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Level 46

Posted by Cyberdevil - March 6th, 2013

Finally! Today is a good day. :)

Level 46


Whoa, big axe good. Good big axe. Big good axe.... Oh!! Shark wit laszor!! Congratulations!
How long will it be before you get to Level 47, I ask dreadfully?

Thanks. :) For this one level (as with most levels) I really liked the old design better than the new one... anyway, just 101 days until the next one!

Wish we had the option of which level icon we could use, but I'm sure they wouldn't like having to load an extra .png or .gif file to do it. The holiday ones would be very sweet!
Years ago, before they went through with a redesign (before '07), they showed the new set of level icons, and the ichy brown bars with the faded stencils :P Shame those old assets came back, but I'm glad the BBS layout they envisioned is now a reality.

Christmas levels in the middle of summer? :) If the option only applied to how a specific user views the icons, and not how everyone views that users icon, it would be pretty neat. That way everyone could have the set they liked and it wouldn't affect anyone else. I miss the old auras too, I always used the Neutral one, it was more of an aura of personality then an occupational one. Would be cool if they could add the old auras along with the new ones, too, not the same style just the same color/text combination.

You mean they showed a sketch for the newest level set even before the previous set of level icons? Any idea which thread that was in? I agree the BBS looks great. Overall the design is much easier now, just certain elements that didn't really improve, just change, and the new menu is more complicated than it needs to be IMO.

No, the level set we use now was fully completed quite a while ago, at least 2 NG upgrades ago. It might have been far back as 2002, I really wish I remembered exactly when, or saved the page, but HD space was at a premium then. Besides, how can you forget seeing that creepy as hell Slimer-in-the-recliner or even the shark with laser, for that matter.
Yeah the menu's lame, just wish the search function wasn't so dipsy doodle. You'd think with Google-analytics crawling all over NG, they could make an 'advanced search' function or something. Hundreds of thousands of submissions.....

Huh, that far back! I'll try searching for it, might not be entirely impossible to find if it had it's own thread... with that in mind though, it really does seems like a downgrade in level design. I like the pixel style of art, but still, the last level set was powerful!

Search is better than before the redesign at least, now that you're able to search all the different areas, but yeah, it could use some tweaking. Would be nice with an Advanced Search to filter different genres, content types, etc at the same time.

Dem Parargraphs.....


May I ask what do the characters at the very down right of your sig supposed to mean?

Cyberdevil 2013. :) I've used -cd- to sign reviews for a long time as well, it's like a trademark.

Thanks for the welcome back. :)

You're welcome, and thanks for the thanks.. back. :)

Congratulation, I think that the icon with the shark is the prettiest among all the other icons!

Thanks! Glad you think so, I'd personally have preferred the old double-edged axe design, but oh well... I do like the number. :)

Yes, now only about 90 more days until Level 47; the 47th lowest number there is!

Thanks for that ginormous chunk of motivation!

I really like the double edged axe too, even more than teh shark wit laser. It's quite majestic!
Think I'll look up the old set for my level, stick it on my rarely used BBS banner :)

You probably know about the NG Archive already, but just in case you don't: http://ngarchive.aksumka.com/leve ls

Majestic indeed :)

Sure I know about the archive, but some of the other things on NG Pot are new to me (if a bit dated)!
When was the last time you clicked around <a href="http://www.users.fast.net/~tfulp/index2.html">http://www.users.fast.net/~tfulp/index2.html</a> ?
Some damn fine memories from NG's past... Too bad about Romp.com and some of the other specialty Flash sites though. Thanks for making NG Pot, I'll be accessing my archives soon and hopefully will find something still online for your reference!

Glad to hear it. The small splash page you see was thrown together in haste though, I hope to add a more extensive list when time allows, and then some.

I've actually never been to that site before, but I'm clicking around thoroughly now. :) Where did you stumble upon this incredibly ancient pre-NG piece of nostalgia anyway? I've probably overlooked a lot of old places. Btw, offline material works as well, if you have anything saved that's not online any longer. I plan on offering hosting for users who want a page of their own with some specific resource, programs, etc... but that's not announced yet. :)

I been here for a year or so before I took the leap and signed on - you got one email per ISP account back then, and didn't want to risk it giving out to ppl who would sell it off or get it hacked away from them. HD drive space was limited, at a time when FTP sharing ratios were around before Napster was, but I'm sure I got something in storage.
Hopefully I got something from Randy Solem's site, before he put that stupid pop up on :| He was a great writer and would always visit his site after I was done with NG.

You're ubber.

Thanks :)