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Level 58

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 8th, 2017

Level 58

Aw yeah! Just a hundred something days till the next one. Also I'm back!

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Be LVL 60 and you are a kind of god.

Ten years to become a god hmm, not bad. :) Just another year now!

congrats on your level up get to 60 so you can get that 16 total vp and also welcome back!!

Thanks man! :) Yeah, from 15.69 to 16... such a long way for such a small increase!

Awesome job doomguy! I hope you reach level 60 soon! Good luck! And welcome back bro!

Many thanks!

Congrats and welcome back! :)

Thanks! :)



Congrats, you deserve a statue built in your honor tbh. :)
(I'm not even being sarcastic, i'm 100% serious)

Hah, fo rizzle, just waiting for someone to build it. ;) Thanks!


: )

Wow! Level 58!?! That's insane man!

It took a while! Thanks man.

Cyberdevil, then about several days later, you are on level 60?!

If by several you mean about 240 days, then yupp, I'll be there. :) Hopefully at the end of next year if I don't miss too many!

Sorry i wish to kill myself suicide but i can't. None Girl don't like me. I am a beautifull Boy.

Don't do that man! Have confidence; I'm sure you'll find the right one eventually!

I want many Girls.

High standards. :) Well whatever it is you want: go for it!

I forget to vote. I will never level up!

Hah, yeah ,voting seems like a beneficial routine in speeding up the level up process! :D Looks like you've gotten pretty far though. I miss at least a couple months worth of deposits each year myself, but slow but steady... you can do it!!

So this is what autism looks like.

"...having great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people...", yeah, that self-diagnosis seems pretty accurate. ;)

savage Cyberdevil

Cheers man!

Welcome back hombre. Nice to see you again.

Thanks man! Good to be back.

"yeah, that self-diagnosis seems pretty accurate. ;)"

lmao XD

I just entered the gold levels too, 47, and saw this now. It gives me strange thoughts about how years pass and the dynamics of time.

Congrats on the golden entry! Yeah it's pretty strange, I vaguely remember a time when all of these top levels almost seemed like fiction, yet here they are! The higher the level; longer the time, the faster it seems to go with each one somehow...

Ok I got it! Your secret message was scandalous!

You did it! XD 6 digital cookies in reward of this daunting decryption process?

I used to make secret messages with lemon juice (add lil iron too) on paper, heat reveals the words... hmm

Oh nice, thanks for linking. :) I've heard of that mystery use of lemon juice, but the closest I ever got was mass-produced commercial magic pens/ink/something, where you could write invisible messages with one end of the pen and reveal them with the other. Fun times...

Remember experimenting a bit with wax too, and crayoning over the paper to reveal the lines. Could still see the texture even without though, so not truly invisible, but pretty fun.

ever seen the movie Heat (1995)?

Hmmmm did you ask this one before? It sounds familiar but I'm not sure. Adding to my list!

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