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Hack Attack

Posted by Cyberdevil - April 24th, 2009

So I was hacked. 2200+ blogs, 700+ audio submissions and 100+ flashy flashes blown away. For those interested, my old submissions are now up at CyberD. Sorry for the lost reviews people! Especially X, who bothered reviewing a lot of those submissions! RIP, all work lost prior to April 20, 2009.

Btw, this brings back memories. 137 of the 185 submissions listed there on that day are mine, haha. Anyway, thank you all for your support! I'll be back.

Hack Attack



Man, that really sucks. I hope this "hacker" rots in hell. Seriously.

Yeah, I wanted to write some encouraging words here.... but somehow it all feels/sounds wrong.

So... do you continue with your statwhoring on NG or do you cut down on your time spent here?

Thanks man, same here.

Course I'll still be at NG, gathering EXP, collecting BP, reviewing a little, posting a little (he didn't manage to take those HAH), but I don'tthink I'll have the motivation to submit anything at the same frequency now, not when I know I can't get anything back if it goes away. The NG CMS still needs a lot of feature additioning . . .

That sucks man. At first I was upset about losing 13 audio reviews, good audio too, stuff that I really liked, but after I thought about it for a little bit your 1000's of things lost to my few audio reviews was much worse.


Sorry to hear that your account was hacked and most of your stuff was deleted but at least you got your account back,just take your losses and run. =)

Heh, thanks, I'm running. :Ö)

That's to bad to hear your account was hacked, but how much of the deleted stuff will really be missed?

By me? All of it. By others? Idk, in total a few thousand favorisms by many people, much stuff, many people.

I can't believe how gayly Wade was about the whole situation. He should realize that people actually care about their accounts, not sure why he found it necessary to insult you. Glad it's back in the right hands now though.

Yeah, thanks.

So I take it you got your account back? Good good

Yepp, it's all good.

I feel bad for you, man. :( This happening to you kind of creates the feeling that nobodys account is truly safe. If it happened to me I wouldn't lose nearly as much as you though, as I don't have any newsposts, audio or solo flash submissions.
Anyway, I'm glad to see you've got your account back! :)

Yeah, it lets us know how fragile the net really is, specially with other people hosting our material, it blows big balls, thanks for the sympathy.

Glad you got your account back. Sucks about all the PM`s, buddies and stuff that were also lost during the hacking :(

Thanks Auz.

Jesus, all that work... oh well, could be a lot worse

Heh, always, I could've been flattened by a cement truck or something, that would suck pretty bad.

Hello, mister Cyberdevil.

Surprised to see me?

Your demise was imminant, you're ten times as bad as any of the spammers are. You were much more constant, half as talented, and produced less than any spam flash. Your flash wasn't spam, it was nothing. Nothing at all, and that is why I was forced to take you out of commission.
Your 2,000 something newsposts in two years was simply astoundingly stupid, and your 600+ terrible audio submissions as well as 150+ flash submissions were laughably awful. You are more of an attention whore than anyone on the entire site. Do you seriously feel that your massive number of submissions on all four mediums of Newgrounds was because you are just REALLY active? I think not. Your facebook, and twitter were just acts of stupidity.
I simply tried your newgrounds email on popular sites and 2 of them happened to work, and so I took them down. I could have done a lot more, but I figured knocking your two websites down is a little mean and not necessarily what I wanted to do in the first place. If you're gonna broadcast your stupid writing and your worthless overintegrity for the internet, make sure I don't have to see it here.
If I hadn't done it, nobody would have. Furthermore, your Newgrounds history was whiped, and you now have the opportunity to suck less.

I suggest you take it, or you're going to get another visit from the Grim Reaper.


I never submitted for attention, it was all for myself, and I was happy when people appriciated stuff I made. Why my amount of submissions bothers people I don't understand, and I still don't, I stopped blogging two weeks ago, I stopped submitting crappy flashes since I didn't have the time or interest to make more. I have been active here, nobody can deny that, and the amount of time I spent on the stuff now lost is immense, I've been here almost daily for four years. Are you an admin here at NG? Is this place your domain? Here I was thinking it was a community were all people had equal claim. If I don't like a text, I don't read it. If I don't like a piece of audio, I don't listen to it. If you didn't like my stuff, it baffles me why you just didn't flip past it, there are hundreds of thousands of other submissions here - that are not mine. As for facebook and twitter. I used Facebook to stay in touch by friends, deleting my links to all people that know me, whome I can't contact in real life, what good does that do? On twitter, I hadn't submitted jackshit in over two years, I stopped at 666 updates for fun, if you have the decency, kindly put my email back in the account info so I can take back control over it, support there is worthless. What good did any of this do? For me? For you? For anyone else?

My sites are all backed up, so the damage you could have done there would always have been reversable. On this account, however, I can't bring anything back.

Have my children. Please

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I like the new header.

Have my children. Please

<a href="http://www.davidsserver.net">www.davidsserver.net</a>
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Hmm, again? Well thanks.

Hmmmmmm, sounds like you've had a bunch of smaller downfalls during your time here...
Will CyberDevil recover from the blow?
Will he reach the #1 place in all ranks that are recorded on NG?
And will there ever be a Johnny Rocketfingers 3?

Of course CyberDevil will recover from the blow. The CyberDevil never falters, no matter how hard the wind howls he shall never fall down, he will never fail his expectations, he will constantly strive towards newer spectacles in the goals of life.
The CyberDevil plans on reaching the #1 place for most ranks recording on NG eventually, once he has reached the ranks he strives for however he will no longer strive to maintain those rankings regularly, sanitarily these same rules apply for all ranks that have already been achieved earlier. Such as being #1 audio reviewer, blogposter, commenteer, audio submitter, and so so much much more...
If a Johnny Rocketfingers 3 is not made within the coming decade the CyberDevil promises to build up a stunning sequell that will just blow your minds out.

Its possible the hacker posted in this news post!

Is it smash2 now?

Nah, it's smash3, I like eluding my foes.

You sir, have an aptitude for brilliance.

Thank you.

Congrats on getting this old account back!


sorry about the hack, but you've been supreme commander since 2009? thats dedication

Thanks man. Yeah, there were a lot more points to gain back then though, didn't take as long as it would now. :)

Man, that a pain in the ass......

Yeah it definitely was...