff' was in said context a highly subjective categorization by which your own like and approval takes precedence over the actual relative-to-all-content goodness of said content.

Thus, when I said I 'got it', and in simple terms proved - I still believe - that I did get it, it was not that I was not getting that your claims might not hold up in thorough review, but that I understood the intended implication of said phrase, and your sentiment as to the 'ever seen' implying solely recommendation, not in fact all manner of content as I had previously assumed.

Furthermore, since you contradicted my 'You only watch the good stuff huh' with a 'no I only 'ever seen' the good stuff, it is here implicit that you do indeed not watch all stuff, nor all good stuff, by which I don't believe any enumeration is necessary.

My getting it infers thus only to the sentiment of the 'ever seen', not all possible logical fallacies that underlie these previous claims.


Yo Wendigo! Thanks for the warm welcome!

@mikeymoonbeans @Cyberdevil I’ve always had an interest in literary art it just took a while before I got into poetry. On my old account I appeared in the Writing BBS from time to time, although mostly writing stories. I occasionally wrote a funny haiku here and there. Anyway I came back for nostalgia. Looking to rebuild my stats from the old account.

Ah I guess I just haven't been in the writing forum enough myself to notice! Pretty much the only thread I've been frequenting there is the haiku one. I write a lot just not as socially...

It's like Hotel California this place y'know. ;) I'm glad you're back though! Good luck!

ok fine you win

Takes a strong man to admit defeat :)

woah my n***a you seen this https://wayforward.archive.org/

Oh wow that's totally new too! What a promo for really trying to uncensor the web... I'm a post some blurb on that later, pretty cool... and scary premise...

yo whats good CD

Yo yo S3C! What's poppin'? Just grinding on with those dailies, that they may someday become a CD.

Aaand I thought about adding in a word in that response just as I was about to hit post, but figured I might as well try the edit feature after I had now that we have it, and I now realize we apparently don't have it here yet after all!!! Maybe only when you post a comment on someone else's profile now...

Edit: On comments, wherever they may be. No edit capabilities yet on responses.

we can fi- oh looks like you already found out

Newfoundland. :) More like Newfoundgrounds hmm. They're on a roll with these little tweaks lately.

Ah you posted about it even earlier! Scary prospect, this heavily censored potential future...

This is happening again:
This time, it's still going on after a day or two. That is, I dropped from experience rank #183 to #344, while you got moved to rank #10!

Ah yes, I saw a thread about that in General just recently too. Personally I really can't complain. XD Gotta live for the moment here, probably won't last so long...

Well here’s what you missed

Carlton bank posted nudes on twitter and newgrounds causing him to get cancelled he shot his brains out after

Damnedbyfate has still not said god dammit Wegra yet

That’s all

Whaaaaaaaat!!! Wait... back in 2008? Wait no this didn't happen at all? Am I getting trolled here...?

Gotta get him back on track hmm. Shall remind.

Thanks for the somewhat confusing update!

@Chuzzle-dude what the fu-



I got back just in time huh? :D Halloweeeen WOO!

@MiklipiGD @Cyberdevil Yeah

Awesome. :) Happy Halloween in a bit MiklipiGD!

In regard to which question now?! XD Ah well, assume it's the latter...

Confusing answers. XD

Yes :)

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