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Posted by Cyberdevil - October 1st, 2022

What did I miss?




first #sniped

Ya got it! :D


I definitely did! How you been man?

@Cyberdevil you know I’ve been good bro, wby?

Why don't they have the 'cool' emoji on reacts!!! Would've been perfect here.

I've been aight too. Getting some sunshine, water, even some snow one day... all elements. Life in the wild be wild but I find my inner child and wile out wide, whoop!

@Cyberdevil ong bro, of all the reactions they coulda left out it was the cool emoji.

Anyways that’s sweet man. You livin the wildlife?? Lmao

Yeaaah I hink I'd be using it a lot if it was included, though the smile's so much quicker.

I literally am! XD For that best part of the year after which fresh art does appear!

here's Tom's alt lol

Woooah could it be... digging through them comments potentially this is also Luis: https://ultrapitchfork.newgrounds.com/

But maybe not. Lacking evidence/research as to validity of said claim.

"Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja"

How Swedish people say Hello (example: Cyberdevil, Pewdiepie)

"Hey Esse I'm breaking into your car!"

South American People (example: me)

Hopefully neither of those is the norm though!

@biterrr but hope it went alright!

Cyberdevil on the beat

Whoop! S3C on the deck/guitar/bongos/peculiar precision instrument of choosing?

too lazy to test right now but I'm fairly certain that edited poasts that @ or quote people do not send out notifications

Yeah I think I read a thread about that before; tested it. Maybe Tom even asked how people wanted that to work, since there had been some misunderstandings...

@Zoe regarding your idea on adding in a message when you vote, that feels a little too direct to me. When you're enjoying submissions I feel you should be able to experience them without distraction; a bad conscience if maybe you just don't have the money to chip in. If we have ads for normal users though they'd be supporting regardless, AND have an incentive to buy a supporter upgrade if they want to browse things ad-free entirely.

Unless the supporter base is so big it's not necessary, I think focusing a bit more on advertising again might be a good way. Win/win.

i got married

Wooah Congrats! May you both lead the best life! Wasn't anyone you stumbled into on NG by any chance...?

I got COVID. I'm still recovering.

Ah dang. How long ago? Did you get the taste loss and all? The profound tiredness?

i removed my rearview mirrors cuz i neva look back!
i removed my air conditioning cuz i neva cool off!
i removed my brakes cuz i never slow down!

If you have no AC you'd better never slow down anyway!

@gustavotonogamer did I miss something important? :/

@Cyberdevil i don't know

Ah I thought the frown maybe indicated something. :) Any vacation yourself?

@Cyberdevil Yep. Breathing has been the most difficult part.

Oh damn, rough. :/ I never had the breathing issues myself, seems like the worst part. Glad the worst is behind you at least!

@Cyberdevil first i need to know which days you missed

Ahh it was pretty much all summer, from July 7 to... September 25.

@Cyberdevil madness day 2022 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yeah that was a big one. XD Planning to go through the collection page a least and catch up there!

You missed the NGUAC

Ahh I probably miss that every year huh, didn't recognize the acronym...

@Cyberdevil ha, no, those romances never worked out

Ah but you actually tried some NG ones too? Interesting. Seems it worked out for JadeTheAssassin and DevourerJay at least, only truly online couple I can think of...

You really need out to get out into the real world for real relations though huh. GTK.

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