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NG BBS Awards 2013

2014-01-14 16:45:39 by Cyberdevil

It's out. Check it out!



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2014-01-14 17:07:21


Cyberdevil responds:



2014-01-14 18:39:31

Check it in

Cyberdevil responds:



2014-01-14 18:59:38

I know none of the answers! nevertheless it was cool.

Cyberdevil responds:

Not even 'my name'? :O Thanks man, just got this crazy idea for newspost comments awards...


2014-01-14 19:35:32

Tough, but doable game. Came out great, it really put me through the paces!

Cyberdevil responds:

You did it? You got all the medels? All the trophies? All the answers? Glad you liked it!


2014-01-14 20:10:44

When did that question appeared? i got frustrated and started hitting next to get that low score medal haha.

Cyberdevil responds:

Second to last. :) The last question should've been solvable too, those two didn't really have anything to do with the awards. Hah, well if you want them other medals there is a walkthrough lurking online. On my site. :P


2014-01-14 20:12:23


Cyberdevil responds:



2014-01-14 21:26:11

Who is SCET3? It's not exactly a bug, just a Typo but it's all through your game. It should be SCTE3. Steve won't be happy with your error. Good game/thingy though.

Cyberdevil responds:

Oh damn, gots to memorize that order of letters. :/ Looks like the preloader/main menu/links/quiz ones are correct... just in the awards intro/header/extras where I erred... hope I didn't miss some location? Thanks for letting me know! Fixed file should be up in a few minutes. Btw, sounds like maybe you know SCTE3 more than most? Maybe you know of a way to contact him IRL? Thanks.


2014-01-15 02:34:24

\/ I noticed the same thing too... and some text missing from the bottom of 4 vertical buttons on the bottom of the .. main page, I think? No big whoop, you packed a lot of text and code in that game, you should be totally proud :)

Cyberdevil responds:

Oh man, you found it too, looks like I should've invited you two aboard for beta-phases! Got a daily fifth too, just like last year (though Amranthus started the project back then so I didn't get FP posting privileges), I am totally proud, supergroovy mood today. :) Thanks!


2014-01-15 02:38:43

Oh never mind, it's just two buttons for the nomination thread; top one has text, bottom one is blank...

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:

Ah, that blank space is waiting on the 'results' topic that SCET3 (just realized I read that name set 3... gotta change my thought pattern) should've posted in conjunction with this flash. It's actually a link labeled 'results' hidden behind a black box, in case you're wondering. :)


2014-01-15 03:53:09

Ah i was madly clicking next by that point haha.
Wait the walkthrough is somewhere here: http://cyberd.org/ or somewhere here http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/ !!!???

Cyberdevil responds:

lol, and I thought you were a patient man! :D
First option, just search and it should pop up. Don't want to make the link too easy to access. :P


2014-01-15 04:05:25

Found it, got the medal, and now i will sleep.
There is even the ones from the old one too, but i am not that hungry for medals, still is good to know.

Cyberdevil responds:

Groovy; good night!
Yeah, the old one had a few medals too... maybe for breakfast?


2014-01-15 08:33:22

im not in der, therefur it is crap.

I'm kidding. This is pretty cool!

Cyberdevil responds:

Better start posting like a maniac, next year's just a year away. :P



2014-01-15 12:30:01

Me, 100% completion? Ha, no |: Maybe, possibly if I had spent way more time in the BBS, I could've gotten a few more medals, but doubt highly I'd get 100%... which is fine, it's not not some long ass RPG where you expect a return on your investment of time... though I should've kept clicking that trophy, above and beyond 1337, huh?

Just very happy to have my crappy icon a the top of a few medal awards, even fielded a PM from Slint on the patience medal... I'm at the heart of the Verizon/Cogent bandwidth throttling problem >:( so yeah, saw that come up while waiting.

Cyberdevil responds:

No 100%? Well most of the secrets aren't hard to find if you click around, I guess the perfect score is the real challenge... and as for clicking medals, there is an end to that game. ;) There's also a certain key you can press instead of having to continually click, soon as you enter that frame *hint hint*

Ah, didn't know he was the type to ask for tips, that's cool. It's a kick of nostalgia isn't it? 56k for life! I've looked at a bunch of old submissions lately btw, and realized the unofficial NG preloader used most around 2007 had a pretty useful finesse: it displayed the filesize loaded/total. Shame that's not being used much any more.


2014-01-15 15:40:16

Funny enough after i said i was going to sleep i started playing this and got all the answers haha: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/632010

Also enter is so useful but when does it ends!?

Cyberdevil responds:

Woo, every single one? That's a ton of medals, I usually stall with medal games with massive amounts, on my way to give it a shot though...

Just keep going, it doesn't even take an hour! :P


2014-01-15 17:17:26

It also made me play the first one.

Nah i lasted like 2 minutes, then i started getting existential and stopped, an hour is definitively way beyond me, i will have to use fast click.

Cyberdevil responds:

The first art game? I knew the mona lisa but after that... wild guessing!

lol, why not just keep the button pressed and be existential while you're at it? I took a quick power nap.


2014-01-16 00:46:50

Really? i did great, those were some really popular paintings, and the styles of the authors help a lot, plus! almost always one of the options is neither the name of a paint nor painter, usually jokes with music and the like.
So you get really just 2 options, one is the correct and other is the trap, and the trap is with things like Dali wanting to be Picasso XD.

I was planing on it, but my face collapsed on my keyboard and who knows what could have happened.

Cyberdevil responds:

Turns out my knowledge on famous items of art is a bit limited! Well maybe Mona Lisa wasn't the only one, I know the last supper, the scream, recognize Picasso, Dali and Rembrandt, maybe a few others... but for the most part it's wisdom that's previously evaded me. the jokes were fun. :) Didn't go all the way through yesterday btw, going to give it a more serious attempt today...

Oh, a clever way of keeping that button pressed! :D


2014-01-16 04:14:03

Yeah is not really that hard, and it wards a bunch of medals!

The problem is, i end pressing a bunch of things!!

Cyberdevil responds:

A ton indeed, guess the hardest part is getting all of them right though.

lol, well that is a problem! A solution would be to place a pebble or some form of object to pressure the enter key specifically when you crash down on the keyboard.


2014-01-16 16:50:18

it seems I am trapped with you as my icon for the time being lol

Cyberdevil responds:

lol, you tried to change? DNS issues?


2014-01-16 21:58:03

24901miles never logs off, so true >w<

Cyberdevil responds:

Woo! Yeah, he has been online a lot the past year.


2014-01-17 00:55:13

Sounds unpractical and painful haha.

Cyberdevil responds:

Painful maybe, but very practical. :P


2014-01-17 05:17:00

whats DNS

Cyberdevil responds:

Domain Name Server, though it's more of a caching issue due to the DNS changes. Don't you read the news? :P