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Cyberdevil's News

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 4th, 2009

They try to fly and they all die
A million times
They tried and fried in chairs up high
A billion times

They try so hard yet lie in lard
A trillion times
They rise and slice their foes like ice
A zillion times

Yet they will never get nowhere
Get there when they all just stare
Stare ahead and let life pass
Waiting by the hourglass

Walk right past with hate to eye
Hate in their eyes they walk with pride
They don't slow down or step aside
They walk right on until they collide

With the eventual wall standing there tall
Blocking the free air making them fall
Yet they all stumble back up on their feet
And they don't ever, admit they've been beat

So they attack the wall again with all that they've got
Bash their fists so bloody and they all suffer a lot
And in the end them and their friends end up in the same spot
Where flames rise high and lifes pass by and the weather is so hot

Some of the people miss the wall with just inches to spare
And they keep walking through their life with limits everywhere
But right infront of them it seems the road is always clear
Around the world they walk with words no human dares to bare

Poetry by me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 4th, 2009

I don't let the limits
Reach me
I don't let the powers
Bring me down

I always try to think
Life is peachy
Even when I'm nailed
To the ground

I don't let the borders
Set me
I don't let their big feet
Push me down

I always like to think
They can't reach me
Even when I'm nailed
To the ground

Poetry by Me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 4th, 2009

The flash was bright
It flashed all night
With all it's power
With all it's might

It shone so fierce
It shone so fine
It shone all day
It shone all time

Then when next day
Came into light
The glow had vanished
Seized to fight

The alien vessel
And its bright lamp
Had sunk down into
The swamp so damp

Poetry by me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 4th, 2009

I light a candle
Every morning
Maybe because it glows
Maybe because it's warming?

It rests beside
My computer pride
And there it shines
It sheds its light.

As I type, and as I see,
I see the candle, shining at me.
I like the shine, I see it gleam,
I seem to mind my shining stream,

More than the screen, more than my work,
At time flames fludder, goes berserk.
I hear it beam and I see light stream
The fire screams, only in my dreams.

Only in my vivid, imagined, notions.
I see the fires, the flaming, oceans.
That rise upon the new dawn of man!
I wonder - when - I will understand.
The World

Poetry by me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 4th, 2009

You don't know me and you don't feel my pain
I know you've never tried to decipher my brain
But if you ever did all your tries would be in vain
Because I'm metaphorically and unclinically insane

You can't catch my vibes with a three foot pole
I hang them out to dry and they swallow skies whole
They follow drunken breezes wherever they may go
Roll on waves - form by storm - in darkness they glow

I speak in tongues so twisted there is no whole cause
In my world there are no limits - dimminished are all laws
Sing in tones that you can't hear - my voice it won't reach your ear
I try to breath loudly - be focused - see clear

But something always breaks when all else fails
It might be time to rise and then set sail
If we are to flee the winds of evil
Weaving through the world

Sleeping in the meadows
Waiting for darkness
To be born

Poetry by me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 4th, 2009

All these friends we make
It is this wretched fate
Keeps us all awake too late
Due to the plans that flake

Down in our open sky
In the middle of the night
Just to slice snowflakes
With their sizable rakes

I don't care much about
The weaponry we spit out
I don't care much for
The soldiers knocking on my door

Spend my day on the floor
With the bullets floating over
Stay strong and get along
With the third worlds soldiers

my Friend

Poetry by me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 4th, 2009

You appear like an image
Vivid vision of days
Still is yet unfinished
The wind blows it away

And all hope diminished
Glistens in shades of grey
Listening to the whispers
The voices and they say

"There is a time not suitable"
"There is a place so cold"
"And do not be deluded"
"The world is growing old"

"Slowly earth is withering"
"Is this what I've been told?"
"A prison full of little things"
"Things that slowly load"

We're up to our necks in chatter
We're up to our waists in water
We're up to our heads in matter
Of death, dedication and slaughter

I can no longer hear the laughter
That echos over fields of green
The world that we knew has been shattered
The world that we know is unseen

The future is uncalled for
It falls behind dark walls, the borders
The rest it rests in gods grim might
Away from our human humane sight

The past is a clear rearview
The present is as clear as air too
But the future is like a bank of mist
Still, it feels like I exist

Poetry by me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 3rd, 2009



Posted by Cyberdevil - October 3rd, 2009

Pretty Creepy ...

Baby Slippers

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 3rd, 2009

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