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Pacman Doom

Posted by Cyberdevil - March 23rd, 2013

A new game has been published! If you like Doom and/or Pacman, you might like this, it's a hybrid. If you have the time feel free like a bird to leave a review. Also, first game I've made with leaderboards, and it's working! I'd have included the scoreboard in the flash, but for some strange reason one of the components kept failing to load so the separate leaderboard will have to do.

Now that that's done I can finally get back to doing what I should be doing, like eh... posting at the BBS! Hahe. Btw, this is probably a good place to link to the Q&A and some other interviews. Good day.

Pacman Doom


It's cool. You should probably set a time for the power-up though. You can complete every level by picking up a power-up and not hitting any enemies ;D.

Thanks. Eating four ghosts will give you more points than all the dots on a level though, so I hope the benefit will make people not just lurk around and take the safe way out. I was digging in the code trying to figure out how to do that for maybe an hour though, maybe some day I'll find out. :)

Nice game man :) I'm glad my Doom tribute was actually used in a Doom-themed game!

Ah, you found the secret! :) Thanks.

Nice game dude! Are the ghost patterns the same as the original? Now I wish I still had my game books from the 80's - they had the patterns for each level.

I haven't played the original that much so I can't be sure, but it should be similar. If the original had different patterns for each level though, this one is not so complex, their patterns are the same for each level, if you can call them patterns, it's more like an equation for random movement, and a magnetic pull towards Doomguy if he doesn't eat any powerpills.

holy crap!! so youve tried soursop too? where!?

Costa Rica, Chile... Sweden. :) Though the Swedish variant was incredibly expensive and a bit old, maybe it's a hard fruit to import.

Oh btw, you too? Where?! :D

Plasma?! It am a "power pill" :) Game was made just before "political correctness" blighted the land, so they could call it something older pill popping hippies could relate to lol.

Gotta mix in some Doom references when possible. :) Sounds like you know your Pacman!

Actually if you avoid the ghosts when you get the power pellet you can win pretty easly. Convenient bug is convenient.

Only you can't win, ever, it's an eternal loop! :O

\/ "A strange game. The only winning move is not to play." name the 80's movie that line's from :)
SO.... you're not gonna tell me, huh?

Eh, huh? A Strange Game? That citation is the perfect fit. :) Tell you what, I'll tell you what? *confusion*

Btw, isn't it almost 4 AM where you live right now?

Yup... 4am. You've never seen WarGames with a very young Matthew Broderick? The eternal loop was the computer trying to figure out how to win a global thermonuclear war, while hacking missile silos. It gives up and says, "A strange game... Still a good movie to watch, despite it's date.
Plz tell me how 2 get the Delete Music medal?

Haven't seen that one yet, it's on my watch list now though. I thought you were referring to the movie 'A Strange Game' btw. PM sent since two comments back. ;)

Thanks for the tip... real serious brain fart(s), for my part :( Sitting on my ass, waiting for my back to heal's got my wit dulled. The father of one of my NG buddies here had the same back operation, but didn't turn out so well. Now I'm scared to do anything outside O-O I don't think I've ever been put in such a Catch-22 position before.

No problem. A back operation huh, that doesn't sound comfortable, how did that happen?

Just before dawn, a dour Russian chauffeur drove me North, where a big snowstorm began to pick up steam. We passed a seaport, a refinery and an airport, as well as 2 horrifyingly large viewscreens running ads, which were tailored not to spook the human drivers. The LCD's over the highways were exceptionally sharp, and had a font that looked like Times New Roman, only much more pointed, regal. The hospital looked just as impressive and new as the sights that preceded it.

They brought me into pre-op, then to the main surgical suite, which was equipped with a fluoroscopic imager that took up a very impressive amount of room, and yet, did not feel cramped in the slightest. I rolled onto a special table where I laid face down. As the goop in my sinuses started to shift, I was out, unconscious - no countdown or warning. These guys wanted to split, before the snow made the Friday commute, abject torture.

Then there was a feeling of deep relief in the black. To be that far under, at least initially, feels like restorative sleep at its absolute finest... but it went on too long. [Oh wait, were you asking me how my back got screwed up, or about the operation I had last month?)

Quite exquisite writing! I was expecting some kind of incident related to those sharp LCD billboards over the highway, but... it sounds like a painless procedure! How you ended up in such a predicament was my main wonder, though. :)

Oh, car accident. Teen girl was driving after hours (on a provisional license) when she blew a stop sign, turned in front me. My old car T-boned her, and we both ended up in the field, precisely 1 miles from my house. Ever since I was a little boy, I'd hear crashes from the intersection where I bought it... guess it was finally my turn :(
Intersections and being very close to home, are the main factors in most road accidents. Plus, I should've waited an hour before leaving, 10pm-2am are the most dangerous night hours to drive.

So that's how it happened. Sounds like you've lived in the same spot your whole life? What happened to her btw, serious injuries? I always thought 3AM was the most dangerous driving hour, seeing as that's the time you are usually most tired, but maybe that's just a myth.

Pacman Doom kicks ass. I was going to make a Doom Tower Defense game but jesus christ scripting the son of a bitch is hard. Ah well

Thanks. Yeah I know what you mean, just making a Pacman game was tough enough. :/ That's a great idea though, if you ever do make it let me know!

Have you had a look at the game page recently? 'Underdog of the Week', yay, but under that in even smaller type, 'Movie of the Year 2013'??

Woah, nice! :D Thanks for pointing that out! The movie of the year is probably a bug though, it seems to be typed under all Underdog trophies.

Using paper to clean up your mess....hmm, I sould try that.
<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1336420">http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1336420</a>

it's a cheap and fully functional alternative to socks and dog mouths. :P

I got bored with Doom after playing it for so long...the game became too easy or just tedious, if I set it on the highest difficulty and die with just one shot. It's too bad the WADs couldn't be updated with new enemies. The (mega)WADs I went through are Alien Vendetta, Eternal II, Holy Hell, Hell Revealed, Icarus, Plutonia II, Speed of Doom, Whispers of Satan...you should check those if you havent.

I recognize some of those names, but I only think I've played Alien Vendetta so far. Will definitely give all of those a go eventually though. There are so many good WADs out there! :D The last ones I played through were Eternity, Serenity and Strain. I usually play levels on Ultra Violence, Nightmare's a challenge but like you say it's no fun getting killed so easily, and the random spawning is a bit distracting... Did you play all the original episodes btw, even Thy Flesh Consumed?

Is Doom the oldest computer game you've played? Ever play Pong with a dial, or the original Atari 2600 (lol, 1.19 Mhz CPU)?

It's not the oldest, more on that below. I haven't kept track of which years the games I've played were made, but Pong with a dial or the original Atari 2600 (lol, 1.19 Mhz CPU) is definitely before my time. :) I didn't start (rather, wasn't allowed to) play computer games until I was at least 10, and by then the 90s were almost over. We had dial-up Internet back then so I've at least experienced that, not that it was anything worth experiencing!

As for old consoles, my first stationary one was a PSX that I won at an class auction in 7th grade (a teacher was moving and decided to auction away some stuff, with everyone in the class given 'currency' based on their grades). It was a big deal for me at the time, and I remember playing a lot of Croc 2 and Parasite Eve 2. Still love those games. My first portable console was a GB, which I traded for a Pokemon card a few grades earlier.

As for computer games, I started on an old Mac Performa, OS 7, and the first games I really liked were probably Spectre Supreme, Bolo, Task Maker, Exile, Space Junkie, Space Gypsie, The Zone and Marathon. I had a shareware version of Doom but didn't spend much time with it. Looking up dates, Task Maker might be the oldest game I've played, from 1989. But then again I've played a lot of gems through GOG lately, some probably much older than that.

That GOG site is something else, thank for turning me onto it :) I guess most of the good, early games I played were on the Apple IIc, a lamer portable version if the Apple IIe, which at least was expandable. I bought Wasteland (prequel to Fallout series) mail order while still in high school.
I never did get Bleem! to run right (PS1 to PC app) or run any decent games.
The Sega Genesis (and CD and 32x) was a good system for a while, but I was still drooling over the 3DO and NeoGeo, which were both very, very expensive!

Good to hear. :) They run promos every weekend with different game developers/genres/etc, so that's the best time to buy if you're not looking for specific games. I originally signed up there just to get my hands on Mega Race 2, which stopped working during the Win XP > 7 upgrade, but it's become a bit of an addiction since then, though I buy more than I have time to play...

If you're still looking to emulate PSX games there are probably better emulators available now, also non-commercial versions. Looks like you started running PSX games even before I had the console though! As for Neo Goe, I played some arcade game (at an arcade) where you played a blue-clothed brawler wielding a yoyo as a weapon. I had the impression the game was called Neo Geo, but maybe it was the console... or just a very similar name. You wouldn't happen to know about that one? Haven't tried any of the consoles you mentioned btw, though I do know about them.

<a href="http://www.arcade-museum.com/">http://www.arcade-museum.com/</a> might be bale to isolate Neo Geo as an actual game, but the company Neo Geo made arcade games initially.
(GOG) Yeah, I love the fact you can actually run those old games on more recent versions of Windows. I still have Carmageddeon, Twisted Metal 2 and some other WIN95 games that just will not run on newer OSes. So many good games...

I found it! :D Spin Master was the name of the game: http://www.arcade-museum.com/game _detail.php?game_id=9724 , video: http://youtu.be/wdZh6dVeH5E

Classics. :) Ever played Vigilante 8?

No, I don't think I've played all the original ones. Just Hell on Earth and the the megapack released by TeamTNT (Plutonia Experiment and Evilution). And I actually like some of the unofficial WADs better.

Thy Flesh Consumed is a fourth/final episode included in the 'Final Doom' package, it's a lot harder than the original three! Definitely agree some of the usermade WADs are better than the originals, and together with the ports it's an entirely new experience to play. Going back to vanilla Doom after playing the game with dynamic lighting = not so fun anymore!

...no, but I have played Interstate '76. I also played Crazy Taxi once a few years ago, at the arcade I used to work at. Twisted Metal 2 was always my bag for the PS.
And the Burnout series... there are a scant few Flashes at NG that pull that off.. ah, here's one! <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/565358">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/565358</a>

I bought that one on GOG, and as for Crazy Taxi I remember playing it as a demo in a shop. :) Never got into the Burnout series, but it looks good. Flat Out is probably the closest I've gotten to that, another great game on GOG.

Nice, a game with medals too! Will give it a go later. :)

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