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Line of Times

Posted by Cyberdevil - April 27th, 2009

To bring a little history to this vanquished list of blogs, now that all digitally materialized history of mine has been erased, here are my memoirs on NG prior to this year.

2003 - I first find NG, and sign up to the wonderful community it is. Due to a server crash at the start of 2004 my account, and a few hundred other new accounts, are wiped out. Two drives failed simultanously, and thus all damage done could not be restored. Already a few music submissions blew away, reviews, flashes, and a shitload of forum posts.

2004 - No downfalls this year, everything went yay ok, I broke barriers in the reviewing records, didn't post much at the forums, and climbed up slowly in all rankings. I was in school at this time, and thus had much free time on my hands, most of which I started spending here at NG.

2005 - I created my new account, and started writing reviews like there was no tomorrow. Posted at the forums too at a terrifying rate, hundreds of posts per day. Me and some other user I used to have in my buddy list (that I now thanks to the hacking no longer know the name of, something along the lines of lxllxllxl) spammed the P-Bot postings in a ravishing rate. Boom, longterm ban, and over a thousand posts deleted. I had been banned plenty of times prior to it, but didn't care much about it before disaster struck. Thus I lost interest in this place for a while.

2006 - This year was retrogade year, another community similar to NG but with a smaller user database and drawn art instead of animations. I had been signed up earlier and statwhoring there as well, but during 2006 I spent almost all my community time here, and didn't bother much about NG, climbed up to the top of most rankings. Almost everyone there was a statwhore, I fit right in, and I went right past most of them.

2007 - Poof, retrogade went plummeting down into a pile of ashes. Thousands of reviews disappeared, hundreds of art submissions, over ten thousand guestbook entries and I don't even remember all the forum posts, blam points, exp, ratings, views, awards and other stats of mine that they tracked. I returned to NG, and made a little statual comeback here. The blogs were invented, and I liked writing, so I started writing. Oh, and I graduated! Woohoo! Less time on my hands, or so I thought. :P

2008 - Way back I had submitted a Linkin Park music player, it reached a hundred pages of reviews, which I undeniable appreciated, and thus I went into a Music Player spree. I made Music Players for both audio portal artists and other artists, and I was reaching the end of the series (99 of them) when they just disappeared. Tom sent me a PM saying there was just to much copyright music on NG. I let him know that about half of them were made with music from the AP and not infringing upon copyright at all. Bummer, he said, a system for restoring deleted content was not yet in place though, so there was nothing he could do about it. That kicked me down a bit, but I stayed active. I blogged hellishly, had a hundred times more blogs than the user after me, arranged two series of Guessing Games, contests in which users had to answer questions, often with a picture as the main motive. They gained popularity, it was fun, groovy times, I wrote a weekly summary of my life and lots of other poetical mumbojumble. Submitted lots of flash, lots of music, posted a lot at the forums, did much of everything. Rose to #1 in the audio reviewers list and climbed up a couple of places in the flash reviewers as well. This was probably my most active year thus far.

2009 - Instead of weekly blogs I decided to have monthly projects this year, so I started January by sending in two flash JukeBoxes each day (with music from the AP only). In difference to my previous Music Players I didn't spend much time on these, I just wanted to finally get a series with 99 pieces done and have them forever stay in the portal. January passed fine, I submitted 62 of them, received a few requests as well and much praise, but I should probably have slowed down because people started to get annoyed and eventually thanks to a comment by Wade (am starting to like him less and less for every year that passes since I signed up here) they were suddenly bombed by zeros and dropped from all having over 3s in score down to the 1s and below. Wade threatened to delete them if I didn't slow it down a bit, so I did, stopped at 77 for a while, and worked on a few new decent flashes. I recorded poetical sessions this year as well, spent a lot of time writing down and reciting my own pieces of poetry, and submitted these to the audio portal. Sometime at the start of April I reached 666 creations, haha, and I posted my last blog, blog 2200something, since I decided I no longer had the time to blog here. Everything was going fine until Bam, account hacked, everything deleted.

And there this seven year story ends.


I hate the Duck Division too.

Fitting username. ;)