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@MiklipiGD @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil Happy halloween in a bit too

Hey you too! May it be wonderfully ghastly in two weeks the past week!

@MiklipiGD @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil yeah l'll be an eated bread. What about you

Niiice! XD Is that a custom made costume? Sounds like one you might not find in any stores...

Alas I don't think I'll be going to any Halloween party this year, might be just watching some scary movie with a buddy. If I did though it'd be as a pirate. :) I'm always prepared for that. Real cutlass, blunderbuss replica and everything... used to be tradition.

@MiklipiGD @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil i hon stly dont know if i have to be in a Real World or idk im just losing my mind... Yeah let's eat my Brain to become a zombie what an idea banger.

Huh? No Halloween parties? Where are you being an eated bread now...? You know, if you didn't know there actually is some truth to that, cannibals have been known to get Kuru, which is a neurological disease that causes symptoms that might've inspired the zombie movies of today. Though I wouldn't reccomend that...

@MiklipiGD @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil im bread no humain

Ginger bread man?

@MiklipiGD @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil no normal bread ginger bread for chrismas

Sounds like you're living the slice of life hmm. Also not really relevant but: http://www.breadman.com/

@MiklipiGD @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil what a link l'll click it in a bit

It looks better than it really is though. :P

@MiklipiGD @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil is where my brother have been made and where i killed a Guy that said call me owobamanation.

Obama nation? Abomination? Uwu bomination? Bomb a nation? O_O Crazy life you lead Miklipi

Those ambiguous responses again to multiple questions XD

@MiklipiGD @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil yeah that a custom disguise yes . JK im just jumping cuz why not.

@MiklipiGD @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil NO WAY XXXXXXXXDDDDDDD ( fact: in french bread is pain so is even better )

House of bread lmao!!! Never drew that parallel before!

I gotta make some bread though. :P Maybe not a house but...

@MiklipiGD @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil a bread planète or ... Bread EP...holy

I could make some bread on that hmm!

@MiklipiGD @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil yeah crispy bread..

Crispy, toasty, roasted loafs with butter rolls that slowly melt in a subtle slope...

@MiklipiGD @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil with a otter sauce cuz why not (an otter cost 10,000$ btw)

Whaaaat?! XD I mean nice rhymes but that is hella expensive!!!

Who would've thought an otter would be so pricey! I could buy some mice for like half the price that precise and maybe try some nice sneaks and event rent a house by paradise Keys...

@MiklipiGD @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil otter more worthy

But what will I do with this otter...

@MiklipiGD @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil otter more worthy

If there was nothing left to buy maybe I would get an otter...

@MiklipiGD @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil Otter reproduction for otter commerce and otter drug...why not? Is only 20,000$

And if can earn an additional 10,000$ on every other otter ever after...

@MiklipiGD @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil It mean 40.000$ for a lot mooooore $ (maybe 200,000$ per year or more)

but how many new otters can every other otter have every year?!


@MiklipiGD @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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