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Comments (57)

hi cyber

Hey there NoahAnimates101!

Welcome back cd! Good to have you this October <3

Yo nachos! :) Good to have you here too with that beat-making mastery for manageable backing! Hope to hone my vocals a bit better before the next beat... really gotta warm up earlier next year.

hey dude! you are awesome

Hey thank you. :) You rock too rocknight1991!

I was wondering why I haven't seen much activity from you lately.

Finally getting back to it now. :) Been a long summer!

Deez nuts

lmao XD I didn't miss that topic at least!

for real this time?? until next time?

Wellll I will actually be off for one more weekend next weekend but that doesn't really count right? Will still be checking in daily then, Inktober and all.

madness day

Yeaaah I definitely missed that. :/ Any particular submission I should check out?

@Rherdalaezian @Cyberdevil nope. I didn't take part in it at all. but I knew you'd missed it

Aight. :) I'm a just have to plow through some of those submissions someday too, big fan of that franchise, pretty crazy it just keeps getting bigger and bigger too.

A lot :P

Heeey MysticSkillz! :D You've probably been putting out all sorts of stuff while I was off too, finna see what I missed there...

@MysticSkillz @Cyberdevil Plate seems to never be empty lol

Just hope that applies to food and finance and all. :P

1 week ago, I found this newest subreddit. This subreddit is just 2 weeks old! I found this subreddit since it was five (5) days old.

Ah that goes hand in hand with the stuff you've been debating too, sort of. :) Nice find.

Yes... I think a lot XD

We plannig scenes :P for Reduce 3.

Finally time to catch up with that too now! :) Cool to hear, seems you're working tirelessly as ever.

You missed Pod-Chan Art Contest...

but not this https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1483739 :D

Wooo two weeks left, let's see if there's some spare time for it... are you joining?

I missed a ton of art contests it seems btw, last newspost announced winners for something like 5-6 different ones!!!

@0DearKruno @Cyberdevil I joined it and made 2 arts for a Dead Estate art contest

Niiice! You're on a roll.

@Mejson @Cyberdevil, yeah, I'm such a hard worker Bee! Hehehehe XD

You really are! :D #dedication

@Mejson @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil, Thanks! :P

It's the truth! :)

ever seen Patema Inverted?

Nooo but that looks fascinating... have you? Recommended? I think I might've seen glimpses of it in an AMV, looks familiar...

I don't know why you said that, but you can go with any of my beats.

Well you make good beats, and it'd be fun to try something simpler with the ones you have available. :) Since I'm doing daily verses for Inktober I've been looking to collab with more people, just remembered our earlier attempt when you left that comment, haven't thought to check your page in a while. Anyway thank you! I'll have a listen and let you know which I go with; if it's still alright then.

Do you have a mic setup? And some sound absorption?

I do now, though very simple. I'm just using an SM58 and pop filter, no professional sound absorption on the walls, but curtains/bed/pillows/not too many hard surfaces.

Heya, I went by the name BoxerBraydog back in the day (on an old account that has since been nuked) and I’m here in hopes that SOMEONE remembers me. Hope you’re doing well. I remember you from the BBS and whatnot.

Heya BoxerBraydog! Course I remember you! Though I didn't remember your affinity for poetry back in the day. Did you write as much then? What brought you back now? Why'd you leave?

I am doing pretty well thank ya! Hope ditto.

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