Entry #210

Happy Easter!

2013-04-04 06:47:35 by Cyberdevil

A bit late I know, but I only just finished that amazing artwork you see below that I was going to post the past weekend at latest but sleeping belated the greeting, vacation's intriguing. Hope you had a good one!

Also, there is a 'Happy'. If you don't see one you need to start watching Fairy Tail! :P

Happy Easter!


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2013-04-04 07:02:30

Yeah, I never liked the UJ page either. Besides, if a flash gets near death, does it even show on that page? In fact, doesn't that Portal app they use over at NGLogs go straight to the 'classic' portal?

...Classic Portal sounds like when they had Classic Coke :| Marketing disaster and they moved on.... but Crystal Pepsi was just as bad... loaded countless cases of that crap once.. cool story, but my cat just got run over outside and I'm rather tired :(

Cyberdevil responds:

I've never seen a red background on the new UJ page... but then again I rarely visit it so I wouldn't know. :/ As for that app, I'd have thought it linked directly to the submission page and not the main list. Much more effective. Have you tried it btw? Right now it seems easier to just check the portal every now and then than to run a background program, but if I'd known about that one earlier it would probably have been a great aid back in the day.

Back when there was an alternative to the portal, I liked the 'classic' interface. Now that there is an alternative I feel a need to defend my preference with usability concerns, so I say: the portal gives a much better overview than the new one does. It's a single interface for new submissions and old submissions alike, without all the clutter of images, or the higher bandwidth usage, or the minimal grid without room for interesting trivia such as past weekly/daily/awards/etc. The more I think about the new focus the more unnecessary it seems, but I guess there's no stopping change...

Sorry about your cat btw, especially if there was just the one (?).


2013-04-05 05:56:39

HAPPY!! That cute little blue exceed cat!

Cyberdevil responds:

That's the one. :)