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I Have

2013-03-30 02:53:29 by Cyberdevil

Something to say.


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2013-03-30 05:14:42

finished, tested and it works, 4 maps... tell me if you like it

Cyberdevil responds:

Pretty good! Here's som hopefully constructive feedback:

- The ammo in the latter two levels is way too little. Even if you save up on shells and clips by using the single shotgun and revolver it runs out fast.
- Levels are hard to play independently. If you don't get the BFG in the first level, it'll be pretty much impossible to kill the mastermind in the last one (especially with the lack of ammo).
- The renevant on the third level is much easier to kill than on the first, seeing as their following-plasma doesn't work as well in corridors.
- On that note, difficulty isn't very progressive, or scalable on different difficulty levels.

Was still fun to play though. Atmosphere could be added with some lava pools, lakes etc in the bigger arenas, and how about some level changes (though I know it's hard to work with elevation).


2013-03-30 06:27:13

A total of 10,598 reviews, 212 blog entries, an unknown amount of blog comments/responses and PM's... and you still got shit to get off your chest :3

Cyberdevil responds:

And this isn't even my main blog! :P


2013-03-30 07:16:42

I love you man.

Cyberdevil responds:



2013-03-30 07:59:38

excellent newspost

Cyberdevil responds:

exquisite comment


2013-03-30 09:10:14

yeah, i know, i've also noticed the lack of ammo and the difficult enemies without some weapons

Cyberdevil responds:

Good going, and how about adding some extra ammo/enemies depending on difficulty?


2013-03-30 09:12:33

I have something to comment on

Cyberdevil responds:

I have a comment to comment on


2013-03-30 10:51:56

i'm scared that by adding ammo and stuff it will give the "blocked enemies" problem

Cyberdevil responds:

Aha, with theese levels there seems to be plenty of room on the sides though. in some areas the dead-ends look they were made specifically for weapon/ammo placement.


2013-03-30 11:13:30

WOW! How much stress! I'm hungry!

Cyberdevil responds:

Haha, better eat something! :P