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Posted by Cyberdevil - April 27th, 2009

Before it passes by my mind, I'd like to scribble down a bit about what used to fill this place, since it no longer does or will, the content contained here in consisted of something like this:

( Amount of Blogs on subject, exact if not marked otherwise ) - Description

(669) - Guessing Games
I started up a series of games on the NG blogging system, featuring pictures and pieces of text and then a question, asking the user to guess what a specific picture or text pictured or described. It was a success, and a lot of regulars joined the chase towards the top. It was also to my knowledge the first larger game going through the blogging system, and shortly after I started many similar series of games spawned as well. They were met with varied success, and I kept a list of these as one of my blogs as well. My game featured 666 rounds, each with a winner, some of them with semi-winners, and I kept a ranking of the games, the people with the most wins in a toplist, the rest underneath. Hundreds of people participated, and enjoyed it muchly. I remember Kailenrulzu winning the games by a stunning range, about a twentyith of all round wins, the rest that followed weren't even close. Some others in the list of winners were S3C, SBB, Auz, Bahamut, NickScott, Pandas4Ever, SoulPiker and Yoshi77777. I posted one seperate post for the ranking, and one before it started.

(669) - Guessing Games Reloaded
Due to popular demand another series started! Kailenrulzu wasn't as involved in this round, but Punk54 managed to rise high above all others thanks to the many rounds of Pokemons I posted this time, mostly just for filler. This wasn't that appreciated, and nor where the Digimons, but I was running out of inspiration and didn't spend as much thought on each question. DrSalvadork won this series of 666 games by a pretty close call and I sent him a cookie. The cookie never made it, and I received it back in my mailbox about a couple of months later, all moldy. Why it returned was a mystery because I hadn't typed the address wrong, but that doesn't matter much now, it was the thought that counted. :/ I posted one post more for the rankings, and another about the end of the series. And btw, lets not forget the dedicated Sticky, who stuck solomnly to Weedle through at least a hundred rounds, and even after I ran out of Pokemon. The games were a whole lot of fun when they ran up, will be remembered.

(74) - Other Games
I started two smaller sets of games as well, one with only six rounds, and one with sixtysix. Didn't spend much effort on them and they were never quite the hit, but each round received a winner, and rankings at the end.

(54) - Weekly
During 2008 I posted a blog each week, summarizing my life during that time. All events, new projects, everything that happened was described with combined poetry and vibe. I ported about half of these to my other blog, but never got around to doing all of them.

(4) - Monthly
During the start od 2009 I posted a monthly summary of my life instead. These were long, and fortunately posted to both my blogs, so they're still all intact, except the January edition dedicated to the Jukebox Bombing and Wades ungrateful commentary. Wooyay. :)

(21) - Lists
I kept a list of all my blogs, a list that spanned through seven pages and took up all thirtythousand or so characters on each one of those pages, all in numerical order with titles and links combined. I also kept list of forum posts I had made or found interesting, one on my bancount (which if I remember right, was up at 27 when I last updated it), a list of animes I had watched (few hundred of those, with ratings, some linked to reviews), a list of movies (666 ones, some linked to reviews), a list of TV series I had watched and reviewed (not that many) and a list of pictures I had posted (never finished that list). I also kept a list of all these lists, which I linked to from the forums. All game rankings were listed in this list as well.

(12, est) - Anime
I've always liked anime, so I wrote about it a few times. I remember reviewing a few series and posting reviews I had written earlier on some other series, added pictures and ratings, roughly I think there about a dussin of these. The reviews were all saved to my other sites.

(50, est) - Movies
I watch em weekly, sometimes daily, my record being 12 in a day, and I rememeber I wrote a post about just those twelve as well, with reviews for each one of 'em. I had a series of review posts I called "Three Reviews" too, with, yeah, three reviews in each post and a picture of my favorite of three, rankings followed. All reviews were saved to my other sites thankfully.

(30, est) - GTA
I've always loved this one, and I've played it a lot. I posted about it from time to time, while playing through, discovering new things, and lately trying new modifications for the game. Lots of pictures taken ingame, cheats, small guides, etc. I made a few mods for this myself, and tried recruiting people to work on a Total Conversion I was making for GTA 3 this year not too long ago.

(80, est) - Gaming
Oh I play games, lots of them, I left plenty of game reviews with pictures and ratings and thought about making a list of games I'd played but never really got around to it. I remember posting about Worms, Resident Evil, Tanks 2008 and lots of flash games here at NG I no longer remember the names of. The GTA postings are not included here, of course.

(200, est) - NewGrounds
This is NG, so of course I've written about NG! I wrote wishlists for each year, with roughly a hundred features in each one I wished would be implemented. I wrote status updates, when I leveled up (takes a shitlong time when you're as high as I), reached the top BP rank, ordered stickers, etc. Never wrote about the flash or music submissions I submitted though, since none of them thus far has deserved a post of it's own, was planning on writing blogs for the series I'd complete, but I never did manage to get 99 editions done of anyone.

(100, est) - Poetry

I wrote down a few collections of poems, single poems, at times I just wrote poetically, scribbled down thoughts and rhymes. I remember the title of the first poetic blog I posted, "Roam in Rome", and quite a few followed after that. In total pieces of poetry I think I scribbled down about 300 of them, most collective postations. The collections are all safely stowed away, single poems posted here are mostly lost now though. :/

(200, est) - Spam
I'm a statwhore, undisputadly the greatest to ever have lived. I spammed up my blog count at the end of 2007 to 100 using picture only posts (100 was a large number back then, I never would have dreamed I'd ever even make it past 1000 blogs, but I did, haha) and I spammed later on when I was just tired or unmotivated or had better things to do I should've been doing instead. My spam wasn't worthless spam, but effortless such, it contained articles copied from other places or beautiful pictures, because I have a gignormous archive of beautiful pictures on my desk here. Never any porn or unsuitable material though.

(32) - The Mighty Net
Occasionally I linked to five sites of interest, with descriptions, in a post. I called this series The Mighty Net, and for all 32 of these I think I recieved something like four comments. Don't know why, people did appriciate the links, I let them all go through a counter on my site for stats. So, I opened up a weekly links page on my website instead of this at the start of 2009, and all Mighty Net posts are archived on my other blog too.

(40, est) - Projects
I've started a shitload of webrelated projects during the years I've been here, and I posted about them to. Various websites I both launched and later closed down, and some that are still around (I stopped starting websites without careful planning last year, so I never shut my sites down anymore). Most of these were advertised on other places as well, a few were exclusive for NewGrounds, such as my forum hosting service BBgrounds.com which went down after a few months due to server troubles. Shame though, during the short time it was up over two hundred users stormed the signup forms and started their own forums. Still have the database intact incase I want to start it up again. I offered my own webdesign services in two posts as well, with prices designed specifically towards the NG audience.

(1) - 666 Questions
Ooh, my masterpiece, 666 questions on all between sky and earth, and beyond. It took me a few hours, and after the topic was deleted (seems it just got too much attention) I posted it at my blog where more people answered. One person answered by PM. Alltogether about 40 people had the guts to go through all of them, and I had enough time to read through all the answers. If you're wondering about the number by now, it's my symbolia online, I try to keep everything within a variable of six. On my sites everything is displayed by sixes, categories, blogpost numbers, menu items. Even the width is commonly 666px, and banners often 66px high, it's become an obsession. It relates to my username though, not satanism. You can find the questions here.

(remaining) - Myself
It's my blog, so obviously this is what I write most about. Events in daily lifes, thoughts and very rarely pictures of things that happened. My blog count when I posted my last blog two weeks back was up at, I think, 2203 posts, so you can count out how large a portion this part took if you're interested. ;)

(unknown) - Etc
Probably quite a few blogs in this category as well, I might have written about music, and some theories of mine, and at times I posted tutorials I made (for my own site, so they're still alive). No matter though.


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