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It's Strange

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 1st, 2020

Summer's over so... here I am again! Rolled right into Inktober too.

I don't feel all as committed as last year yet, didn't have time to prepare for this, but what can you do. Get back into the groove. Don't slack cause life is cruel. Don't crack when cracking's due. Just rap a tad and woo. Challenges... it's not so bad in truth.

Edit: Going pretty good now though! Got back into the groove. Don't slack and crack a move. Just rap and stack the brew and you're on track no mat's the glue. Also following still applies, just a few days left now if anyone wants to try somethin'...

Anyone up for collabs? I do like beats. Beatboxes. What have you.


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let collab cyber king

Hell yeah Wandaboy! :D What you thinking? Beatbox? Beat? Battle? Whatever you're up for I'm down. Just gotta be a relatively quick one day Inktober thing.

Collaboration is good and healthy for families of all sizes.
What sort of multimedia endeavour did you have in mind?

As I'm doing daily verses for Inktober I was mainly looking for something to rap over. A beat, a beatbox; similar. If you're not at all musically involved though we could try something completely different, like: choose one of your artworks and I'll write up a verse inspired by that?

Or if you'd like to try your hand at a quick beatbox thing. Doesn't need to be crazy, just on beat.


INKTOBER IS RIGHT NOW THO! ;) It's the whole month! Halloween though!

Good luck

Thank you!

@Wandaboy Should've said Wanda man, man! Rushed the convo in a rash of collabo exhilaration and totally missed subtle witty response potential my bad.

A u t u m n

C o l d w i n d s a n d f i e r y b i r c h w a v i n g i n t h e w i n d . . .

I could make a beat. Might even throw in a chord progression for good measure. I also like the artwork idea, we could do both if you'd like. Beware though, my style might be harsh. How long would you want it to be?
Also, I won't get to it until Sunday, as tonight I have a meeting with a foreign diplomat and tomorrow I'm helping an old man build a barn.

Anywhere from one to six minutes, depending on level of variation? Doesn't need to have any variation at all, but if you do add in structure too I wouldn't mind a longer one. :) Whatever you feel like trying. Harsh sounds interesting, and Sunday sounds good too! And yes, feel free to recommend an art piece of yours as well; maybe that'll inspire something too.

Looking forward to seeing what you muster up and good luck with the diplomat and barn work (getting a bit curious as to what it is you do for a living here, interesting life you seem to lead)!

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Will do!

Pretty kickass rhyme you got there! You're on the right track

Thanks man!

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Will do!

Now that's pretty crazy! :O Would love to have a copy of that myself; really see that it's for real... seems like it though...

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Ah thanks! Archived before this all started too. The Wayback provides...

Nobody can fool the Wayback, as it goes way back, in time, to the days when I weighed more than a celebrity's mailbag. Or a femailbag.

In time maybe we'll also see the way back! To the times when the way was backed by leaders, who didn't seem to cheat us. But hailed back, to the eagles. To the freedom feeding seagulls. To the lively lemur legions, as we climbed up on our beaches and intertwined with pines and peaches. Both mailbags. And femails. Or the same bags? We need trails to see backs.

The waybacks. Behemoths.

I love those bloody waybacks, when predators attacked, they never stayed back like prey, they went straight on the a. ttack, not afraid to trade blows, they'd slay, hack, their blades through yaks and stray packs of wolves, and came back with skulls to trade out to cults.

The waybacks. Behemoths.

What a time... these days people let go those seething primal cries more so when they step on a tack. If they even feel it. Maybe too much flubber. More people could use a rubber. Keep from letting lose into this beautiful zoo more of dumb and dumber. Who plunder yonder. Who sit in sun till they get sunburn.

With all that flubber though, cartwheeling with seal fins, maybe we're really finding our way back, this laid back evening... to the outback. There way back. To the sea that's steaming, and seeming, also: like a way back.

If we were to be humpback whales that's. Behemoth.

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On my way!

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On my way again (and damn man I haven't even gotten that yet)!

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I Want A Silver Whistle!

You can do it, just gotta keep on working at it! :) Of all the stats here the whistles feel like they take the longest time.

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Will do!

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