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Happy 2019!

Posted by Cyberdevil - December 31st, 2018

Happy 2019!

It's a New Year! Let's do something cool here. :)


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Happy New Year RAMUSH! :D Likewise!

Happy New Year ~(^◇^)/

Happy New Year! :)

Happy New Year to you as well!

Heeey the possibly current second most prolific newspost commenteer stops by. ;) Happy New Year ZebraHumor!

Happy new year :-)

Happy New Year Mark! :D

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy new year!

Let's hope 2019 gets much better. :)

Happy New Year to you too JME10135! :)

Hope so!

Gott nytt år!

Tack detsamma! Or should I say.. well, I'm not certain what language they speak in the Globe of Earlobe so I'll let further sayings be for now. Do hope you get a good one though!

In the Globe of Earlobe, we wear robes and drink loads of beer, yet appear sober. We're weird and grow our beards to the floor... and that's just the women!

So you speak the language of a... dank hobo with a crank flow yo? Like Sam and Frodo, sitting at their camp, but merged with the dwarves or the castaway Hanks and his grand mojo? Weird beards, and plenty of beer to share there, it sounds like a pretty prepared lair! The Globe of Earlobes may be weird but... sacred ground... that none of us hear here fear. Lest we're scared... or haven't drunk enough beer this year yeah.

Lots of beer, too much beer, knots in beards, but when you're actually here, it's not too weird. So what's to fear? Except fear itself. You should be more afraid of weary health and leering elves. Er, what else? Did I mention beer? And the tension? And what about the attention-seeking hippies that emigrated from the cities? They all want a piece of the Globe of Lobe, but they didn't plan for the strobe lighting we have here, and the constant in-fighting. The castaways and the dwarves, the orcs and the cast of Summer Bay from Home and Away. Not a place on the globe I'd rather go, than a place full of fucking earlobes. Yeah...

Knots in beards you'd better wash clear with beers! And when a notch prepared play some hopscotch with peers, with a Scotch for dares. I know beer surely aids on the ailments, but still fear does revere such inhalement... beer? I think you did mention. Tension? Is there no prevention there? Take care to not share too much or you'll wake up scraped like bare. Dreaming of earlobes fucking earlobes. Weird shows. Yeah...

1. 2010
2. 2013
3. 2014
4. 2017
5. 2016
6. 2011
7. 2012
8. 2018
9. 2015
10. 2019*


Power... the power of... negativity...?

that was just a quick reflection- but counting the # of negative blogposts I've made per year

1. 2010- 6
2. 2013- 4
3. 2014- 4
4. 2017- 3
5. 2016- 0
6. 2011- 2
7. 2012- 3
8. 2018- 2
9. 2015- 2
10. 2019*

Does this mean what I think it means? 2019 officially the most positive year yet? ;)

Wonder what happened back in 2010, I don't think I was here much that year... and 2013/2014: definitive lows in NG history. Though I liked 2014. Lots of projects that year.

2012 too. After 2016 it all kinda blurs together...

Interesting bits of statistics btw. Gets me wanting to go through my blogs and find some kind of pattern there. Words I used. Phases I went through. Days I wrote the most. Games and doped up prose. Days I wrote and days I slacked. Bundle and make facts. But I think I'ma leave that for another time with surplus time and just for now: nurture rhyme... and stacks. :P But this was fun to catch.

I don't think you were here at all in 2011 (other than a few newsposts)

what happened

Ah. The hacking probably. Lost motivation when I saw how easily such monumental accomplishments could just be erased, and realized just how little control I have over this space. Not sure if it was a low phase in life overall too... but I know I just spent more time elsewhere, on my own site, maybe other projects...

@S3C skimming old posts it seems I might have spent that year pretty much just watching anime. :) I started writing episode reviews, something I've later wondered how I ever had time for. That and: https://cyberd.org/a-time-where-the-studies-are-really-intense.html

the hacking happened in mid 2009 though, why the sudden realization? Ok, browsing cyberd 2011 entries now to make up for lost time

Yeah, I just didn't want to let it affect me so I kept going, but wasn't really feeling it. Eventually I think I just stopped and stepped out a year or two. Ey, cool, curious what you find. :)

2019 will be a interesting yea-.... oh wait

It... is an interesting year yeah? The lot that's left!

My new years resolution was that I wasn't going to make a new years resolution.

I failed.


Resolutions, resolve nothing. And if people say they do, they're bluffing. If they leave me with their chocolate muffins, they'll be left with nothing, 'cept the wrapper, coz this rapper ate. Which they themselves must hate whenever it happens, eh!

If you leave me a plate with a muffin you better wrap her! This stuffing it gets me fatter not much but I need to banter. I gather resolution and use it like propaganda to get me somewhere and man up and shed some and get some stamina! I might get it anyway but resolute gets me faster, like debt collecting gets cashier. Give me some energy, me! Get me a ghetto blaster!!! Yeah.

I can't just get a ghetto blaster on tick, but I'd best find one quick, I should pedal faster, coz Cyberdevil wants it, to play songs, all the greatest hits. None of the latest shit. Something you can blast in front of your neighbours and have them in raging fits.

Hell yeah! That's the idea good sir. Leave it booming in the woods and maybe change the world! Soothing movements coming through, like all groovy tunes allude. They never taught us this at schools but music's superpower ooze!!!!! People get their truths confused. That's how you become a superdude. Yeah.

Its a little late, but HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR! May this year be awesome as always!

Hey the year's still pretty new. :) Thank you! All the best to you and your endeavors, and may it be that and better indeed! In batter and seed!


It a Lee! A Bruce.

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