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Katana Shark

Posted by Cyberdevil - 1 month ago


@fredbearplaz doing free commissions right now! :) Go check him out.

And thanks again for this one!



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Make A Comment On My Post Olskoo Closed His Account!

Whaaaat?! This one I really need to read too...

I don't want to put a creo essay here so let me just say that this looks epic.

Yeaaah agree! :D Props @fredbearplaz

i love sharks

Wonder how you'd draw a katana shark. ;) *hint hint*

Haaaa :D

( :


Skarkananado! :D

Y e s .

L e t ' s m a k e i t h a p p e n !

M a n y w i l l d i e .

I t i s i n v i t a v l e b u t i t h a s t o b e d o n e .

T r u e .

T r u a n t l i k e a s a g e !

I a m a s a g e .

W i s e m a n w i l l i !

@AudioMachina22 Cause I can't write :) without the : disappearing yo, it's a right-side smile though it may seem upside down now!

@Cyberdevil Yeah... and I thought I would never cringe again. :( Lucky thing you mentioned that. Thanks a bunch

Cringe, hmm? It doesn't look like anything else than a smile though does it? Is there some secondary reference I'm unawares of...?

@AudioMachina22 @Cyberdevil That's not how I meant it. I was taking a look at my old BBS posts and kinda cringed. Then I saw you writing that to me...

Ah, man when I look back at my old stuff I just smile at how different a person I was. :) Embrace the past and grow to heights like you never experienced before 111!

@AudioMachina22 @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil Yeah I guess you could think of it that way. But I'm a bit mentally ill so maybe that's what causes my negative views... oh well. What do you mean by 111?

Aren't we all to some extent though. ;) I think most people see their old content as you do though, so many people prefer to just wipe their history clean than really see their history as a part of personal progress; something positive. I really think it's a mindset you can adopt though. That you just decide that's how you want to see it. But who knows....

@AudioMachina22 Ah regarding the 111, that's just a remnant of trendy typing habits from back in the day, we/people/notsurewhichgroupsbutIwasinthemsoIstilldososometimes used to just add 111 instead/after exclamation marks for extra effect. I'm not sure about the history there, if it has something to do with leetspeek (1337), or just a typo that turned into something more... I thought it was commonplace though. XD Guess not everybody knows about that 111 though !11111

@Cyberdevil Ah I see. Now that you mentioned it I may remember this from back in the days. I may have used it myself a few times.

Thought you might be part of that same generation. :) Was pretty 111

@AudioMachina22 @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil Yep. Lucky thing I never deleted my Mohabot account. I wanted to keep it as a memorial. Nice looking back now and then.

I know right. :) Me too btw. Wonder how many regret getting rid of their stuff, but maybe if you never keep anything you never really experience the sensations you can get from looking back... all that nostalgia for one.

Make A Comment On My Post Happy 67th Birthday To My Mom Daphne

Ah hey my mom's 76, what are the odds. XD On my way...

not my style but good Metal music from Sweden: https://mentalissues.newgrounds.com

Ooh nice find. Hasn't been around for a while it seems, site down, wonder what happened...

@AudioMachina22 @Cyberdevil Yeah, that's how I grew up so... lol. I remember when I used u instead of you.

u no ur oldskool when u tiep lik dis. :P

Didn't really carry that particular habit into the new age, but the 111... still feels fun.

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