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It's Summer

2014-07-01 05:07:25 by Cyberdevil

I'll see you all in September then. Have a good one!


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2014-07-01 05:12:31

Oh Gob, I forgot you run off this time of year! I had to do some extra checking, but I can send you a letter (containing what it does).... thought I might get it to you before your birthday next week :(

Dude, I been busting my ass on the farm and at the house next door, no time to run to the other end of town (post office), I'll post a pic when it's (the crops are) all looking good.

Cyberdevil responds:

Ah yeah, that letter! :D And you remembered my birthday! Looking forward to it!

It'll be a sight to behold! Yeah I'ma probably have to really plummet into the patchland plotting too soon as I get up there, considering how long overdue this vacation start is. It'll be in dire need of weeding I see in my mindly screenings.


2014-07-01 05:29:37

See ya? I didnt know this was a yearly thing. Anyway, have fun wherever youre going!

Cyberdevil responds:

24 year long tradition thus far. ;) Thanks; you too! Whatever you choose to do!


2014-07-01 05:57:33

Summer Loving Had Me a Blast
Summer Loving Happen so fast
I met a girl crazy for me
Met a boy cute as can be
Summer days drifting away to oh oh the summer nights.

Have fun.

Cyberdevil responds:

Groovy tune. Thanks!


2014-07-01 06:00:01

It's Summer, A Bittersweet Time For All Cyberdevilian Fans, As We Bereave The Digital Absence Of Our Beloved Nordic NewGrounder. But We All Bid You A Most Grandiose Farewell, & Send You Our Warmest Regards. For Your Leave Is For The Greater Good Of Sweden That You Grow Crops For Others To Feast Upon, In Concurrence, Your Carefully Tended Produce Is Plentiful In Fiber Therefore Promoting Good Colon Health, Lol. We Will Miss The Clever Raps, Abundant Reviews, And Enlightening Content. May Your Voyage Feel Long But Bountiful, While For Us May It Pass Like A Swift Breeze As We Look Forward To Your Seasonal Return. Yeah...

Cyberdevil responds:

An Inspiring Farewell! I Shall Use This Limited Span Of Time For All The Wondrous Things Only Summer Time Can Be Used For, Like For A Fleeting Moment Forgetting About Time Completely And Letting Days And Weeks Pass By As Mere SunRises And Falls, Without Conquests For Digital Rewards Or Obsessive Gathering Of EXP. Instead I Shall Gather Trees And Be As Free And Savage As I Can In That Northern WilderLand I Am. Soon. Yeah...


2014-07-01 06:00:48

oh cool a rare VicariousE sighting lol

Cyberdevil responds:



2014-07-01 06:08:51

I know you've got a shorter growing season than I do... is there stuff already in the ground? Hope you have a rototiller in case things look unwieldy in the weed department. I put some stuff in a few weeks late :\ but I've been okay so far this year, just need to keep the deer away; using a spray made of egg whites and garlic, random truck patrols, gunfire...

Cyberdevil responds:

Yepp, my parents finished planting the crops about a month ago... they've had a little trouble tending to them since then. :) I don't know exactly what we have, but it's probably the usual: a little of pretty much everything that grows up North. And lots of potatoes. I should take a few pics too; let you know how it goes! Hmm, gunfire in a spray? How does that work?


2014-07-01 09:21:14

Yo Bob, Happy 10th of July and see you man next year ^^
Also, have fun wherever you go :)

Cyberdevil responds:

Yo Oh-Sama! Thanks man, I will, you too; hopefully before next year. :P


2014-07-01 19:49:54

September?! Oh no, that's two months! I thought it was only one!

And so, the 24 year long tradition goes on... and on....... and on.. and on... and on....... and on. And then someone in the family might say, "we're not going this year." -- "W-what?!" --- "We are really! I was just kidding!! Pack your bags guys!!"

Cyberdevil responds:

Double trouble!

Hah, that'd be my dad then, he's somewhat hesitant to drive up to the middle of nowhere each year, but well there the hesitation fades into clear air and scarce bears, all these fierce years. Yeahs!


2014-07-02 08:58:45


Cyberdevil responds:

That's the way!


2014-07-02 12:53:02

For the record, I sent the letter out an hour ago. There's lots of odds and ends in there, along with your.... tribute, of sorts :) Now all I need is a box and a Tyvek bag for gamejunkie's parcel, which I'm sure will cost a shit load more.

Kinda feel bad though... I sent a 70 y/o horseshoe from our last farm horse to a friend in Oregon... and you're the part time farmer! But he really needs the luck it will bring, along with the HD I couldn't send to him directly (from Egghead).

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:

Woo, I am looking forward to it! Whatever surprises await! Thanks again! Getting hyped up! Hope it survives the travel OK!

Well I have a couple of old rusty horseshoes hanging above doors up North, so no worries! I doubt anyone's a full 70 y/o though, but they're all finds so who knows... how did you keep track of age? Was it saved within the family all that time? First horseshoe your family ever bought?


2014-07-02 15:11:48

Lol, no auto-turret for the deer, but I got a 'motion activated garden hose sprinkler thing', but it only works within a certain range.

The age of the shoe is approximate, since the last plow horse died a few years after WWII. Potatoes, eh? You have to dig them out by hand, or do you have a mechanical digger? We had a nice one that had iron wheels. Yeah, definitely take pictures... I should've taken a few shots of the PTO rototiller in action; at least 2 meters wide, and the dirt is quite fluffy :)

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:

Nice gadgetry! :D I'm stopping by the city myself to finally purchase a water pump today, to partially automate the process of bringing up water from the lake. It should handle 6500 litres/hour, where we've previously during dry days been carrying up at least 2-300 litres by hand. Time to put all that energy to better use...

A, a retired relic from remarkable times past! We do have spades or... whatever those tools you traditionally use to excavate these crops be called, but it's manual indeed. Had - no longer? lol, fluffy dirt... sounds efficient!


2014-07-03 01:11:26

Double the trouble, I can't face this, a two month wait, while you go to some place you visit on a annual basis. It's kind of binding, contractual, but I need to exercise the art of patience until you return from that large vacation. Yeah...

Cyberdevil responds:

It's a bit less rare than annual, up here where machines are manual and hares are spanful, we should can those spiteful critters in the litter bins in handfuls, or maybe not, maybe better with all those lots of vacant pots. I hear too much stress can hurt you, patience is a virtue, meanwhile I'll take a stroll by glowing atolls inhaling Birch fumes. Yeah!


2014-07-08 15:33:21

Hmm, guess you'll need some chicken wire around the pump inlet then. Using aluminum irrigation pipes? I worry about plastic constantly... always leeching nasty things into the water. Solar or electric? Wow, that's slightly more water hauling than I've had to do recently!

There's a nice birch tree on our farm, I was burying a raccoon next to it. Shovel? You don't use a type of fork to pry the spuds up? How long do they need to sit before they're (more) edible? I think in Idaho it's around 6 months...

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:

Woah, nothing that advanced! We just placed a metal plate on the sand (we have a shallow shoreline), the pump atop of that - it's the submersible kind - then connected four 25m power cables and three 10m large clothed lengths of water hose. They are plastic but... since we're not drinking any of that stuff it shouldn't matter, and watering the lands was a real breeze! Electric. Didn't see any solar ones in the shops we stopped by!

Well, we're water hauling no more, I can't imagine how many hours we've saved thanks to this genius invention; investment this year. :) Twas only two months vacation instead of the 'usual' three, but I barely noticed a difference, maybe that had something to do with it...

Hmm, roadkill? What do you do with dead rodents btw, bury them too, or leave them for preying animals? We usually leave them at the edge of the property for birds to pick up, but this year wasps have been feeding off em instead. I had a wasp nest in my room too, between inner and outer roof, bit troublesome until we found it and taped it shut. Managed to knock down two other large ones. Way more wasps than usual!

Nope, no fork (though we have those too), it's like a... let's see... like this but with a bit more bent blade: http://cja.nu/shop/ws85/38385/art85/h0205/22580205-origpic-7eae80.jpg

We leave em as long as we can, plant them as soon as the ground is ready and start digging them up in late August - early September - pick up all remaining ones when the frost bites, usually sometime September. We have geotextiles (Google translated that, in case that's not the right word: they're thin sheets of cloth that you cover plants with to keep them warm) to stall any momentary surges of early winter. So... at most around 4 months. We have a bit of a vole problem though, so we've been salvaging a few rows earlier on, just in case they raid everything in one go, probably trapped/killed close to two hundred of them this summer... and they're still running rampant!


2014-07-10 03:59:14

happy birthday!! have a good one lol

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks! I realized first time I tried logging into NG via public computer that... I couldn't vote on stuff. O_O No Flash. O_O Kinda didn't log in since then but... thanks again! It was a good day lol


2014-07-11 02:52:45

S3C would've beaten me (2 teh punch) anyway... I thought about saying 'happy birthday!! have a good one lol' but was outside busy, like you probably are now... no time for reading or writing. But while I was tidying up the place for my sister's arrival, I was thinking.... so how old now?

I really hope that letter gets to you... I sent a videotape to my brother once, took 4 months :| It was a Sony Digital8 recording... so the spooks probably had to wait for a D8 cassette deck to check for secrets |:

Cyberdevil responds:

25 to life! Yeah, I got the letter on my birthday, give or take a day or two. Great timing! :D That certificate will be a much treasured keepsake, think I'll frame it in and hang it on some wall somewhere. I was planning on sending a postcard back but never got around to it. I mean - I haven't got around to it YET...

Hah, good thing there were no tapes in this one then. :D A fun batch of stickers and stuff, though! Thanks a bunch!


2014-07-11 05:23:46

@VicariousE beat you to a forum thread too lol

Cyberdevil responds:

Woooah man! :O Maybe the first B-Day thread in my name ever, me never being here this time of year and all... it's an honor! Bookmarked; saved; tempted to bump..


2014-07-11 13:49:13

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1370420 Well done @S3C!

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks for the link!


2014-07-13 10:02:08


Cyberdevil responds:

Party time. :D


2014-07-29 06:30:03

oh geez it september yet!? wake me up when september ends?? Looks like I got another 2 months of Indian doctor humor!!

Cyberdevil responds:

Not before September ends?? How about now, when September's here and all, and we're all cleared to Fall?


2014-08-06 02:01:40

An Indian doctor walks into a bar with a duck on his head.. nah, forget it. Damn, I wish you had mail forwarding to your bucolic retreat. I guess they'd send it back to me if it wasn't kosher :\

We never talked about who you sell your produce to, or is it all canned and hoarded away for winter? We had a few inches of rain, and some borer worms started eating into the beets :p hope they leave my few stalks of corn alone!

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:

Aw man, just when it was getting interesting! :/ We do have forwarding, we put up a mailbox soon as we get there; take it down when we leave. We had paid forwarding a few years, but this year me/my sister have been sending all relevant mail up North. I got it! Woot! Yeah! Awesome!! (incase the previous message didn't show the correct dosage of emotional appreciation such a send out deserved)

It's all hoarded, and later eaten during dark winter days. There's not enough of it to make a profit, and most of the salad and such is eaten during the time we're there. In fact, we probably eat most of our product already during summer... potatoes, carrots; berries last well past Christmas though. I've sold cloudberries a few years, they're the only one you don't need to work for slave wages to make a profit with, if you just have enough time. Farmers have a hard time making a profit here, but I guess it's the same everywhere. You need machines to get the greens!

Oooh, beets! http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/keryth/beets-by-dre
I'll keep my fingers crossed (if there's any left to cross fingers for - how did it go?). We've had incredibly dry weather this summer. Barely a drop of rain in all of July, and August was a nice balance of rainy restful days and hazy sunshine! Some vegetables that usually give up and don't grow up North actually flourished, like: Spinach. And for a while we had an endless wave of sugar snaps and strawberries - more than we could eat! Worms have been eating our turnips though, like crazy.


2014-08-10 23:35:53

Hey there! i don't know if you are already around but i found this guy here http://roostahfari.newgrounds.com/

His gallery is really promising and i really like his not porn stuff.
However he is primordially a furry porn artist, and i don't really feel good scouting that, i already confirmed his identity (so yeah that means i just made a Furaffinity account...) so his art is his, and well there is only scouting him, but yeah i want but not that much... do you want him?

Cyberdevil responds:

Heey... you scouted him after all. :P Yeah I'll be back in a month, I mean I'm back now, a month later. Itching to read that expectedly (since it's two messages) incredibly long and informative review!


2014-08-11 21:35:37

Yo man forget about it, i ended up scouting the guy anyways.

Cyberdevil responds:



2014-08-12 15:06:42

Soon you will be back. Back like a WWE wrestler who has been written out for a month or two. But when you return, it will be a dramatic comeback. It'll be the biggest thing since sliced bread. But wait a minute! Sliced bread is smaller after it has been sliced!

Cyberdevil responds:

Indeed sliced bread is smaller, but if you slice it and stack the slices... it gets taller! Till the slices fall and you revise it all. I slice ice like the lice like my collar, they don't deSpice at all. Read lies, but do you dread lies, or truths like: when you eat raspberry suits you eat red lice. That said bye, until I my head find.


2014-08-19 22:41:29

yo I bought a couple condenser mics and an XLR cable!! unfortunately there is no room to be an Indian rap god in this f*cked up world lol

Cyberdevil responds:

Woo!! How much did that mic cost? Brand? Link? If you can't be a God you can always be a Devil. :P


2014-08-20 00:00:11

See ya!

Cyberdevil responds:

See ya!


2014-08-27 10:36:19

4 days to go

Cyberdevil responds:

4 days till...??


2014-08-29 10:21:50

Hi Cyberdevil!
How are you doing? How's your vacation been?
Betcha didn't expect me to be here when you come back! :P
Nice rap battle you had in these comments, do you only rap in blog post comments?

See ya! :)

Cyberdevil responds:

Hey! DrSalvadork!! Long time no speak! :O I'm surprised indeed! Squint till my eyes like beads. ._. So... how're you doing? What've you been up to? Return permanent?

Thanks! As for non-blogpost-comment-rap well...

Should be more on route soon!


2014-09-02 19:58:25

The Cyber de Vil is back, and this time it's personal!!


Cyberdevil responds:

It's this person yall! Yeah...


2014-09-04 04:20:58

>that moment when you see a green circle next to Cyberdevil's name on your friend list

Cyberdevil responds:

>that moment when you read a comment about that moment when you see a green circle next to Cyberdevil's name on your friend list


2014-09-06 14:47:53

The deadly green circle! Almost like a Spy, that nobody can escape from. It wont be long before your friends can see you having a shit.

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:

But I don't have a shit to give!


2014-09-07 19:30:00

Have you ever been distracted by head lice? Then knocked over by a car because you didn't see the headlights? That's when it comes out all red like. Torrents of gore, seeded by Al Gore, but nobody knows why he would need to use the Pirate Bay for? He's probably rich, so why get something for free that he could obviously pay for? Yeah...

Cyberdevil responds:

Well I do remember these red lights way ahead, lights my headlights lit up as the lice bit my head like I had dreads. Aight, I'll bite. I see red, now my head lice are dead, and life's a trite on clouds, like your legs are clowning of the edge of a rise on miles of ice. Oh, Al Gore used the TPB? Maybe he dreamed of a world where all speech was free and all cultures a team that shared peace serene, guess he realized that scene was a fleeting dream. Yeah...


2014-09-07 19:39:28

Dry July huh? We did fine here, almost too fine, the tomatoes took off like crazy, and all my cherry tomatoes (worth picking) all laid over into the dirt and produced huge green golf balls, the tops of which the deer ate, all in one night, after the back filed had its rye cut down... damn deer just went further down their road for a bite >:( Munchkin pumpkins did very well, despite my cousin planting zucchinis in between them :\ Wow cloud berries, we're too far south, but they are awesome!

Yeah, we call it filter fabric... it's like a synthetic wool right? Great stuff that, plenty pricey. Also good for keeping roots out of septic system pipes.

Glad you got the letter so close to your birthday! Did you get the 3 sequential dollar bills? It seems no governments like having foreign cash in the mail... should've sent you a padded envelope with a few coins as well. Oh and that oddly lettered/numbered business card (if I sent one) was my Pop's from the late 60's, you can use it to separate seeds or scrape the dust from your computer desk, that you haven't been sitting at for some time!

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:

Yupp, though we had our partially-automated watering system so it was no problem! Couldn't ask for better weather up North, the warmer the better! We've been getting one or two tomatoes every one or two days since late August, though most of them will probably have to be picked green. Huh, the tomatoes produced huge green golf balls? :/ They didn't ripen? Am I misunderstanding that? Had no idea deer liked tomatoes! Revelations... though we need a greenhouse for those so they're never accessible anyway. Do you use the rye btw, or just cut it down? Is that something that can be sold?

Nice, pumpkins are something we haven't tried yet, but we had zucchinis last year... they survived! You've tasted cloud berries? Do they actually grow in the US?! Yeah, I love cloudberries... guess there are some benefits of the colder climate. :)

Filter fabric huh. Yupp, sounds like that's it! It's supposed to let through rain water as well, but that hasn't always worked very well. Aha, useful knowledge! I'll stash it in mind for some day we get a septic system.

Yeah, the dollar bills too!I didn't realize they were sequential though, that's pretty cool! Got the stickers, business card; postcard too. I'll send over a picture so you can see everything's there. haha, I think I'll save the card for potential future purpose and use less memorable utensils for such tasks. :) Doesn't seem to any dust here btw, must've scraped it off manually in these past days catching up frenzy...


2014-09-08 02:35:30

MXL 990 & 991 for 100$ U.S....one is for recording instruments and the other for vocals. They work nicely and are nice to have, just hasn't found much use for them yet.

Cyberdevil responds:

Ah, two for the price of one! Not as insanely expensive as some condenser mics seem to be... have you been testing with both vocals and instruments? Could make for some pretty awesome live beats too! I just read something about how dynamic mics are better suited particularly for rap, because of... reasons forgotten... though most professionals apparently do use condensers.


2014-09-08 14:44:05

Oh the message is lengthy but only because i choose a not so convenient format to make a review, and because i didn't liked the actions of the protagonist on that night, while venturing alone to their base may have saved him out of luck, his action were so damn... imprudent, yeah that is the word i should have used, it is the perfect word but at the time it wasn't coming to my mind.

Cyberdevil responds:

Textual format? :P Mmm, though a character who acts flawlessly would be difficult to relate t or sympathise with, no? I was wondering how logical his route of action would seem when I wrote that though, guess I just took the easiest route, dive straight in; see what happens. Whilst at the same time attempting to excuse his lack of foresight with distractions, confusion, etc. Anyway, I'll respond in full later. Glad you took the time!!


2014-09-08 18:01:25

yea, it's a pretty good deal. I got them used. I haven't recorded vocals yet, just acoustic guitar to test. You have a dynamic mic right?

Cyberdevil responds:

Ah, good deal. Via auction? Local buy? Do you buy a lot from Ebay/Amazon btw? I probably would if they had better International shipping... yeah, dynamic it is. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for cheap condensers though.


2014-09-08 20:10:14

XD haha lol no, the format i used was to review each chapter individually since it is not a complete work i can't do an overview type review, so in this format things have a tendency to enlarge.

I totally agree, perfect characters are boring, Mary Sues are horrible things, but his actions there were getting out of hand, and they were in quick succession one after the other so there was no time to catch a breath and forgive his "adventurous" decisions.

Anyway back to the format thing, i believe i did a conclusion in the second part, however that was still under the influence of that chapter which i sincerely didn't liked, with this what i mean to say is that chances are that a review of the book and not of its chapters has a quite big probably of being overly positive, since it has an awesome start, that prologue and 1st chapters are great, i almost feel dirty when i say it, because it sounds like ass licking, but those were truly great openers, following that and having read the possible ways that the story could take, i can say with some confidence that it will garnish good reviews.

Cyberdevil responds:

Mmm, at least you didn't choose a per-paragraph format. :) True that!

Just wait, the whole plot will get incredibly out of hand real soon! His entire world will be flipped outside down! His life as he knows it will never again be the same! I get what you're getting at though.

Thanks man! I feel the first part's the easiest to write, after that you have to start listing references, linking elements together, keeping things consistent... it was much easier at the very beginning, when it's not so complicated. Feel like proof-reading the entire book when I finish it? :P


2014-09-09 23:23:07

I wish we had the gear to collect and give/sell the rye - it's just a cover crop, something add a bit of nitrogen into the soil, which is kinda iron hard in places.

I grew the cherry tomatoes (late) from seed, and they just didn't bush out, they sprawled out... plus my cousin took all the tomato cages for his stuff. Oh God, deer eat everything, including the zucchini off the ground, leaving a thin green slab on the dirt... One (Italian) lady said you could bake beets -wrap in tinfoil, score the top, add olive oil... also that pumpkin and zucchini blossoms are stuffed or fried... huh.

Do you socialize IRL much? Was it boring on the farm, or were there neighbors or places you could go hang out at?

Cyberdevil responds:

Ah, so it has that benefit too. Our field's just covered with regular (or well, at least a few different types of) grass, and flowers. There's a name for fields like that though, and apparently it's a unique biotope for a great deal of insects, worth preserving as long as we don't farm for real and need that space. We wait till the flowers have all blossomed before cutting it down.

Aha. Tomato cages... for keeping them away from animals or keeping them upright? We plant the tomatoes early spring, in flower pots/pots/etc and then put them in the ground as soon as it's warm enough. Wouldn't be enough time to get a single tomato without that extra work, even with the greenhouse. Same with cucumbers and green pepper. We should do the same with leek and onions, but it gets hard to transport everything.

Oh man, they seem like a real destructive breed! No thoughts on putting up fences? We've had a few sugar snap plants bitten off through the fences, btw. By hares. They just like biting the stem, apparently, they don't eat anything else off of it. :/ We discovered this year they like black currents too. Thanks for the tip, got to try that next summer! We've tried frying zucchini blossoms in a pan, they have a pretty nice taste, mild and eh... vegetabaly.

I have a buddy a couple of miles (20km) away, so we hang every once in a while - climb mountains, go fishing, etc. When my mom hit 70 a lot of relatives stopped by. Cousins pop in occasionally. We have neighbors right by us - that house you can see behind the trailer, and the town's not that far. My sister came up to visit a week too. So, there's been people! I can't say I socialize that much, but I am a somewhat social person, would get a bit dull if there wasn't anybody around but my parents. As for potential boredom - never! :)


2014-09-10 01:56:29

Per-paragraph would be a work for your editor and quality checker XD, oh you better be ready for that haha, most of them can be a pain to deal with.

"His life as he knows it will never again be the same!" well... that is not really a problem for him, as he is now, he seems to have amnesia, he doesn't knows his wife at all, and can hardly remember his family, maybe the change is that he regains his memories XD, actually that would be a nice twist since he is kinda blank and that gives you the freedom to choose from an infinity of backgrounds to give him.

A proof reader needs 2 things, great knowledge of the language in which the book is being written, in this case English, and second is the attention and memory along with the versatility to make sense of the story understanding it from the views of both the author and the audience in order to give proper feedback, and i am not really confident on the first requirement, i myself notice some horrible errors after i write these comments, but you know maybe Nietz could help you with that, even more since he is also a writer he may be of more help in this aspect, as for the second part, you would have to discuss the idea of the book with him so he can understand what it is about, of course that means the book would start to spread towards one more person in a WIP state...

What i mean to say with this is that while i could help with some things, i don't really see myself doing that good of a job as a proof reader, it would end being sub-par and the thing deserves better.

So are you back or are you on the local library? and did the farming go well?

Cyberdevil responds:

Haha yeah, I gotta get one of those! :D

Mmm, his fuzzy memories will be explained. And regained. :) But lets leave further book discussion for PMs...

Oh yeah, if he had the time for it that'd be awesome. You really dive into the input too though, all feedback's good feedback! A beta-reader, then? ;) But that's all for later, I need more material.

Yeah, I'm back! Back to work and everything; slowly catching up with this place. I'm waiting with my 'I'm Back' post till I have a lil something else to post at the same time... as for the farming: http://cyberd.org/50-shades-of-summer.html


2014-09-11 01:14:57

Yeah one of those should give a series of looks to the whole thing before it is published.


Yeah, but i think he is dealing with an emotional slump, that comes from the recent realization and acknowledgement of an artistic musical block, so it would be good to wait for his recover.

Oh what a cool lizard! happy b-day man, now you are an old fart XD. It definitively doesn't looks hot or dry at all, it even looks cool at times. That greenhouse looks spectacular. That dragonfly picture was astonishing! the quality of Nintendo products always surprises, to think that it still works. Well good to know that things went well.

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:



Ah, writers block huh, gotta check up on them creativational workings I've missed over times past...

Haha yeah, time flies! Thanks man. I guess I had more time for taking pictures when the sun wasn't out... hah, I have a few spare GBAs if that one does break, but Nintendo's old products have always held for a remarkably long time! I still haven't had a single one break down on me, though the NDS is more fragile than the older models, the screen wears with time, etc. You know it!


2014-09-11 23:46:09

A BETA-reader for METAfiction by an ALPHA male? Good gravy.

What stage are you at with your story? In my honest, humble abode.. opinion. You should think of nothing else except writing the story from beginning to end. It doesn't matter if it's loose or not, the important thing is that you are filling blank space. Of course, you should have a decent overview of the story's journey from beginning to end too, so that you always have an idea of what you are working towards.

Don't worry about being-overdescriptive of everything. Just focus on the story, play with it, you must write from the perspective of having no self-doubts, not being distracted by sentence structure, grammar or literary devices.

Once you have a basic story from beginning to end, it's so easy to flesh it out. Once you start drafting, your mind clicks into gear, and your perspective changes, you become the reader then, rather than the writer. And you'll start reordering your paragraphs and sentences and it will start padding out and becoming more descriptive. Having a full basic story in place gives you a great idea of the scale you are working with, which scenes are the most relevant, you'll know which scenes to leave in or take out, and which scenes to add. The crucial bit is having that story finished from A-Z so that you have an oversight of the whole thing, an aerial shot.

Just keep going through the story, drafting it 2-3 times. Get the layout and sentence structure up to scratch.

When I write my final drafts, I assume that the story is in place, the sentence structure is pretty much as I want it, and the story is scaled perfectly and relevant. When all this is in place, I go through the whole story from scratch again, but this time I play with the language, this is when I will start adding literary devices, metaphors, alliteration and all kinds of things like this. Literary devices are easier to add at the end when you no longer have to worry about the story or the sentence structure. You can just play with the language, and all the description for the characters and locations.

There is another way, which is write chapter 1, and not move on until you are absolutely happy with it. But unless you have a good idea of your story from beginning to end, you could end up wasting your endeavour. I think it's better to write a basic story in full. Then play with it and flesh it out.

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:

THETa would be awesomely groovy right? :P

It's four chapters long right now, fifth underway, around 60k characters so far. Not that I'm counting. Word (is).

Appreciate the advice! I can't seem to not be concerned about what I write when I write it, or soon after read what I've written (and it'd be impossible to accomplish the entire storyline in one sitting) but I know that's the sublime state of mind to be in, just totally immersed in the story. I've had that with shorter ones, and music. Have you written any long works of writing yourself btw? Book-length? Anyway, maybe I'll get there with practice, to the writing strides no doubt defies! Thanks again!


2014-09-13 22:03:09

Man those are some incredible advice i will save that comment as a .docx
That's why i tell you @nietzlawe can help you more than i can with things like proofreading, specially since the prologue and chapter one are so good.

Maybe you don't get to feel disconnected with the story because you are making it as you go, so you write it when inspiration comes, and that is in essence already connecting with the story, probably not the best method to follow if we want to use Mr Nietz advice in which we flesh the story from A-Z, but well that is how you are writing this story, i actually think that it can work out, it would be more like:
1)The A-Z process is longer and not continuous but happens.
2)And then you could apply what Nietz says, fix and refine things.

Of course this would mean that plot holes, and not so strong arguments would be changed in the second face of the writing, probably the current method is better for an episodic work that uses arcs, and follows a general idea with some kind of predetermined ending, i know, i know, you have various ideas to where the story may go, so what about making various branches? that way you avoid any discrepancies in the case that you ever decide to change the path of the story.

Actually i think that your method would do perfectly if you ever feel like making an interactive book, you know those that go: "if you choose A, go to page 70 and continue from there".

It really looks like a fresh place. Well in defense of Nintendo touchscreen deteriorates with use regardless of the manufacturer.

Cyberdevil responds:

The nietz laws? Word!


Makes me think of all the choose-your-own-ending Goosebumps books I used to read as a kid. :D Yeah, I know those! I loved to read those, and stuff like that's fun to write too! It's easy thinking up possible routes of action, harder to stick to a set consistency. Haven't seen any of those for an adult audience though, they're mostly aimed at kids.

I imagine some authors just have such pure genius their minds can allocate the devices for an entire plot and keep track of all necessary references when they write it out. But maybe not...

Double yupp!


2014-09-14 01:40:30

I'm 305,357 words deep into the Opus. You could say that I'm balls deep in this story.

There is nothing more important than the A-Z of your story. It's the be all and end all. The description is secondary to me when I work because it's a distraction. If I start a story and spend too much time dwindling on every single sentence in a painstaking manner, making sure that everything is described, that the sentence structure flows, it becomes a distraction.

Let's say you have a 300-400 page novel, a basic story from beginning to end. You have a tremendous oversight of the whole thing. You know which parts you have neglected, which parts you have talked about too much. When you see the whole story in front of your eyes, you mind will start conjuring interjectory scenes, scenes that you will realise you have missed out when writing the story. This is not something you can always have the foresight of when writing a story in the heat of the moment.

I can only speak for myself really. I imagine that writers have an infinite number of methods that work best for them. Dan Brown hangs upside down to help him write. I don't think that one would work for me.

One of the best idea building techniques is to go for a walk outside, maybe even put a few instrumentals on a phone or mp3 player and listen through headphones. That is what I do when writing, go for a walk, observe the world around me and sync the music that I am listening to through my headphones to the world around me. It really helps build whole scenes in your mind. Brings them to life and makes them more vivid.

I'm writing every single day man. I have quite a lot of stuff at book length. But I want to just keep on writing and stacking, get a large portfolio together before attacking the book publishers. I don't just want to write a one-off book, I want to longevity in this field man. I know for a fact that immediate rejection will be inevitable. So for me, it's about honing my craft, having more ideas to fall back on, keep working hard, keep improving.

Nobody can really stop you from accomplishing anything as long as your heart is in it. And that is the fundamental really. Your heart has to shine through in what you write if you are writing a professional book. That is why I say focus on the basic storyline and don't get distracted by formality, or it will stifle your creativity man.

Cyberdevil responds:

Holy shit man that makes the results of my immensely time-consuming story manufacturing methods seem comparatively tiny. O_O Words... not characters? That sounds way more than regular book-length! Sounds like series-of-books length!

Both Dan Brown and his method are new to me. Might be worth a shot. :D Or something new like... writing in a tub of ice, after eight cups of coffee, in the trunk of a speeding car...

I find it hard to imagine I'd be able to have oversight with a story 300-400 pages long without - even after repeatedly reading through it - constantly forgetting all kinds of key elements, but I guess I'll know when I get there. Mmm, I take tons of walks, but usually use them to clear my mind - to get away from thinking. Good advice though, and even more so: good knowing how other authors manage their minds!

Yeah I write every day as well, it's a natural habit. Gotta keep that pen moving! Those keyboard keys clicking! The characters remaining counting! The txt files growing! The repertoire of creative epiphanies constantly expanding! The publications pushws to new proportions! Though a lot of creativity's flushed into comments, reviews, etc, not the most productive work. You know, I get doubtful over the sincerity of my authorative intentions when you speak so passionately about this art. :P But this is what I'd do anyway, career or no. Appreciate the words!


2014-09-19 18:44:14

DOOM kicks ass bro

Cyberdevil responds:



2014-09-21 19:39:06

Happy pre-Madness Day! I should've gotten back to returning your PM, but it looks like you're still settling into the main residence anyway. I will say, I'd like to have kids, but really need to find a good woman first.

Hey, you don't drive do you? I probably asked this over a year ago, just curious about your wheels/usual transportation. I'm considering getting a 42 y/o Honda motorcycle; part investment, part mid-life crisis. The ebay seller's local too O_o can rope it up in the back of the truck, take it to the DMV and get my motorcycle license.

Hmm, wonder what your new post will be about.... past, present or future?
@nietzlawe I just got hooked into reading a 100 page thing written by Sabtastic's littlest sis... I know your words will keep well!

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks; you too! I mean eh... Happy pro-Madness Day. :P I had a Mad NESS idea mapped out for this year, but never got around to it... and someone else did! Argh! Ah well, saves some time at least. Yeah getting back to the routine's taking a bit longer than I thought, or maybe I'm just busier than usual... mmm, the first foremost and most difficult step!

Yeaaah I love driving! :D Don't have my own car yet, but I do get to borrow the family one (Saab 9-5 Turbo) every once in a while. Sounds like a good plan! Did you go for it? Did you get it? Are you licensed yet? I want to get a license to fly some time too...

Assumably my recent evolution upto Level 50. :) Coming soon™


2014-09-30 07:56:35

Digging the whack shades, CyberD!

when are you gonna update this newspost :p

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks man :)

I'm NEVER going to update this newspost


I'ma post a new one. :P


2014-10-01 14:49:14

Welcome Back (2.0)

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks! (


2014-10-03 05:47:05

Remember that time when i said that only our light elements came from our sun? well i was bull shitting not even that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By6CkTN4wkI

Cyberdevil responds:

Woah man, that's a lot of info to melt. O_o


2014-10-04 05:09:22


Cyberdevil responds:



2014-10-04 20:15:56

Do you have what it takes to whack a mole? Or better still, whack em all. Then find the time to eat a bowl of guaca until you feel poorly. Luckily that wasn't a true story. Yeah...

Cyberdevil responds:

Yo, I don't know holmes! Do you know what it takes to grow old in a zone without time's flow on? I do know I have what it takes to wrack a roll of pasta bowls in the cracks of homes though, and to mow lawns. From the dopest truths we wrote songs. Yeah...


2014-10-07 18:26:23

hell yeah dude....speaking of which...try Dr. S3C's Fruit-A-Mole...a culinary classic!

Avocados (duh...try to get the Haas cultivar if available), diced green apples, pomegranate arils, bell peppers (any kind), diced onions (preferably both red and white), diced jalapenos, diced tomatoes (heirloom cultivars are always good, as are grape/cherry types, preferably slightly under-ripe), finely sliced cilantro, ground cumin, cayenne, salt, and lime juice for color retention of the avocados. Pack it high with onions for crunch and cilantro for added flavor, sparsely apply the seasonings and lime juice as you don't want to mask the buttery avocado flavor!

avocados are probably hard to come by in Nordic lands huh? where do the exports come from (if at all)

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:

A ravishing recipe! Definitely going to try it some time. Avocados aren't rare at all, just expensive. What's harder to find's pomegranates and fresh cilantro. :) You mean imports? All over! I don't know most of the source-of-origin's on the stuff we buy, but from what I've checked: we get a lot of salad/cheap apples from Holland, other apples/grapes/melon/olives from Spain/Italy, citrus fruits from Morocco/Chile, Asian pears from Japan. Yupp, that's all I know.

I'm pretty sure I've seen some Argentina, Peru, Guatemala and USA too.